Saturday, March 31, 2012

Race hustling 101

Autism: America's newest industry
This video link discusses the overdiagnosis of autism and the reasons for it. An entire industry has arisen to support autistic children and it requires a large pool of patients. The medical predators are overdiagnosing this disease to satisfy the needs of this industry. Mark Davis MD

Autism America's newest industry

Autism: America's newest industry

Autism: America’s newest industry

Autism presents as a group neurological disorders associated with a diffuse series of symptoms and signs. Autistic behavior is characterized by the inability to interact with others on an equal social basis, poor communications skills and the performance of repetitious actions. This is a very serious diagnosis and carries many consequences when it is applied. Historically the prevalence of this disorder in America reflected that of its worldwide presentation of 2 per 1,000 people. Centers for Disease Control ( CDC ) presently claims 1 child in 88 has this disorder. Less than a year ago autism was noted in 1 in 110 children. Did our diagnostic ability take a quantum leap or is there a more sinister reason for these skewed numbers? Many who have been assigned this diagnosis have quasi symptoms which appear to be variants of normal behavior. Children who are introverted or shy find themselves being issued this diagnosis by the tens of thousands. Intellectually endowed children, unchallenged by their educational or social circumstance, now come under the aegis of this disease. A list of activities and or in-activities by those under five years of age which have alternate explanations
are now categorized under the heading of one of the three major autistic emblems. The overreach of the diagnostic machine pushing for this disorder to be at the forefront of childhood disabilities may have an economic basis. An entire industry has arisen to meet the demands of a disease that has been over diagnosed to support it. Psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, paraprofessionals, teachers and many more derive their livelihoods from this abused diagnosis. Any challenge to the diagnostic approaches utilized to define this disorder, have been met with outrage by those who bathe in the money it brings to them. Worse, the statistical anomalies regurgitated weekly by the CDC continue to be refined to bring more children under the umbrella of this horrific disease state. Categorized as autistic, a person is labeled under this title for life. Social, economic and personal consequences when a person is marked as autistic could be profound. The effort to misdiagnosis and or broaden the definition of this disease continues at an accelerated rate. Soon every other child will somehow and in some inconceivable manner be touched by a disorder which has been politicized to the extreme and diagnosed to the maximum. Moms and dads question those who push your children towards this diagnosis, they have a very good chance of being wrong. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Obamatopia: three steps back and one to the left

Trayvon Martin's long walk to justice

Trayvon Martin’s long walk to justice

Race hustlers by the dozens have chimed in concerning the horrific death of a young Afro-American male on February 26, 2012 in Sanford Florida. Energized by this chorus of the lost media icons have resonated with their own spin on this tragedy, condemning the purported trigger man before all the facts have surfaced. Echoes of the Duke Lacrosse incident reverberate through many minds as the call for George Zimmerman’s incarceration grows louder. Mr. Zimmerman was performing neighborhood watch duties on the fateful night of Trayvon Martin’s death. Rain fell during the period Mr. Zimmerman followed Mr. Martin through the streets of the community now at the center of this national tragedy. Ambiguities arise to the exact elements of the confrontation between these two individuals. Details have a way of being spun. In this case, they have given many vertigo. Do the names Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan gyrate in your memory circuits? They have come back from the dead having been disgraced by their actions during the Duke Lacrosse debacle. The woman they defended in that case, before all the facts were in, went on to cruelly murder an individual whose only crime was he met her. Trayvon, from all the descriptions we have of him, stood much higher in the steps of life than these self-severing remnants of a past that should be buried. Recently an eye witness to the events of this tragedy has come forward with a story that may corroborate Zimmerman’s account of that night’s interlude. An altercation may have precipitated the discharge of a firearm causing the death of this unarmed teen. Once the witness has a chance to be vetted more thoroughly this case may take another spin. It was inevitable that Geraldo Rivera would attempt to capture some of the publicity surrounding this tragic event. Self-serving maneuvers are always at the core of Geraldo’s news pieces. This time he blundered by stating the hoodie Trayvon Martin wore may have contributed to the intensity that resulted in the tragedy in which we are aware. Wherever borderline media figures go at retirement, Geraldo should move there expeditiously. Our race hustling industry has called for street demonstrations and violent actions if the “facts” do not lead to the justice they want. Similar to the barbaric expletives annunciated during the Duke Lacrosse incident, Sharpton and the gang are back in the streets stirring up whatever trouble they can. Trayvon Martin deserves justice if the facts support the conclusion that he was a victim of Zimmerman’s overzealous actions that horrific night. In event the facts move this case in an alternate direction justice should move with it. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reckless disregard: Obama's roadmap to American obsolescence

