Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Obama is right at the wrong time

Obama is right at the wrong time

America’s energy needs continue to expand at an exponential rate. As time moves into the future fossil fuels will fail to sustain an energy thirsty nation. Obama’s push to replace oil and gas as America’s prime source of energy is premature. Steven Chu, Obama’s Nobel winning Energy Secretary, has misguided thoughts concerning our present energy requirements and the means to achieve them. Some people should stay in the lab. Dr. Chu believes America should be treated like a laboratory utilizing billions in taxpayer dollars in a search for alternative energy sources. Under Chu’s guidance with Obama’s blessings billions have been dumped into an energy cesspool from which no one but a few friends of Obama have benefitted. Chu’s guidance of American energy policy will not earn him another Nobel award. At this point in time, Chu should leave by the backdoor because the mobs are getting angry watching gasoline prices soar. Alternative energy is not ready for prime time. In fifty years or less hydrogen cells will become viable to fuel our personal vehicles, allowing them to travel hundreds of miles at highway speeds without a charge or replacement. Wind energy will be a mainstay of small to medium cities as the algorithm for its use is worked out. Solar power will finally reach a maturity in the next forty years providing nearly unlimited energy for a starving World. Algae production to create biofuels is in its infancy and could be online by the 22nd century. Obama is right at the wrong time. Alternative energies are the way of the future, but not for this generation. President Obama along with Dr. Chu and an army of lawyers are blocking energy production whenever and wherever possible. It is imperative that America become independent from those who control oil flow in the Middle East. Obama and his minions believe elevated oil and gas prices will force people to use public transportation, purchase electric cars and panel their homes with solar equipment, he is wrong. Mr. President the technology you seek is way down the road, be sensible and allow America to gain from its God given resources. Fire Steven Chu, his incompetence as Energy Secretary is profound. Close down the Energy Department it absorbs billions and produces nothing. Approve the Keystone pipeline system, allow Gulf drilling, increase oil drilling permits, allow exploration for gas, expand oil refinery capacity and most of all get out of the private sector’s way. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy and President of Healthnets Review Services.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Maryland Justice: Soviet Style

Maryland Justice: Soviet Style

Maryland has institutionalized soviet style justice. The ability of a person with or without an attorney to provide oral arguments before a court has been curtailed by an extremist judiciary. People are no longer seen as individuals bringing their grievances to an arbiter for resolution. Many Maryland judges recognize them as nuisances to be expeditiously shown the door. Maryland Court of Special Appeals has followed a path that autocratic societies generally accept as the norm, but not in those domains where democracy is the foundation. In a case that could have extended ramifications for physicians here in Maryland and beyond our state borders this author brought a legal action against a medical record peer reviewer, who was engaged by the Maryland Board of Physicians. As a plaintiff before the Howard Circuit representing himself, Judge Louis Becker was confrontational with this pro se as he exchanged pleasantries with the defendant’s attorney, in an effort to quickly dismiss this action without hearing its merits. The essence of the case was a physician who was not a specialist in the core material he was hired to “peer” review was allowed to perform in a Maryland court as an expert witness. In his own words the witness admitted to his lacked expertise, yet he was the sole reason the Maryland Board of Physicians revoked a medical license. Physicians in Maryland will now confront hired guns as quasi medical experts to steal their livelihoods. Judge Becker, in a manner befitting a party member, lambasted this author as he pointed to the door leading out of the courtroom. Hoping for an ounce of recourse from a Maryland Judiciary that sold its sole to the highest bidder long ago the case was appealed to the Court of Special Appeals. As in the lower court pro se justice is no justice in these higher domains. Someone in the Court of Appeals determined that they will deny this author the right to present oral arguments before the three judge panel, who will presumably white washed this case in favor of the medical board (Mark Davis v. Ira Kaplan case number 02836 September Term 2010). Oral arguments, as is noted by numerous  Supreme Court justices, is essential to understanding a case brought before a higher judicial body. These arguments allow facts to be solidified and nuances of the case to be drawn out. Maryland Appellate Courts roll out the red carpets for those with highly paid attorneys and cases that make the 5pm news. The rest of us are diminished by a judiciary that legislates from the bench and denies basic rights drawn from a Constitution they are paid to uphold. Maryland has gone down the road of Soviet style justice disregarding fairness for expediency and judicial balance for a convoluted interpretation of Maryland law. Marylanders, your courts are an extension of the same great party that is presently destroying America, wakeup or you will be engulfed by their flagrant disregard for your rights too. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy.

