Saturday, December 3, 2011

Maryland: America's entitlement capital

Maryland: America’s entitlement capital

Maryland is known for many things; dumb down schools, violent streets, over taxation, a business unfriendly environment, a penchant for left wing politics, high levels of discrimination, preferences in the work place, a misdirected Executive branch, a large population of illegals and many more negatives detrimental to its citizens. Most egregious of all is Maryland state government’s misuse of funds they extort from the private sector. Billions of dollars move from Annapolis to the lazy, indolent and undeserving. The biggest waste comes in the form of the Medical Assistance program. The Maryland’s Executive branch must be advertising in every nation on Earth, “come to Maryland and obtain free health care at the expense of its tax paying citizens.” And so the come from Asia, Europe, Africa, the Pacific Rim and most of all south of the border. By the tens of thousands they receive free medical care, free dental services including orthodontics, nursing home stays, hospitalizations, surgeries including cosmetic repairs and much more. These new imports are not in Maryland one week and somehow they find the entitlement offices as though they were given a map. Governor O’Malley calls them new immigrants/arrivals that must be helped. I call them freeloaders who are soaking us. The joke is on everyone who pays into the Maryland treasury. Daily thousands of letters emanate from the Maryland Comptroller’s Office threatening businesses and individuals to pay up or face certain catastrophe from them. Many of the so-called indigents drive high end cars, live in expensive homes and some have their children in private school. The working poor are those who support a state that has no vestige of decency left, inflicting higher taxes on us, to pay for these continued giveaway programs. The solution means test everyone in the state. It was worked in other jurisdictions and it can work here. Secondly, vote out the idiots who continue these irrational financial policies. Mark Davis, MD president of Healthnets Review, ,

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