Reckless disregard: Obama’s roadmap to American obsolescence

Historic in nature and still evolving Obama’s circuitous route to America’s downfall will come at a tremendous price for everyone who supports its infrastructure. In order to fully comprehend the totality of the havoc Obama has wrought on the American landscape, one only needs to review the besieged health care system. In a brief two year period since its inception and passage, Obama’s monstrous health legislation has taken control of the system away from medical providers and turned it over to an overreaching bureaucracy. Judges and lawyers will decide who lives and who dies. America’s transition from a super power to third world status has been expedited by a mentality that is so deficient mere words cannot describe it. Cleverly attempting to cover up his Muslim leanings, our Chief Executive has given the government an atheistic flare denouncing religious symbolism and speech wherever his Justice Department can ferret out its existence. Freedom of speech has taken a major turn with Obama’s unrelenting attempts to quell it whenever it speaks the truth of his actions. No one is surprised by the harsh tones his liberal regime has for FOX media. They are among the few that have the cojones to take on the detriments Obama has thrust on the American population. FOX, as you may be aware, is under review by the Justice Department for very nebulous reasons. Looking more like Soviet style suppression everyday, edicts by the dozens have emanated from the White House which place controls on nearly all American institutions and industries. One ominous document released on a recent Friday, in an attempt to slip it by the media, enumerates a long list of powers the government can use against the population in case of a national crisis. Does Obama plan to call a national emergency and suspend the coming election? President Obama is now moving across America attempting to regain the momentum he had during his 2008 campaign. Many supporters are reexamining their stance on a man who displays boundless ineptitudes as he mismanages America into decline. Unfortunately the person that might replace him may not be much better. Mark Davis MD, author of the popular book Demons of Democracy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rick Santorum: running against himself

Rick Santorum: running from himself

Rick Santorum’s national ambitions diminish each time he verbalizes a thought. As a former Senator and candidate for President, media review of his political positions is scrutinized to the nth degree.  Recent exhortations by him have turned many heads the wrong way. Santorum’s Satan comments, whether taken out of context or not, introduce a certain level of negativity and nervousness in minds of potential supporters. His internet postulations denoting what he believes a person can view in cyberspace speak to a whole new set of government controls. Under a Santorum presidency the Chief Executive will determine which websites are permitted, others he will “crackdown” on. Though his references were to stop the proliferation of porn, next step potentially could inhibit viewing  sports on certain days, liberal talk shows ( perhaps not a bad idea), news shows and more. Rick is autocratic: it is his way or no way. Watching Santorum and his family pray after a debate may have made many uncomfortable with his openly religious displays. Morality for the Senator shifts as time moves forward. He has a trail of speeches and writings indicating he is still looking to solidify his personal beliefs as exemplified by his change from pro-choice to pro-life stance. Higher education is not for everyone only those he feels should take the plunge. Numerous uncertainties surround the personal and professional life of Rick Santorum which should give people pause when considerations swing towards his candidacy. His delegate count is presently less than half of Mitt Romney, yet he pursues his presidential goals as though a chance still exists for him to overcome the odds. Perhaps his accumulated delegate count at the time of the Republican Convention will earn him a second place position on the November ballot. If not, Santorum will return to his lobbying activities and the multi-million dollar cottage in which he now resides. This is one candidate who should stay in the private sector.  Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy.

Demons of Democracy

Demons of Democracy describes the perversion, sexploitation, prosecutorial misconduct, incompetence and more in the legal profession. This book is hated by the JD crowd for its intuitive insights into a once noble profession. This books warns people not to put another lawyer in the White House. Read it before you pull the lever. Mark Davis MD

Demons of Democracy

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maryland's assault on the business community