Friday, February 24, 2012

America's three year vacation

America’s three year vacation

America has been on a three year vacation from reality. In 2008 we forgot to elect a leader. Directionless our government meanders through its daily grind searching for a reason for being. As World tensions increase the shadow of a once great nation grows smaller. Pretense is no substitute for leadership, so the nation states of the World look to other domains for guidance. China, Russia and a few others stir the cauldron of despair against the west by enabling rogue societies to spread hostilities beyond their borders. President Obama has done little other than raid the United States Treasury to keep his constituency intact and the wine flowing at the White House. The face of America is not the one that Obama portrays when he is campaigning. Destitute of sense and sensibility he maneuvers through the populace providing group therapy to crowds who want cures not temporizing pharmaceuticals. Lacking any foresight, he does little to counter the growing threat of the new “super powers.” Unable to acquire a handle on a bad economy, Obama’s cadre of Secretaries are juggling the numbers to provide a perception we have better days ahead. America’s present challenge is the Middle East. Iran is on the move as we cower from the sidelines. Worse Obama and the Congress are in complete denial that Iran’s acquisition of nuclear material will lead to the development of a bomb, which they will use once in place. The president is still celebrating his election with parties, vacations, outings and other events with very little time left for maintenance of a nation. Still under investigation, how did the voters forget to elect a leader in 2008. Perhaps the republicans can produce a nominee with the mental agility, fortitude and the cojones to make the tough decisions that presently confronts America. Otherwise, the death of the American empire is imminent and we will all be pallbearers at our own funeral. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy, which warned how lawyers have screwed the nation and continue to do so in the White House.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Iran plays by its own rules

Iran plays by its own rules

Tyranny has no walls, floors or boundaries. It is a process that engulfs the weak and strong alike. The world has known it from the beginning of human civilization and its ugly face has not been purged from society even in the 21st century. Recent events in the Middle East should have given men of conscience pause to reevaluate their approach to this simmering cauldron. Standard economic sanctions against tyrants and theocratic demagogues delays the inevitable as people die by their hands. Crazed individuals fraught with hate for other cultures will not play the game by civilized rules and neither should we. A nuclear exchange would kill hundreds of millions immediately with tens of millions more dying within weeks of the catastrophe. It appears that Iran wants a nuclear device and a means to deliver it. Daily, they tease the world about their progress and intentions. Perhaps demonic forces are not in play influencing the worst of humanity but it seems that way. Obama’s reticence to act against the Iranian regime is a continual reminder of how timid and undeserving he is of the title Commander-in-Chief. His pathetic inability to make hard decisions will be noted by historians in the coming years. Presently, playing diplomatic games will not stop the approaching war. The Iranian regime, not its general population, must be taken to task concerning their obvious intent to develop a nuclear weapon and use it on population centers that do not fit in with their convoluted religious doctrines. Their nuclear facilities need to be accurately identified, located and destroyed, there is no other recourse. Its regime needs to be dismantled quickly and thoroughly. Many nations, not only Israel, are at risk from Iran’s evolving weaponry. Hints that contingency plans are in place to resolve Iran’s defiance against world demands are comforting, yet more needs to be done. Perhaps the president can take some of his precious campaigning time and assert himself, it is long overdue. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Maryland Board of Physicians war on the diet drug Phentermine

