Sunday, April 29, 2012

Romney's honey-do list

Romney’s honey-do list

After Romney wins the election this November he must repair a nation left in ruins by his predecessor. Reinvigorating a society whose structure has been destroyed from the core outwards will be an Olympian task, but doable. Economics, energy, education, military and sundry more institutions have suffocated under Obama’s inordinately ignorant management style. Romney has not been the favorite of many conservatives, most of whom are suspicious of his background and prior “accomplishments.” Therefore he will need to imbue American society with confidence that a leader must have to govern. The enumeration below requires immediate action to enable America to become the superpower it once was.

1) Active military personnel should be expanded by 40% or more with a concomitant increase in armaments, ships, jets and other necessary accoutrements to maintain the peace on multiple fronts. Any new weapon system or transport ability should be evaluated stringently for cost/benefit and effectiveness.

2) Every department that comes under the canopy of the Executive Branch should be reviewed with the intent to reduce costs up to 20%. The most vulnerable should be defined and protected.

3) Obamacare must be defunded and ultimately rescinded in the event the Supreme Court goes the wrong way on this monstrous legislation.

4) Anyone or group receiving Federal entitlements, grants, loans, subsidies and sundry other largesse from the United States Treasury or related sources should be: a) investigated for need of these funds and b) means tested.

5) Foreign Aid should be limited to humanitarian purposes only.

6) NASA should be brought into the 21st century with public/private sector partnerships making the United States number one again in space for civilian and military applications.

7) Federal Government should stay out of the internal affairs of the fifty states and follow constitutional mandate as is written in that great document.

8) United Nations should “immediately” be kicked out of this country for reasons our entire population already knows.

9) Decriminalize all drugs immediately. The War on Drugs is a complete failure. Stop arresting several hundred thousand people a year for minor drug offenses.

10) For our friends south of the border give them 30 days to stop illegal trafficking in humans and drugs into this country or the American military will perform that function for them. For those border hoppers already here work them into the system, there is no rational mechanism to send them back.

11) Make it clear to all potential terrorists and their leaders that an attack on American facilities or our citizens anywhere in the World will be considered any act of war and we will react accordingly.

12) No more deficit spending.

These twelve goals are appropriate first steps towards facilitating strong fiscal policy, strengthening the military, securing our borders, improving our international stance, prioritizing our resources and encouraging those with capital to invest here. This will be the first in a series of honey-do lists because America lost its edge over the last decade, especially in the prior 40 months. Romney should move expeditiously in all these areas to bring the nation out of the doldrums and make us number one once more. God bless America and anyone who helps us. Mark Davis, President of Healthnets Review Services,

Friday, April 27, 2012

Biden: A mind on the edge

Biden: a mind on the edge

Biden: A mind on the edge

Vice President Biden’s mind appears to be entering the darkness we all fear. His innate ability to interact with those around him is faltering. Name recognition, gaffes, faux pas, circular logic, diminished memory capacity and more have defined Biden’s 40 months as our second in command. Media pundits have evolved a term for his many outlandish remarks, Bidenisms. As a physician who has cared for thousands of those in their Golden Years the symptoms Vice President Biden displays are a prelude to dementia. Biden may already be over the tipping point. His weekly list of mental distortions may be fodder for news shows but there is a serious point being missed, Joe Biden is not fit to serve as VP. He is next in line for the number one spot in the event President Obama becomes incapacitated. Obama and Biden are rarely seen together, this could be a calculated maneuver in case the VP needs to be forced off the 2012 ticket. Complex tasks have not been Biden’s strong point and few have been assigned to him. White House officials including the president must be aware of Joe’s mental state, yet for some unknown reason they are fostering him on the public as though he is playing with a full deck, he is not. Congress has the power to investigate problems in the Executive Branch unfortunately they have been quiescent on this subject. Perhaps they want Obama to take the first move or worse, none of the members have the cojones to act. A more expansive issue comes to light when discussing Biden’s mental aberrations, age limits for those
serving in the three branches of government. Biden, already 69, would have been forced into retirement under many domains. Pilots, police, military, surgeons and many more vocations have mandatory retirement requirements depending on their positions. Legislators and their counterparts in the other two branches are imbued with the power to make and enforce laws therefore they must be cognizant of their own actions. Many of the aging train wrecks in Congress, such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, have lost touch with reality long ago. No one will vote to have their own jobs curtailed by forced retirement. Yet a structure is needed to end the lifetime politician’s career, perhaps a constitutional amendment. For the present Vice President Biden must be dropped as Obama’s running mate, he is an embarrassment to America and himself. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Maryland's Hollywood Casino: don't waste your time