Maryland’s assault on the business community

Kudos to Governor O’Malley and the wisdom of the Maryland Legislature for creating new and ingenious methods of extorting money from the private sector. With the expansion of benefits to a bloated government workforce and the entitlement crowd starved for cash who better to attack for funds other than the business community. Marylanders already suffer from an autocratic regime in Annapolis that utilizes every conceivable device to enhance revenues. Those enhancements are about to become more intense. Democratic governors appear to have a competition to see which one can bankrupt their state first. Maryland is simply not business friendly, as numerous polls have displayed. Added to an intense regulatory structure businesses are seeking more friendly jurisdictions. In discussions with several dozen business owners over the last few weeks three have found refuge in neighboring states and others are considering a move. Their complaints were specific and reflect the themes in this article. Similar to Obama’s mania concerning rising gas prices that same mindset has been riveted into the Governor’s mind. Adding increased taxes to fuels that are already at record level prices is insane. Results from such tax maneuvers will bear rotten fruit. Basic economics states as fuel costs increase they cause proportional elevations in “all” consumer goods. The irony is the entitlement crowd will need more money from Annapolis to cover these increased expenses. A vicious cycle placed directly at the feet of the business community and those who make it work. The astounding level of wealth redistribution in Maryland would make the community organizers in the White House proud. Perhaps this is one of O’Malley’s motivations, to move up the food chain on the backs of those who have given much more than they should have. Budget cutting is an anathema to especially to those who are not mathematically inclined. Recent announcements that numerous reductions will be made in the pending budget are proverbial window dressing, accounting tricks and spin. Unfortunately when O’Malley shrugs the business community winces. Mark Davis MD, author of the popular book Demons of Democracy which states why lawyers should not be involved in running complex organizations or government entities.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Geriatric Holocaust Sarah Palin was right

Geriatric Holocaust: Sarah Palin was right

Geriatric Holocaust: Sarah Palin was right

The blood of the elderly will pay for Obamacare. Embedded deep within its structure this monstrous piece of health legislation has all the tools necessary to withhold and or delay medical care to those in their advanced years. Sarah Palin was denigrated for telling the truth, but it was the truth nevertheless. Death panels do not need to be blatantly written. Obamacare’s weapons of choice to kill our senior population will come in the form of false medical studies, skewed statistics, fabricated standards of medical care, defunding of diagnostics and therapeutics and much more. Seniors will be measured by a term called “biological value,” essentially meaning what is their worth to society. Millions of seniors are as functional as many of their more youthful counterparts. Why should medical care be withheld from them, yet that is the purposeful intent of Obamacare. The President questioned whether his grandmother needed a hip procedure at her advanced age. Pain Mr. President, excruciating pain and poor function are the primary reasons for this type of surgery. Physicians have no more training in end of life issues than others, yet Obamacare encourages these discussions with those nearing three score and ten. Obamacare’s lack of analytical concern for the over 65 population clearly displays that lawyers not physicians wrote this detriment to the American society. Medicare attempted the first set of controls, in the 1980s, to contain the costs of health care to the aged. Under the guise of improving quality of care, the real goal was to reduce medical expenses to our most vulnerable citizens. To this end funds were diverted from health care delivery to health care review. Organizations, such as the Delmarva Foundation for Health care here in Maryland, were heavily funded to pressure physicians into releasing the elderly from hospital settings earlier than their diseases permitted. The provider was still held responsible for all outcomes. In the case of the Delmarva Foundation, its “leader” in the 1980s stated they will reduce Medicare expenditures in Maryland substantially. Their methodology: find the physicians who had the largest elderly populations and harass them into submission. Points were assessed for minutia for each patient reviewed. Accumulate enough points you would lose your hospital privileges, lose the ability to work with Medicare patients and even civil/criminal penalties. In order to challenge their rulings a physician was forced to present his/her case before a special Medicare judge who was a lawyer not a physician. Lawyers making medical judgments, sound familiar. Obamacare exponentially expands on these concepts and has numerous other sanctions/penalties to keep physicians in check. The public knew very little about the methodologies employed by the government to reduce costs in the Medicare program. Under Obamacare the public will see the costs in a horrific body count. Rich, poor, famous or infamous you will not escape the tentacles of this leviathan. Mark Davis MD, who warned you in the book Demons of Democracy do not put a lawyer in the White House. We are about to make the same mistake.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Medical License A lawyer's best friend

Medical License: A lawyer's best friend

Medical License: A lawyer’s best friend

Somewhere in the dark recesses of tens of thousands of lawyers’ offices are the remnants of hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of medical malpractice suits, most of which went nowhere. Hungry for work, lawyers by the battalion, look to the medical profession to comfort their wallets. Commercials establish the mindset of those in the legal “profession” who are concerned with the health and welfare of others. “In the event your medical care was not perfect call Sludge, Slime and Greasy: we will smooth your path to obtain a settlement from those horrible doctors and obtain every penny you deserve.” Physicians are held to medical standards not created by others of equal capacity but by lawyers. Obamacare is a gift to the legal profession allowing a million ways to sue a physician, health facility or insurance company. The lawyers who wrote Obamacare left out the most important section, Tort reform. Many years overdue, tort reform would bring sensibility to the malpractice circus, Obamacare encourages its continuance. Over one million lawyers roam the judicial range. In Maryland 33,000 strong who believe it is a moral imperative to keep physicians in check. One bold attorney even went to the extent of writing a book: How to Sue Physicians and Win. Targeting physicians has been raised to a level of a sport for many with the judicial doctorate. Worse, lawyers employed in the public sector expend as much effort as possible to destroy physicians’ careers with expectations that the “kill” will move them up the food chain. A medical license has made thousands of lawyers rich and this will not change for the foreseeable future. For those of you who despise the medical profession, sooner or later you will need one of us and we may not be there to help you. Why, because your aggressive antics have created an atmosphere that has deterred the best and brightest from entering the profession. One day you may be traveling through a town or city and deep chest pain occurs. Rushing to that hospital you debased in the past a bed in the monitored area is waiting for you. As you roll into the room the doctor greets you. His first words: remember me I am that doctor you let into medical school who flunked out of college. Mark Davis President of Healthnets Review Services.  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maryland Board of Physicians: operated and managed by lawyers