Maryland Board of Physicians war on the diet drug Phentermine

Millions of dieters have used the drug Phentermine to help them reduce weight. Originally approved in 1959, Phentermine was initially prescribed for intervals not to exceed three months. As the decades passed Physicians found that the drug worked for much long than the initially prescribed period and began utilizing it for extended periods of time. Low dose Phentermine is also used for maintenance of weight. The gamut of Maryland’s society has successfully taken this medication. In this physician’s former practice an array of governmental officials benefitted from Phentermine including but not limited to a mayor, judges, current state legislators, lawyers, state troopers and more. Outside the government realm celebrities, sports icons, industrial leaders and most of all people without designations all have been the beneficiaries of this drug by this author’s hands. Physicians immediately screen out those who can potentially become ill from this medication and scrutinize patients carefully for side effects. Along comes the Maryland Board of Physicians, who are completely uninitiated in the field of Bariatrics, attempting to regulate this drug out of existence. Worse, this administrative entity engages physicians who know even less about Phentermine than themselves to review those of us who have expertise in this area of practice. This author wrote a diet book, the Millenium Diet, that went viral on the net and is now used on 4 continents. Maryland Board of Physicians and it legal attack dogs have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep this physician from prescribing Phentermine. Utilizing fake standards of care, false charting issues, hired guns untrained in the very field they are reviewing and other techniques pursued this physician in Maryland courts that are friendly to them and went for the kill. Apparently this type of attack is selective. Recently a number of people including physicians have come forward to inform this author that a politically active member of the medical profession has established more than a half dozen offices to provide diet pills to the community. The initiating physicals in many cases are not performed by licensed physicians. More egregious, according to sources, the diet pills are not dispensed by licensed physicians, they are not dispensed through pharmacy techs or pharmacists instead class four narcotic diet pills are given out by para-medical personnel unsupervised by a physician. Do these para-medical personnel have drug dispensing licenses? Do these para-medical types have appropriate training in the dispensing of these potentially harmful pharmaceuticals? Do these para-medical types have state and federal drug licenses? Can these individuals perform adequate cardiac and pulmonary exams to screen out those who may be hurt by this drug? Are these offices pill mills to satiate the addiction community? Why does the Maryland Board of Physicians hold this type of physician to one set of standards and physicians, such as this author, to another set of standards. In this case, my medical license was revoked based on false charges and friendly courts. The Maryland Board of Physicians has a selective prosecution process, no doubt. Unsupervised by onsite licensed physicians, diet pill mills are being established throughout Maryland by a politically active doctor untouched by the medical board or its legal counterpart in the Attorney General’s Office.  The Maryland Legislature should take a very hard look at the medical board’s structure because it now enables clinics to dispense diet pills without physician oversight, yet it hits hard those of us who dispensed them correctly and honestly. In the event a legislator wants proof of these words, I am right here. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Romney guarantees an Obama victory

Romney guarantees an Obama victory

Romney has not portrayed himself as a man of the people. His detached lifestyle does not resonate well with a majority of potential voters on the right. Recently asked why he hides his money in the Cayman Islands, his stump speech answer “the blind trust” controls his funds. When asked to reveal his taxes, his donations to Uncle Sam and charities suddenly skyrocketed prior to their release.  On global warming, he is ambivalent on the subject. Romneycare is represented as a program residents of the Bay State were enthused by, a profound lie. A trail of misrepresentations and uncertainties follow Romney wherever he goes. In Michigan he was less than welcome because of his stance against the auto bailout. In Florida he spent tens of millions to character assassinate Newt Gingwich causing the winds to shift in his direction. Rick Santorum is now under siege by Romney’s financial hammer to win his home state of Michigan. Romney’s destroy at all costs approach to his opponents is having a paradoxical effect, people see him for whom he really is, a shallow candidate with many flaws. Fox and other networks lauded him in the last month, yet the public has many doubts about a man who could be an Obama clone. The White House is drawling over the present infighting in the Republican Party, they only have to stir the pot. November’s election is crucial, Iran is on move and we are not. America does not need another inept leader who Monday morning quarterbacks national and international policies. Dark days are ahead in the event we do not elect a strong leader who has an iron will to act against aggressive behavior aimed at us and our allies such as Israel. The next war could be the last war. America needs someone with the inner strength and foresight to make the World aware that America is back, don’t screw with us. Romney is far from that person. Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy, the book Obama would hate.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baltimore Sun: Reporting with a spin