                        Maryland’s Hollywood Casino: Don’t waste your time

     Maryland’s first casino should be its last. Located in Perrysville, a short distance from interstate 95, it is conveniently located to waste your hard earned cash. One of the tightest casinos this author has ever encountered, the reasons will become obvious if you have the misfortune to stop in.  Maryland’s calculated failure has one distinguishing feature it will rip a hole in your wallet providing little pleasure in return. As an avid keno player the casino provides over two dozen multiple purpose machines containing several variants of the game. For the first few months of Hollywood’s operation keno paid out in the low range depending on the bet. Since then the machines have gone from low pay to no pay. Hundreds would descend weekly to play this ancient game, now only a trickle approach these machines. Slot machines have some unusual settings. On certain games you must play the maximum though the legend on the machine states otherwise. On penny machines you are forced to play dollar sums to win even a small amount. Gambling is always a risk, Maryland took the next step, it is called stealing. Casino personnel claim that the machines are set at 90% payout. This lie is compounded by the fact that the Free State taxes this gambling domicile at the rate of 67% of profits. If you can reconcile these two numbers please let me know the results. Monday through Thursday evenings there appears to be more workers than patrons. Large screens throughout Hollywood display past jackpot winners. If you look closer the screens recycle the same few winners from the past three to four months. In the event there is a technology that can increase the frequency of wins and jackpots to specific machines, it is being employed at this facility. To give these words credence one must play there a few times to capture the sense of the former statement. Hungry, the casino has two food outlets, a buffet and a grill. Initially the buffet’s price was set high and few came. More recently the price has trended down attracting some interest. Those who run the grill have chosen to sell the cheapest of the cheap foods at maximum prices. The hot dogs are the lowest quality on the market, which reflect many of the other food products served there. Proper decorum does not permit me to state many of the factual observations I have made about Maryland’s first casino. One thing for sure the facility will do everything it can to keep the winnings away from you as it robs you blind. Mark Davis MD, president of Healthnets Review Services.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

America's newest slaves: the middle-class

America’s middle-class is being squeezed for every dollar it produces. With clinical obsession, the democrats led by their great leader President Obama want to raise money by taxing us into poverty. Anyone who dares to challenge them finds themselves on the end of a verbal whip, thrashed to the bone. To fund the enormous welfare state created by Obama and his followers, they have used every conceivable method to extort money from the middle-class. His most recent abomination, Obamacare will cost the middle-class more for less. Skyrocketing insurance premiums, have put many on the brink financially. The catch-22 is if you drop your insurance Obamacare will eventually penalize you for going without it. The so-called poor are given every financial supplement known to man. The rich slither around Obama’s regulatory structure. Middle-class individuals comprise the largest number who have been hurt by Obama’s irreverence to their needs. An examination of his restraints on the energy industry, impeding job creation for hundreds of thousands, is but one example of his destructive capacities against the producers in society. Blatant ignorance has the feds spending money as though they are on a shopping spree, with funds absconded from you know who. When you are in a parking lot it is easy to recognize the overpaid government worker, he/she has a high end foreign car. Internal Revenue is pounding the middle-class with threats, liens, foreclosures and every technique at their disposal to steal the little wealth we maintain. The average federal worker living in or around Washington D.C. earns $126,000, but the average person on the private side earns less than half. How much more detriment this government will inflict on its citizens depends on how long we allow these rogues to stay in power. Vote right next time you enter a polling place, or it may be your last. Mark Davis, MD president of Healthnets Review Services,