Maryland Board of Physicians: operated and managed by lawyers

Recent information has become available which may turn the meaning of the words “Board of Physicians” on its head. Sources suggest that legal entities working and or attached to the Maryland Board of Physicians may be creating charges against physicians without the knowledge and or consent of Board members. Additionally, lawyers attached to the Board may be entering judicial settings without coordinating their presentations with Board members. In more dynamic terms lawyers not physicians are managing day to day Medical Board activities including but not limited to their oversight functions. In the event there is any credence to the latter statements physicians should be put on notice that this rogue administrative authority may be charging them illicitly. The Board of Physicians name is a misnomer because 40% of this entity’s membership is non-physician political appointees. Therefore approximately 13 members have a Medical Degree that would even put them in the literal ballpark to review charges to be laid at the doorstep of a target physician. Worse, with the diverse number of specialties embodied in these 13 members there may not be anyone who is in the field of the charged physician. Maryland has allowed its Board of Physicians to act outside mandates and laws established to protect the public yet simultaneously provide due process for physicians. Physicians have a right to know who their accusers are. Board of Physician members must sign off on civil charges levied at them. In the event they are non-physician members those signatures should be challenged. Maryland Board of Physicians’ Attorneys are of two types: one set works directly for this authority, the other is assigned by the Attorney General’s Office. Any physician who is presently under the intensity of a review by the Board should immediately request who signed off on their charges. You may be very surprised at the “answers.” Evasive techniques are part of the panoply of tools used by the Board to leave those charged in the dark concerning who created the civil charging instrument. Full disclosure is not one of the Maryland Board of Physicians strong points. Procedures, practices and policies should be revamped making this administrative entity proactive not reactive. Perhaps someone in authority may understand that legal assaults on physicians do not improve the practice of medicine, education and cooperation does. The Board should be reconstituted giving authority back to physicians, especially those who do not have a political bent. Finally, stop your autocratic methodologies against doctors. It makes good press but harms the very people the government is trying to protect. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Millenium Diet: America's Diet

This link will explain why their is no better diet on the market than the Millenium Diet. This high protein restricted calorie program has gone viral on the net for good reason it works. Use America's Diet, the Millenium Diet by Mark Davis MD

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rush versus the feminine Mafia

Rush versus the feminine Mafia

Promiscuity not contraception should have been the topic the day Sandra Fluke testified before the House Committee on feminine sexual behaviors. Ms. Fluke was concerned that Georgetown Law School’s health insurance does not pay for birth control pharmaceuticals. Appalling, un-American: how could this happen? Reports through the media suggest that Ms. Fluke believes others should pay for her sexual misbehaviors, commonly called promiscuity. Health insurance’s primary reason for being is to inoculate those with a disease or injury from the catastrophic costs that can be incurred under these circumstances. Ms. Fluke and her well-connected managers, which include the President, have the notion that outcomes of immoral acts should be covered under preventative services. Mr. Obama is now on record supporting immorality, as if the American public was not aware of his professional proclivities.  Presently the controversy whether religious institutions should provide services similar to Ms. Fluke’s requests rages on. As she moved through the left wing media theater, Rush Limbaugh provided a level of commentary about her actions and desires that was right on, but he could have  commented  in less ornamental terms. As she distorted her words before the sexual affairs committee her agenda became clear, change the public debate that is presently raging. Women’s rights not religious freedom was the new spin. Institutions whose core values are debased by forcing them to cover contraception wanted no part of Obamacare’s atheistic premises and decrees. Energized by Rush’s verbal harangue concerning Ms. Flukes commentary and sexual inclinations, the liberals began their usual dance to silence the truth. Advertisers with weak stomachs pulled ads from Rush’s radio program. The feminine mafia came out in droves to denigrate Rush, never mentioning the real issues behind the debate. Liberals such as the President, have a clinical obsession that the truth should be drowned out by distortion, spin and misrepresentation. Ms. Fluke was disingenuous when she stated it would cost thousands to contain the product of her sexual urges. In reality a few hundred dollars would have assured her that no baby was on the way. Immorality, indecency and atheism have been brought to new heights under the Obama administration. Rush was correct in his intonations, Ms. Fluke put herself out there for commentary. She just did not like the reflection of herself that others saw on the political stage. Mark Davis, MD. President of Healthnets Review Services and a proud conservative.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Conservative pundits are wrong about Romney

