Thursday, December 8, 2011

Davis Amendment to Obamacare: Will Congress pass such legislation

Davis Amendment to Obamacare: Will Congress pass this legislation

Obama is running around the country, at the taxpayers’ expense, exalting the virtues of equitable taxation, especially on the so-called wealthy. Yet, this same man does not believe in the equitable distribution of health care as embodied in his own legislation, Obamacare. Historically, Obama has demonstrated his hypocrisy under many circumstances, over and over again. Granting waivers to thousands of companies, groups and friends of Obama to opt out of his irrational health plan, is tantamount to stating some people are more equal than others. Since Obama continues to echo the theme of fairness through many of his poorly written speeches, it leads me to believe he would sign the Davis Amendment to Obamacare. This Amendment, which has a simple format, states the following: From this day forward all waivers are cancelled and no further waivers will be granted for Obamacare. Every group in the country including but not limited to the Executive Branch, Civil Service employees, Federal Employees, Federally elected officials, Members of the Supreme Court, state government employees including state elected officials, all union officials and their constituent members representing any and every group within their domain, the Hollywood elite,  the entire population of these United States and our unwelcome guests and more will come under the scope of Obamacare without exception. To demonstrate that his speeches are not mere words to continue his fetid programs over another 4 years, Obama should immediately return to his Oval Office and put his pen to this Amendment. This means Obama and his family, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the Hierarchy of the AARP that supported Obamacare but was exempted from its many deficits and the rest of Obama’s courtiers will now have the same access or lack thereof to medical care. Time has come for Obama to stand by his words, not behind them and act like a president. Two things for certain; One, he will not sign this Amendment because he knows it will put his family at great risk, and secondly he would not be reelected. Obama has been able to game the system with an enormous transfer of wealth from the taxpayers to his deadwood following, hoping that a second term will be his to enjoy. He forgot one thing, the system he gamed is falling apart around  him, directly as a result of his influences and poor decisions. Vote right in 2012, there is nowhere else to turn. Mark Davis, MD author of  Demons Democracy, the book Obama prefers you didn’t read until after the 2012 election is over.

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