Monday, April 23, 2012

This link describes a horrific act of violence by a group of armed black males against a  white male, who is now in critical condition. Al Sharpton and his race hustling friends have called for this type of violence in the streets. He got it. Perhaps they should get what they preach. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

Trayvon Martin's Aftermath

Blame the race hustlers

Man Beaten By Mob, In Critical Condition

Friday, April 20, 2012

This video link discusses the recent verbal assault by the democrats against Ann Romney for being a stay at home mom. The dems stupidity continues as more of them dump on her. Obama campaign will be hurt by these assinine actions. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy

Leave Ann Romney Alone

Ann Romney: back off

Ann Romney: back off

Leave Ann Romney alone. The left wing media should heed this advice because it echoes the strong opinions of millions. Mrs. Romney has not thrown her hat into the ring for president. Attacking a candidate’s wife is wrong from its inception to delivery. Mitt Romney lucked out in the business world, as a result his wife did not have to work outside the home. Raising a large family and being the consort of the next president may be the equivalent of many fulltime jobs. Democratic operatives recently sent a barrage of verbal bombs in the direction of Mrs. Romney. She has been able to defend herself with an intrinsic style all her own. The war of words heightened when Hilary Rosen, a close ally of the president, denigrated Ann as a stay at home mom who is out of touch with the World’s realities. Though this statement had no legs it brought a blitzkrieg of comments, mostly negative to Ms. Rosen. When one crosses the literal line in the sand, the impact could be fierce, in this case it was. Obama has been quiescent on this topic, allowing his minions to dirty their hands. Much of the left is bereft of moral fiber as they move through this election cycle. Idiots run in packs and the democrats have herds of them running wild in cyberspace and real space. Ann Romney’s success as a mother and excellent wife is an anathema to a group which lauds single parent homes, pushes abortions, views atheism as a religion, believes little Timmy should be drugged in school to stay quiet, demeans traditional marriage and despises the working public. In the event this is open season on candidates’ wives then Mrs. Obama would be fair game for the right to assert itself. Mrs. Obama has been a very controversial figure in recent years making her an easy target for the right. Obama and his media minions should learn the road goes both ways. In the event they persist in antagonizing and or insulting Mrs. Romney the retort will be sharp and quick. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Maryland Government: corruption is business as usual

Maryland Government: corruption is business as usual

Reported today the Democratic Governors Association has recently received 100,000 dollar donation from Caesar’s Entertainment Company. This sum is in addition to the 50,000 they received last year. Why was this largesse dumped into this specific Association’s coffers, Martin O’Malley is top dog for this group. Caesar’s would like a piece of the casino action in Maryland. Governor O’Malley appoints the so- called independent Board that determines who receives casino licenses. An O’Malley spokesperson noted that the Governor keeps Association business separate from his duties as our head of state. After a long period of nausea, I regained some semblance of reality concerning O’Malley’s spokesperson’s contention. Does this mean the Governor will recuse himself on any decision for Caesar’s license issues? Perhaps it means he will not try to influence the other Board members. Don’t hold your breath for either event to occur.  Buying and selling influence in Maryland is not new, this type of blatant cronyism is. Baltimore Sun, unquestionably a left wing rag, gave very little space to this egregious story. A question that remains unanswered: Did O’Malley receive any funds from Caesar Entertainment or is employees in the last two election cycles?  In the event this was Bob Ehrlich on the take, Baltimore Sun would have run a banner headline, “Corruption in Annapolis can it get any worse.” This type of quid pro quo scheme has bought many politicians time in Federal Slammers. Governor O’Malley should renounce these funds for what they are, inducements to obtain casino licenses. If he had the inner strength and appropriate moral compass he would have these funds back to their owner’s hands immediately. Why have an ethics commission when the politicians absolve themselves from the wrongs they perpetrate. Cronyism, deception and fraudulent conveyance, it could not get any worse. Remember when Maryland is in Bankruptcy it was the democrats not George Bush who put us there. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Obama unchecked