Conservative Pundits are wrong about Romney

Conservative pundits are wrong about Romney

America is under assault from within and from afar. Our country has been surreptitiously maneuvered into becoming a second rate power. American headlines should read 2008 was the last year this country retained its super power status, it has been downhill ever since. President Obama has done everything short of giving away our nuclear secrets, which recent media notes is a future possibility. Election 2012 is fast approaching with a cadre of republican candidates yearning to be our next Chief Executive Officer. Mitt Romney is in the delegate lead at present, yet he remains an uncertain commodity amongst potential voters. Right wing media is awash with propaganda attempting to push Romney over the top. Fair and balanced looks more like unfair and biased from my perspective. Fox no longer discusses the candidates on an equal footing. They are now openly directing us to vote for their choice. Worse, they are commenting who should get out of Romney’s way so their ordained preference could be carried over the finish line. Romney has more than baggage that drags behind him. His dirty laundry has a stench all its own. Our conservative pundits have failed to take a hard look at Romneycare. In the event they had done their homework the media would have found that the Bay State’s tragedy is remarkably similar Obamacare. Romney’s interpretation of his own work is disingenuous at the minimum and would have been enough, under normal circumstances, to keep him off the election circuit. His entitlement proclivities bear a remarkable resemblance to those of the President. Global warning, he stands on the fence with this subject. As a former liberal democrat Romney could force all of us to ride the bus. Will he cut the bloated federal payroll? Review his management style of the Bay State. Expansion of bureaucracy was his specialty. Why does an honest man hide his money offshore? His answer, the blind trust controls his funds. Since this article will be read by thousands I do not want to offend anyone with the answer I have in mind about the latter. Romney’s polished robotic answers to nearly every question asked of him lacks the depth I would expect from someone seeking the Presidency. His approach, give the public anything they want to hear, no matter how fallacious the statement is. Romney is being pushed by the big thuds in the media. Ann Coulter exclaimed in a dialogue, “What is wrong with Romney,” who she apparently supports. Ms. Coulter: he is one more inept lawyer who will say or do anything to move up the food chain. Maybe you should go back and reread Demons of Democracy, which presents unequivocal evidence that lawyers are deficient in abilities to manage complex institutions, as exemplified by those who presently infect the Executive Branch. Conservative media has failed in their mission to look deeper at Mitt Romney than his press releases. Political hacks and washed up authors stream across your screen, on any night, asserting the virtues of Romney the candidate. They forget there are a few of us who still do our homework. Romney is the wrong candidate at the wrong time. Obama is already licking his fangs waiting for a debate with the presumed Republican nominee. What color do Republicans bleed? Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy, the book that told you not to put a lawyer in the White House or any state houses.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Maryland's Fiefdom: taxes, taxes and more taxes

Maryland’s Fiefdom: taxes, taxes and more taxes

Maryland’s legislature is cleverly weaving a package of new taxes to support its entitlement engine, before it runs out of cash. In order to sell these new levies the Governor and his minions have contrived a plan of minor budget cuts to placate the fierce opposition he expects. Gasoline prices continue to soar yet the Governor does not think this burden is enough. His solution, add more fees to this life blood of the economy. Income taxes in Maryland are among the country’s highest, no problem let’s make them the highest. With home foreclosures at record levels O’Malley says we can do better. Let us go forth and decrease the mortgage deduction, displacing even more families. Unable to pay your exorbitantly high state taxes O’Malley has the answer: you can’t renew your driver’s license nor register your auto until you pay up. It gets worse cable, telephone and any other electronic devices may see a set of devious fees attached. Of course you heard that internet sales within the borders of Maryland will be assessed levies. Maryland’s chieftain is eyeing higher offices, what better way to achieve them but on the dime of this state’s private sector and its citizens. For those of you who graduated high school but retained a second grade reading level press releases from legislative committees and the Governor’s office are awash with verbiage noting these maneuvers will keep Maryland financially sound. Mr. Governor you can contort your language like the best acrobatic but the slime slips through. Take a red pencil and cut your budget by 10 to 20 percent. Means test everyone on the take. Stop giving new arrivals entitlements as soon as they cross state lines. Stop the double dipping done by thousands of civil servants. Reduce pension benefits for those still in the workforce because there may be none to payout in the end. Listen to a fellow left wing governor, Andrew Cuomo, who had a Eureka moment stating that New York does not have the cash to fund the huge entitlement establishment pushed by his fellow democrats. How far behind New York is Maryland financially? From this vantage point Maryland is right on its heels. To move up the food chain the Governor needs to display financial discipline, but I forgot he depends on the entitlement crowd for votes. When will sense and sensibility ever return to Annapolis? Perhaps never! Mark Davis, author of Demons of Democracy. The book that explained why we should not put a lawyer in the White House nor any of the state houses.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gravediggers dance as America dies

