Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Presidency in Obsolescence

A Presidency in obsolescence

Long before Obama walked the corridors of the White House, his mind was being molded to the president he would become. Embedded in his subconscious mind are all the deformities he believes casts America in the shadows of other nations.  When he ascended to the Executive branch his apologetic behavior was indicative of those beliefs and the rectification to come. American presidents usually put their country in the best light possible, Obama’s approach was too damn the very nation that elevated him to his present office. Worse, his deep hatred for this country led him to find unique paths to decimate its institutions and traditions. Under his tutelage cockroaches and minnows have more rights than farmers whose lands they inhabit. Any excuse to impede energy production was primary in his mind, jobs lost took a backseat. Iran no doubt is developing a nuclear weapon. In the event their research was for any other purpose those technologies are already available. Obama’s penchant of noninterference in the affairs of rogue nations such as Iran, is leading this country to the edge of a dangerous precipice. Congress fails to see the bigger picture, America is a few steps from a nuclear exchange and they argue over trivial issues. Those who run the State Department must have blinders on. Obama is looking the other way as Iran and a few other nations are bringing to fruition bombs that can kill millions. Are Obama’s hatreds so deep that he would allow the deaths of millions to display a politically correct posture to the Middle East? Or are his motivations something else. Perhaps his ineptitudes are so deep that he cannot see the internal and external strife that is brewing right in front of him. Presidents are supposed to lead and guide their flocks to better times, this inhabitant of the White House has improved his situation at the expense of hundreds of millions. The minds that occupy the stratosphere of thought behind the ivy fronts should conclude that the present format of the American presidency has reached a state of obsolescence. America should consider the obvious fact that imbuing one person with all the powers given to Obama does not work for 320 million people. Decades to come when America moves back on a sound footing, the times of Obama will be remembered as a minor defect in a long history of tragedies this country had to endure. Mark Davis, M.D. author of Demons of Democracy, platomd@gmail.com

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