Saturday, December 10, 2011

America's Christmas tree: A National disgrace

America’s Christmas tree: A National disgrace

America’s Christmas tree represents the collective conscious of a nation during this holiday period. Standing a short distance from the White House something other than a national symbol was erected to represent the spirit and sentiments of a nation during this time. A diminutive misshapen evergreen with diminished ornamentation was deliberately placed there to reflect the Federal government’s insensitivity to America’s religions, traditions and values. Surrounding this disgrace, are more than fifty smaller trees with a poverty of decorations, representing the states and various territories. Moving through the throngs of visitors to this site, many comments echoed through the air, some were less than dignified. Are Americans to believe this is the best tree that could be found to honor this season? Perhaps this is a subliminal message from our Commander-in-Chief de-emphasizing the meaning and intent of this national tradition. Many in the government are afflicted with a secular mentality favoring nihilism over conservative religious dogma. These individuals also have a convoluted belief that God died when Obama came into office.  America has been snubbed by its handlers in the form of a tree that embodies these derivatives and derides the importance of the majority’s customs and beliefs. Many interpretations can be extrapolated by this effrontery to America’s celebration. The Executive branch has shifted loyalties to those who are less than friendly to the USA. What better way to display these affections than in a denigration of a National symbol.  Perhaps this is the clarion call that finally awakens this slumbering giant into the recognition that those at the wheel do not know how to steer. Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy,

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