Maryland State Medical Society: physicians beware

Maryland State Medical Society: physicians beware

Maryland State Medical Society, commonly called MedChi, claims to be an advocacy group for physicians. MedChi has its origins in the late 18th century when Maryland had few physicians and fewer rules of medical practice. 21st Century medical practice has come under the rule of an autocratic government authority embodied in the Maryland Board of Physicians. This politically appointed Board, whose composition is approximately 40% non-physician, has minimal expertise in the very field they are appointed to monitor. Management of this governmental authority is mostly entrusted to lawyers and administrative staff. It was not surprising that the Maryland Legislature finally woke up to the fact that their medical police force needed some policing of its own. In a scathing audit of medical board management the Legislature noted how reckless it carried out its mandates. The Maryland State Medical Society was silent when this report was issued, its remains so today. MedChi claims to represent the needs of 22,000 Maryland physicians, but sources note their paid membership is significantly less than this representation. MedChi’s peer review function was curtailed by state mandate nearly a decade ago. This organization has been quiet on the fraudulent procedures and practices this rogue medical board has imparted to physicians over the last fifteen years. MedChi’s legislative arm must be asleep at the wheel because laws detrimental to their membership are now on the books with the blessing of this association. MedChi’s has a peculiar stench not to dissimilar to the one from the AARP. MedChi sells its membership a wide range of services but fails at its most important mission assertive representation for its membership.  Physicians can now lose their licenses based on the opinion of one physician. Physicians have lost many of their due process rights when confronted with charges against them. Physicians have been targets of selective prosecutions. Yet MedChi, as always, keeps a low profile. As an advocate for physicians they are an enormous failure. They side with the government on most issues even when it is detrimental to their flock. Though they claim to be a nonprofit from a review of their website it appears their only goal is to fatten their wallets through an entire array of services sold to their membership similar to the AARP’s methodologies. Maryland Physicians can do better by forming a new medical society that actually advocates for them. How can a membership trust its association when they turn their heads away from every important issue? Physicians deserve a much better watch dog than the one they have. Perhaps some of you will get the message and move on. For the rest remember one day you too can have a licensing issue and MedChi will give you the proverbial bird. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

America's final resting place

America’s final resting place

Funerals are somber and very sad occasions. When the death of a nation is involved the collective emotion could be fierce. America is on the brink of its own demise and the pallbearers are those of us who allowed it to happen. Watching the transition of this nation from capitalism to socialism is an admission that a 200 year experiment in democracy has failed to achieve its intended results. The Founders could have never conceived a modern day America under tyrannical leadership. Checks and balances between the three branches of government have failed to impede the political overhaul that is moving forward. As in the play Damn Yankees, whatever Obama wants Obama gets. A herd of sheep move through both legislative houses bowing to their shepherd. Republican leaders have been quiescent recently on issues that could further challenge a democracy on the edge. Destructive forces unseen by America’s citizenry may undo our very defense capabilities that deter the miscreants who would take pleasure in our early demise. With the deconstruction of our military, under the pretense that it will be more efficient, few cries have arisen from those who could stop this mania. In the last 24 hours it was reported that the United States may share some of our nuclear codes with those in the Kremlin. If true, what could possibly being moving through the president’s mind to motivate him to bring us closer to Armageddon. As Iran generates more nuclear material power generation will be the last reason in their minds for which it would be used. Our Chief Executive displays the weaknesses of a pre-war Neville Chamberlain in his mentation and actions. Grave diggers are preparing a huge plot for what will be the remnants of a great society. Historians will discuss ad nauseam why America forgot to elect a leader in 2008. Mark Davis MD, author of the book every lawyer and legislator hates, Demons of Democracy.  