Baltimore Sun: reporting with a spin

Maryland’s major newspaper, the Baltimore Sun, has a long and noble reputation since its inception 175 years ago. History was painted across its pages as time moved into the future. The Sun’s present incarnation is a shadow of its former self. Looking for in depth reporting and well researched articles one must look elsewhere. Journalism cannot be defined by the abbreviated news pieces that are spun to give the reader vertigo. Technological advances do not excuse the Sun for their inaccurate, distorted and biased reporting. Readers of the Sun are treated to filtered news replete with omissions, deletions and or outright distortions that presently defines this once great lady. Crime has especially been cleansed from its pages or diminished to present a picture of Baltimore City and its environs as a place at peace with itself. Government entities are placed on pedestals irregardless of the harm they inflict on the population. A murder in Harford County where a blind man was stabbed to death by an intruder who entered the victim’s apartment was cleansed from its pages quickly. Why, because of the racial overtones of the murder. A recent scandal at the Board of Physicians brought to the surface by a negative Maryland Legislative audit was suppressed. The Baltimore Examiner was the major source for this report and the subsequent firings and sudden retirements in this administrative entity. Sun’s use of photos has the majority of the people presented as gleeful and all smiles when the news is anything but pleasant. When third graders were finally able to read at second grade level the Sun proclaimed the excellent education Maryland is providing its youth. Crime, entitlements, bloated government bureaucracies, deficient education, a state government lauded for its bad decisions, a judicial system that legislates from the bench, reverse discrimination, egregious  misuse of tax dollars and much more fail to have any analysis from Sun or acknowledgement these problems exist. Newspapers are failing in many jurisdictions around the country. People do not trust intentional distortions of the news that emanate from these media sources. Baltimore Sun is propped up by a larger corporate entity that has not allowed the bottom to fall out yet. The Sun would be wise to veer away from its obvious agenda and to accurately report Maryland news, because that is not occurring presently. For a great alternative read the Baltimore Examiner, learn what you are not getting from its sibling. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services, advisor to the media and others on health related issues.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maryland Board of Physicians scams doctors

Maryland Board of Physicians scams doctors

Maryland Board of Physicians is in no position to judge the competence of its flock. Forty percent of its membership is non-physicians, making it tantamount to an old style soviet review panel.  New physicians taking their first steps to become licensed practitioners are not told the pitfalls and downside of the piece of paper they are paying dearly for. Licensed physicians practice a spectrum of specialties after extensive training and testing. Competence is determined long before American medical school graduates step into the legal milieu waiting for them. Confrontational forces are churning within the Medical Board’s structure to hunt down any physician who moves away from their nebulous practice criteria. Physicians enter a no man’s land when carrying out their set duties as practitioners. The Medical Board, over the last 15 years, has failed to promulgate rules of procedure for; medical record review, office review, clinical evaluation of physicians, review of foreign graduates and more. Private entities perform medical record reviews for the Board using their own criteria, shifting their responsibility to someone else. Friendly Courts have determined that the Medical Board can revoke a medical license using the work of one of these private entities, even if the reviewer is in another specialty from the one under discussion. Worse, the Court of Special Appeals recently affirmed a case allowing only one physician accuser to be the sole basis of a medical license revocation. Any attempts by physicians to challenge the Board are met with gleeful rebuke by their friends in the judicial system. Maryland does not have an independent Judiciary, the bias jumps off the bench when a physician’s case is before the men and women in black. Perhaps some sense and sensibility will return to this administrative entity after the Maryland Legislature’s scathing audit on the illicit activities of this rogue state board were revealed. For those physicians who have recently been licensed walk the straight and narrow path of medical righteousness, there may be a charging document with your name on it in the near future. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services, advisor to media, industry, government and the legal profession on health and related issues.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Obama's inherent weakness: himself

Obama’s inherent weakness: himself

Obama has confused reality with surrealism in a recent presentation to students of a community college. He presented his usual stump speech denoting how the wealthy do not pay their fair share of taxes, yet he was oblivious to the obvious. The very college he was speaking in was not a gift from the state or from the indolent, but a result of the working public and those who have accrued wealth, which paved the road for such institutions to exist. The student loans, scholarships and government freebies benefitting these students emanated from a private sector workforce that sees the value of an educated society. Denigrating the wealthy by stating they do not pay enough to a government with an insatiable thirst for their funds knocks the very reason everyone in the audience was present, to eventually obtain work and the monetary rewards intrinsic that work. Capitalism in Obama’s mind is only a myth submerged somewhere in an expansive ego that has clouded his thoughts for the last three years. Capitalism generates wealth. Government generates hate, distrust and diverseness. Obama uses the latter tools to foment discontent amongst his flock hoping they will enter the fugue state he has been in since his inauguration. Obama is a victim of himself. Unable to meet the grade on his own, he was pushed forward by a society full of guilt. Unfortunately those driving this man to greatness never realized the deficiencies in the man himself. In Obama’s world merit, hard work and achievement negate his message of dependency which he has instilled in tens of millions. His goal to maintain power at any cost comes with a great price to  America, its very existence. Demagoguery worked to his advantage in the past. This time around it could cause his downfall. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy and President of Healthnets Review Services, advisor to the media, government, industry and legal profession on health and related issues.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Millenium Diet: America's cure for obesity

