Saturday, December 31, 2011

Republcians' newest mistake

Republicans’ newest mistake

Romney has been ordained by the Republican hierarchy as the candidate to beat. This transition occurred during the last two weeks and unseen forces are pushing the other contenders aside. Fox news is carefully crafting pieces to lessen the worth of the competition in an attempt to polish Romney’s visage. Gingrich, a former Fox political consultant, now has an image problem that did not exist a fortnight ago. Ron Paul has been dehumanized and marginalized as the candidate from the theater of the bizarre. Rick Perry has been played as an awkward simpleton who has yet to learn how to tie his shoes. The rest of the pretenders to the throne have not made it half way. Romney’s tangential experience with politics as governor of the Bay State resulted in his tragic health care legislation code named Romneycare. It is strangely similar to the Obama product that is now infesting a state near you. His stance on other issues has given many republicans a reason to pause. Could we be exchanging one problem for another when November 2012 arrives? Romney is presently maneuvering through the political landscape greased with tens of millions from his own pocket. Added to the large sums now pouring in because he had has been deified as the candidate to look towards, the remaining crew might as well give up. Lawyers appear to have problems managing intricate systems. Perhaps this is the reason Romney left when his health disaster was taking shape. Pessimism is working its way into some quarters of the conservative movement because Romney is not that picture perfect candidate they had in mind. If there is someone in the darkness better than the current crowd of presidential wannabes, now is the time to materialize.  Those who profess an interest in the throne from the sidelines would rather critique the present crew than jump in. There is a real possibility that those who were fooled before may make the same mistake again. Study your candidate thoroughly before you throw the lever because this could be the last time you are permitted to vote. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy,

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