Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fox: fair and balanced think again

Fox: fair and balance think again

Polished, primed and primped the assemblage of commentators at Fox News Network have been insinuating for years their presentations are fair and balanced, think again. Recent changes in polling evaluations of the presidential wannabes have significantly changed Fox’s coverage of the candidates. Marching orders from the top have these media voices propagandizing that Mitt Romney is the candidate of choice, who stands higher than the others in the lineup. Coverage of Newt Gingrich now slants towards the negative as Romney attracts more support around the country. The problem is Romney may be the worse candidate on the platform. Looking presidential, whatever that means, is insufficient substance to embody someone with the powers of the Executive branch. Fox is asking its viewers to believe that information they presented before on the cadre of candidates does not matter. Somehow, through the magic of Fox media, Romney has been ordained as the person to go to. Romney’s baggage is extensive and replete with inconsistencies. Notice that Fox is playing down the vices of Romney care and pumping up an image of this former governor that he will dissect and destroy Obamacare, not true. You may have missed the first debates when Romney noted in the event that he acquired the presidency he would waiver out all fifty states. The former lawyer in him must have been channeling Obama because he had to know that was not possible. Congress must defund it and ultimately decimate this monstrous health initiative to rid it from our lives. Romney’s Freudian slip concerning global warming leads us to believe he is part of the problem in that area. Prior to the implementation of Romney care in 2006, the governor of the bay state abandoned his post, so he would not have to face the repercussions that have now presented themselves. More recently Romney’s attack ads on the other candidates have received little notice by Fox’s ordained choice for 2012.  With a questionable business background, a legal mentality that could be a detriment to his cognition and his stance on current issues, Romney’s glow is weak at best. Fox is trying to lead its flock to support a candidate who has many similarities to the reigning royalty. For prior reasons and more I suggest strongly that you obtain your news from many sources, Fox has lost its balance. Mark Davis MD, president of Healthnets Review Services.

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