Millenium Diet: America’s cure for obesity

As America grows more obese scam artists are coming forward to tantalize the public with their dietary machinations. My favorite is the nameless physician who has a new diet every few weeks. Lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks, lose 9 pounds in 10 days or lose at your leisure are some of this physician’s pitches to keep the money rolling in. More egregious was the list of commercial diets deified by a national news magazine. The top plans were very expensive to implement, their science questionable and there was no data base to support their claims, yet they were considered the best in the country. Perhaps ad revenue purchases have much to with their placement at the top of the list. Encountering diets that do not work is easy. They are splashed all over the net. Searching for the Millenium Diet on line brings up dozens of programs that have paid for placement before you see the one you are looking for. The Millenium Diet does not need to pay to be regarded as the frontrunner, it sells itself. High protein low carb and restricted calories is the most physiological regimen on the market. Utilizing this program results in; more rapid weight loss, lower cholesterol and better overall health. The science is sound, reproducible and proven in numerous studies. Request even the most tangible proof that commercials diets or there celebrity counterpart’s work and an elusive system of evasive techniques kicks in. Data is minimal, scarce or nonexistent when attempting to discern the basis of these programs. The Millenium Diet has been reviewed across the net, across the world and may be one of the most pirated diet books in cyberspace. Learn from the best read The Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide for Rapid Weight Loss.  Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services and author of the best of the best diets, The Millenium Diet.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Maryland's entitlements to state workers

Maryland’s Entitlements for State Workers

Surrealism has taken the place of reality in the abode we call Annapolis. Insulated from the economic pressures Maryland’s private sector must face, legislators and the Governor continue to pour our tax dollars into very generous benefits and salaries of state workers. Most recently a pharmacy contract was approved mandating Maryland coffers to jimmy up 2.4 billion dollars or more over the next five years for prescription drugs. This is only one integral part of their health benefits which includes vision, dental, psychiatry, hospitalization, in office medical visits, very generous surgical allowances, cosmetics and a plethora of other health entitlements. Yet there is more. Vacation offerings include up to 25 days of time away from the drudgery of working in a hostile environment. Six personal days each calendar year to spend at Maryland casinos and other fine establishments. Eleven paid holidays and fifteen days of sick leave to help recover from those difficult weekends. Need time with the family, no problem Maryland adheres to the Family Medical Leave Act. Take some time off, perhaps six months, Maryland taxpayers are very sensitive to your needs. There is much more; subsidized child care, life insurance, accident insurance, long term care insurance and retirement benefits that would make Obama’s redistribution of wealth model proud. In the event you don’t want to leave the confines of your home, no problem, Maryland may allow you to telecommute utilizing their Teleworking program. For those who live in and around Baltimore free mass transits passes. My question is how many state employees are getting free cell phones, cars, tuition benefits and sundry other giveaways as additional compensation. Who pays for this largess, you and I in the private sector. Maryland’s tax structure is onerous and getting worse. Gasoline taxes are being heightened to a point where they are more costly than the product taxed. Tolls already high are going much higher. Autocratic tax assessments on businesses have driven many out of Maryland. Liquor taxes that stifle sales recently were elevated. Most Marylanders are not aware that auto registrations, driver licenses, all professional licenses and more will not be renewed if your state taxes are not current. State Comptroller’s Office sends out thousands of letters each day with demand for payment on an entire array of taxes that I have not mentioned in this article. Veiled threats are written into these intimidating letters to force money from you to continue Maryland’s gravy train flowing to its hardly working employees. Those who refuse payment will could lose their homes, bank accounts will be lien and or  garnished and your good name will be destroyed at the credit bureau. It is unfair to require the private sector to continue supporting these state worker entitlements. Liberal stupidity created this mess. Soon there will be more takers than supporters of this broken system. Will Obama bailout Maryland, stay tuned. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services, advisor to the media, government, industry and legal profession on health issues.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