Maryland Board of Physicians: entrapment 101

Maryland Board of Physicians: entrapment 101

Physicians in Maryland are left dimensionless when they seek to understand the boundaries medical licensure imposes on them. Over the last fifteen years the Maryland Board of Physicians has failed to promulgate guidelines and regulatory structure that licensees can view to know the limits of their practice endeavors.  Medical Practice is a complex activity guided by an extraordinary knowledge base, a keen intellect and a profound ability to make appropriate decisions. The latter may explain why there are so many more lawyers. For nearly a decade the Maryland Board of Physicians has engaged private medical organizations to perform medical chart review. The hired guns from these concerns use their own rules to review medical records, not those the medical board was mandated to create. Many of these medical experts have specious credentials, some do not have “any” training in the specific field they are reviewing. As a result a physician can lose his medical license never knowing the playbook or the actors forcibly taking his license from him. Forget due process that is a word that law students learn, but a forgotten concept by Maryland’s physician board. As a result before a physician has been able to review charges against him/her, hire an attorney (you would probably do better defending yourself) and managed a response the Medical Board has leaked their attack strategy on you to the media. Your reputation is quickly diminished to zero, the little money you have saved is now in the pocket of your personal Perry Mason and your colleagues want nothing to do with you. The circumstances surrounding the loss of Dr. Mark Medei’s medical license exemplifies the actions of a rogue medical board that made this physician a cause celebre before he could utter one word of defense. Details released to the public concerning his practice pattern, patient population and surgical proclivities are sketchy. We have been left in the void how his own colleagues approached the review of each of his cases at the Hospital level. Innocent until proven guilty is still a precept even under the Obama administration and it should apply equally in Maryland. Yet the Medical Board manipulated their media releases to make themselves look like the good guys when they are far from it. In other articles I have discussed how medical license administrative reviews, at the Office of Administrative Hearings, are skewed in favor of the medical board. Maryland’s Attorney General’s representatives not only have rapports with these politically appointed judges, they have outright lied and manipulated evidence/testimony to obtain outcomes positive to the Board. Dr. Medei was victimized by a system that is ripe for abuse by those who are looking to move up the food chain. He is entitled to a full hearing outside the politics of a medical board that has had a torrent of its own problems, as recently noted in scathing report by the Maryland legislature. Before the Maryland Board of Physicians points any more fingers at physicians; its entire staff should be overturned, it should seek appropriate counsel from outside the Attorney General’s Office, find specialists whose knowledge base is compatible with the medical records they are reviewing and similar to the State Bar keep proceeding confidential until they are absolutely certain the physician in question is guilty of the charges laid at his/her door. In the event Dr. Medei’s former patients can prove they were harmed, they may be entitled to some compensation. On the other side, if the suits against Dr. Medei are frivolous he should sue the plaintiff and counsel for double the amount he is being sued. My question is: how many lives have Dr. Medei saved, Hundreds or may be thousands? Perhaps the Baltimore Sun should expend a little more energy looking for positive actions by physicians instead of seeking anything that would debase the medical profession. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services, advisor to the media and others on health related issues., http//

Monday, March 5, 2012

National Data Bank for Bad lawyers: the time has come

National Data Bank for bad lawyers: the time has come

America has been flooded with lawyers. Herds of new lawyers are unleashed on the public yearly. These former social science majors found that their college degrees offered them few job opportunities, therefore a three year law school program became attractive. As they emerged from their educational cocoons these former law students realized that the road to wealth is a reality that most of them will not achieve. In order to move up the food chain many will follow a dark path that will lead them away from the Promised Land to sanctions and even expulsion from this former noble profession. Lawyers are sanctioned for many reasons: lying to judges, filing frivolous cases, withholding evidence, manufacturing evidence, monetary indiscretions, drug and alcohol abuse, criminal offenses and more. In many jurisdictions even the most egregious crimes by attorneys are given a pass by State Bar Associations and or totally suppressed by them. In the book Demons of Democracy we enumerate many infractions of the law that would have put others in jail, but those with suits and briefcases seem to have a get out of jail card. Judges and prosecutors are no exception when they fall on the other side of the law. Many levels of immunity inoculate them from their own deceits and failures. Imposed on physicians several decades ago by the legal profession was the National Data Bank. It was established to collect information on physicians sanctioned by medical boards or who were sued into oblivion by a profession that lost its way long ago. The time has come to collect similar data on lawyers who presently can move from jurisdiction to jurisdiction with impunity. Judges, lawyers, paralegals and others who perform work in the legal realm would be included in this data bank, without exception. The quiescent manner in which lawyers are disciplined would now be out in the open so others would know of their fall from grace. Bad judges and lawyers would find the same public condemnation that is now inflicted on physicians because of their data bank entries. There are approximately 300,000 more lawyers than physicians. Yet the disciplinary rate amongst attorneys is a fraction of physicians. Are they better people, I doubt it. Perhaps sanctioning is done in a manner that squelches most complaints. A National Data Bank would impede bad lawyers from finding refuge in other domains and would keep bad judges off the bench. In most states the majority of complaints against lawyers and judges are trashed (see Demons of Democracy, chapter Disciplining the Demons). Unless the public calls for further scrutiny of the one profession that has screwed America the most, a data bank will never come into being. Mark Davis, author of Demons of Democracy.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Maryland kills traditional marriage

Maryland kills traditional marriage

Maryland kills traditional marriage

With the stroke of a pen Governor Martin O’Malley took degeneracy to a new low by signing the Death to Traditional Marriage Act. Four million years of human history, tradition and religion washed away in a few seconds. Behind the Governor a thunderous applause was unleashed with the completion of his desecrating act. Maryland is now among a handful of states officially sanctioning marriage between two individuals of the same gender. Legitimatizing immorality through a government act sends the wrong message to a generation that is already directionless. Kowtowing to an extremely small minority of the population Governor O’Malley believes this will further strengthen his political base and the institution of marriage itself, he is wrong on both accounts. Traditional marriage has been the engine that drives the greatest part of our economy. Homosexual marriage is a fa├žade to placate a politically active minority whose endeavors satiate a selfish deviance plundering morality into further obsolescence. Government should be the last bastion to find objective answers to complex issues. Civil unions would have satisfied the legal needs of those whose personal requirements, for whatever reason, join them to someone of the same sex. Marriage, beyond its legal implications, establishes conformity by which a potential procreating unit brings forth and manages the next generation. Irony comes in many flavors. Those who shout the loudest for homosexual marriage are heterosexuals. Brad Pitt, when asked when he and his copartner Angelina Jolie will marry stated: when everyone else is allowed to marry. This was a shallow answer from someone who loves and cares for a bevy of children. Hollywood pushes the gay theme across our screens until you want to vomit. A recent movie called “Paul” about an extraterrestrial stranded on our world makes several references to his bisexuality. Educational institutions are under assault to teach impressionable minds that normalcy is not normal anymore. Gay is in and the rest of us can go to hell. Governor O’Malley and the misguided souls in the Maryland Legislature should be forgiven because they are unable to see the ramifications of their acts. Their problem is: how will God judge them for changing the rule book that he wrote so long ago. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy, which explains why lawyers like Governor O’Malley should never be placed in positions of authority.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Drug testing Judges: the time has come

Drug testing Judges: the time has come

In 2010 a report noted that 1 in 5 Americans took at least one prescription pharmaceutical to treat a psychological condition such as depression or anxiety. This means that 20% of our population takes a medication which can alter mood, behavior and judgment. Drug testing has been imposed on numerous groups in our society by overreaching government bureaucrats whose need to know appears to outweigh our privacy rights. Students who participate in sports many times are under the gun to take a drug test. Worksites often have a drug test requirement. Pilots, military personnel and even we lowly physicians have been coerced into testing. Yet somehow the very people that create and enforce drugs laws have found a manner to maneuver around drug testing regulations. Judges who render critical decisions about our lives appear to have escaped the very sanction they impose on others. Judges collectively are drawn from the same pool of people the rest of come from. With 20% of the populations’ brains immersed in mind bending medications it stands to reason that at least 20% of judges are prescribed these medications. In Maryland this author has had numerous opportunities to appear before lower court judges. Many times these judges were conflictive, confrontational and on several occasions deprecating inexcusably out of proportion to the topic being discussed. A judge in the Howard County Circuit Court appeared to be mumbling to himself as he considered a case. Another judge in the Federal Court in Baltimore appeared to have difficulty focusing his mind on the case before him. Mind altering drugs can affect the neural machinery that enables the brain to arrive at a specific decision. Judges are not immune to these medications. With the important roles judges play in society petitioners coming before them must be assured their arbiters are of sound mind. Drug testing judges would provide assurances to the public that we don’t have an odd ball sitting behind the bench. Additionally, along with the yearly drug test, a brief psychological evaluation would provide the necessary information to keep the mentally disinclined off the bench. Maryland has not instituted any significant reviews of their judges in these respects and the public has a right to know if a member of the judiciary is psychologically impaired. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services, advisor to the media and others on health and related issues.