President's competence questioned

President’s Competence Questioned

Forces are gathering in the Middle East as I write these words that could ignite the next World War. This will be one war that mainland America cannot escape. To impede Iran’s nuclear program Obama has frozen some Iranian bank accounts. The joke is on America not Iran. They have money stashed in a dozen countries. Obama’s recent stance to diminish our military and denigrate it to the point where it is no longer a fighting force, tells us more about him than his foolish speeches. This week we have been told that Obama had the word God removed from an Air Force insignia. To make matters worse he has moved in on the domain of the church and their affiliates to force them to offer contraception in contradiction to their beliefs. America is under assault by a president who has no ability to comprehend the great harm he has done to every institution and tradition from which we collectively draw strength. In the event that Iran is successful in creating a bomb, it will be used. Obama had an opportunity to squelch the Iranian regime when prodemocracy forces were attempting to undermine their ruthless government. America’s voice was not heard and now only whispers are emanating from Washington D.C. Armageddon is both a location and a reference to a place where the final battle for good and evil will be fought. Many from the Middle East have referred to America as the great Satan. Perhaps forces beyond our comprehension are driving the World to an inevitable confrontation at this location, using our diminished leader to help set the stage for this ultimate event. The time is now to reestablish our dominance in that part of the world, with might not flight as the president has done. Only through strength will America keep the peace in a very troubled World. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Maryland Board of Medicine: abusive peer review 101

Maryland Board of Physicians: abusive peer review 101

Maryland Board of Physicians former executive director publically stated that this administrative entity was not sanctioning enough physicians. Indeed a political statement with a more profound meaning, the Board of Physicians was commanded to generate more cases to make their sanction numbers look better on the national scene. To carry out this directive, fake standards of care were generated to bring more physicians under the legal hammer of the Board. Many borderline physicians found they could make a good living rubberstamping whatever Board of Physician attorneys put to paper in the form of charges against their colleagues. These rogue medical reviewers were given immunity from prosecution to sweeten the pot. With the stage set and the actors in play physicians found themselves being lambasted by a medical board that did not have the best interests of Marylanders in mind. Circumventing established laws, mandates and legal covenants Medical Board lawyers employed by the Maryland Attorney General’s Office levied unsubstantiated charges at the physician populace. Cooperating at the highest levels with Medical Board personnel, Maryland Courts vigorously supported any muck they threw at physicians. This author has extensive examples where facts of a case do not justify the negative opinions Maryland Courts have dispensed in medical licensing cases.   In the event an administrative judge found for a physician, the Medical Board is allowed under the law to reverse that decision, without hearing the case. Physicians have been kept in the dark about Medical Board procedures, because rules of medical chart review are either created on a whim or may not have been promulgate at all. The recent Maryland Legislative Audit of the Board of Physicians emphasizes that this administrative entity has been derelict in its duties to act ethically and responsibly when carrying out its functions, the Board has done neither. One point that glaringly arises on the many reviews that this former doctor has come across, physicians in the ivory towers have been minimally stung by the political entity that licenses them. Several blatant examples of physicians who were sued numerous times and lost, were deliberately overlooked for review until the media became aware of this dichotomy.  Politically connected medical doctors, especially those associated with the two main university hospitals, would have to outright murder a patient before the Board of Physicians opens its eyes and blinks. Physicians most apt to be victimized by this rogue agency and the cretins who represent them are those in private practices who are not political dynamos. Maryland should have an independent agency that has the power to perform a deeper review of the Board of Physicians. They may find that medical board has committed acts that would be criminal under other circumstances. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy. President of Healthnets Review Services, Advisor to the media, government, industry and the legal profession on health care issues.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Maryland Board of Medicine: Death to Due Process

Maryland Board Physicians: death of due process

Recent articles in this column concerning the Maryland Board of Physicians have generated a landslide of emails to this author from the physician populace. Relating stories of abusive peer review, these practitioners of the medical arts have been prosecuted civilly for a gamut of accusations. Collectively these legal interactions have a few glaring similarities. Due process has been abbreviated, circumvented and or abrogated totally. Maryland Attorney General’s office aggressively pursues cases against physicians in the name of the Board of Physicians and they don’t like to lose. Well known to most physicians who have been under the hammer of scurrilous Board of Physician actions is the deficit of written guidelines promulgated to perform medical record reviews. Physicians are left in virtual limbo because the Board and its legal minions can create regulatory structure as they process cases against your favorite physician. Most physicians are unaware that a book of fictitious standards of care exists somewhere in the Board’s inner sanctum. Judicial fingers have attempted to pry this opus from the Board of Physicians’ grasp without success. Yet physicians are subjected to its tenets at nearly every inquisition. Reactive not proactive, the Board has trivialized the practice of medicine by micromanaging and second guessing physician decisions. Composed of a group of people that is 40% non-physician, this politicized entity has very little expertise in the very field they are empowered to regulate. With the release of the scorching Legislative Audit against those who manage the Board of Physicians, a deeper concern arises from the muck. Maryland Attorney General’s Office collectively is supposed to know Maryland Law and carry it out as written, unfortunately they don’t. Strong evidence exists that the highest legal officers in the state have distorted, misrepresented and even outright lied to receptive Maryland Courts when processing physician cases. More egregious, Maryland’s Appellate Courts have legislated from the bench bypassing clearly written Maryland Law and Mandate to give a win to the Board and its legal counsel. Those who reside in the two ivory towers of medical elitism believe they are safe from the gunners that target physicians outside their domains, they are wrong. History of the elite displays they can be victimized too.  Every physician should read this report (Sunset Review of the Maryland Board of Physicians and the Related Allied Health Advisory Committees) to learn how Maryland is carelessly and reprehensibly managing medical licensing. Physicians have very little protection from the deleterious hands of this entity since their Medical Society is completely impotent. Those of you foolishly paying dues to this organization, think twice. Hard times for medicine are here, we don’t need an irresponsible administrative authority to make those times worse. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy, President of Healthnets Review Services.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Millenium Diet: Why it is popular

Millenium Diet: Why it is popular

One hundred fifty million Americans have crossed the threshold into the overweight zone. Many are so heavy they waddle as they move across the pavement. These people ingest two, three even four times the amount of food required to maintain their life forces. Yet, they keep eating and eating and eating. With no offense to the fast food industry, these establishments have made it easier to fatten your backside and front in an economically sound manner. Have a triple hamburger with four pieces of cheese.  Add a large fries dipped in oil and covered by a half pound of salt. Wash is down with 32 ounces of Coke. Still hungry there is always a delicious milk shake or other sugared goody to complete the meal. Do you get the picture? We are killing ourselves and enjoying the ride. Enter the Millenium Diet. A diet regimen that moves far away from fast foods and repairs what is usually self-induced. Sky high cholesterol levels fall to Earth quickly. Blood sugar returns from the stratosphere, triglycerides find their correct  place once more and weight starts falling off your frame that you cannot believe. This high protein low carb restricted calorie regimen is logically formatted to maximize results. Tens of thousands of words have been expended on the net describing this program in detail and how it overtakes any commercial or celebrity diet program for economics, rapidity of weight loss and other health benefits. With few exceptions obesity is self-induced and its effects are filling hospital beds and morgues at an alarming rate. Reverse the effects of this savage disease, use the Millenium Diet embedded in the Book: The Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide For Rapid Weight Loss.  Mark Davis, MD president of Healthnets Review Services.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Maryland tax increases: unwise, unsatisfactory and unfortunate

Maryland tax increases: unwise, unsatisfactory and unfortunate

Maryland is a conservative’s greatest nightmare. Strip away reason, sensibility and rationality the remainder constitutes the mind of a Maryland politician. Liberal to the core and susceptible to the most superficial temptations these meager minds have once again proven that their reality is not ours. Proposed gasoline tax increases stacked on already high energy taxes does not bode well for the poor and middle class. Governor O’Malley fails to realize that his energy tax proposal at the gas pump is a double tax. Commercial entities will simply pass on the excess assessments onto those who can least afford them. Today’s state of the state message is not as rosy as the governor would have us believe. Maryland sits at the bottom third when those in the know discuss business friendly environments. O’Malley’s liberal mentality brings more suffering to those who already bear the brunt of this recession’s harsh punishment. Taxes should decrease to spur more investment in the state. Why care about investments when O’Malley’s mentor Obama is lavishing billions on the state for simply complying with his deleterious mandates. Maryland has been lost in the woods for a long time. Few can argue that the state has seen better days. O’Malley refuses to make the hard decisions that his official position requires, cut the budget by a third. The stench of waste and government fraud permeates the air around Annapolis and beyond. Higher taxes, along with other increases in government levies recently announced, trample on productivity and hurt those who have the least. Thankfully Maryland has term limits, but knowing the state electorate O’Malley’s clone will simply take his place. Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy. President of Healthnets Review Services.