Obama unchecked

Obama’s quixotic vision for America is not held by the majority. Centralized control of welfare to health care cannot be realized under the umbrella Obama wants to put in force. Legislations now in place that allows the Federal elites to invade your checkbook, home, workplace and any place USA can only lead to detrimental effects that move us towards totalitarianism. With 40 months nearly completed, the president has constrained much of the financial industry, placed new inhibitions on auto manufacturers, torn down health care barriers and erected larger ones, diminished the military, destroyed NASA, taken foreign policies to new lows and sundry other defects he has introduced to make America long for GWB or even Clinton. Four years can be an eternity when the unscrupulous  inflict  authorities, mandates, edicts and instabilities upon a population that has prospered by its empowered freedoms. Constitutional dementia has been the cornerstone of Obama think, projected by teleprompter rhetoric that mesmerizes some, but the rest see through his sophistic fa├žade.  Energy programs that are not sustainable, cost billions to produce a few kilowatts of energy, display Obama’s lack of sophistication in the economics of science. Worse, his stance on energy production within the confines of the fifty states curry favors with environmental extremists who would like to see us back in caves. Much to the chagrin of those who hide Obama’s past student records, his present actions are indicative of a man whose fund of knowledge is slim at best. Moral decline has been accelerated during this leader’s toothless tenure. Strengthening family values is not for someone with an obsession for homosexual equality, whatever that means to him. Will America end up like the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, destroyed by fire from the heavens? This view may not be so outlandish when one considers our weak foreign policy that allows extremists to develop nuclear weapons.  During the recent  holiday the President fled to his personal utopia leaving us behind to fend for the few crumbs his administration hasn’t taken. Obama’s dystopian views echo similar political thought that has reverberated through the centuries.  This weekend think about what you have, it may not be there much longer. Mark Davis, M.D. author of Demons of Democracy.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Crimes of Obama

Crimes of Obama

President Obama has displayed his inability to manage government systems and bureaucracies. Perhaps his intention was never to carry out the duties he swore to in his inauguration oath. In the space of forty months the Obama Administration has undertaken the largest redistribution of wealth in the history of America including; spreading wealth to unions, welfare queens, companies that had nowhere to go except down, friends of Obama and more. Obama has not neglected himself or his family. Misuse of government facilities and transportation disguised as official functions have been common in this White House. Tens of millions spent on vacations while little Timmy had to eat one meal a day is a crime in and of itself. Golf outings so frequent we thought Obama was the new Bob Hope. It only gets worse. Backdoor bribes to have healthcare passed that a majority did not want or need. GM stockholders lost control of a company that Obama gave to union thugs. More sorrowful, now we have seen that the Department of Justice is curry favoring with race hustlers to push a frightening agenda across the American landscape. All but abandoning Israel in favor of terrorist nations, drenching these people with American money, should give people pause to consider: who did we elect in 2008. Obama oversaw tens of billions being diverted to the indolent, lazy and undeserving unchecked by a Congress more liberal than him for the purpose of consoling his base. Hundreds of Executive Orders, edicts, appointments and more to keep himself in power are the mark of a tyrant in training. America has a problem called Barack Obama. The question that must be asked: Do his actions rise to a level of criminal activity? If so, should Obama be prosecuted? The Constitution blocks the president from criminal prosecution. As for impeachment few have the cojones to move forward against a man who is popular with the media and approximately half the population. America is on a precipitous slope with the criminal element in charge. Rectification of this American tragedy was designed into the document Obama refuses to acknowledge, the Constitution. The four year election cycle is the key to removing would be tyrants. With two lawyers vying for the position as president elect we have been given a choice of bad or worse. I will choose bad. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

War on Women: another democrat fiasco

This video link discusses the dems newest desperate attempt to hold the White House, they are verbally assaulting stay at home moms. These idiots have no deceny or morality. It displays the depth a politician will go to retain power. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy

War on Women another democrat fiasco

Obama: he never learned to dance

Presidential cycles come and go, no one would have expected that the one starting on January 20, 2009 would be the end of constitutional America. When cameras panned the horizon on that chilly day all the flags were blowing to the left. This ominous sign was reinforced by the future president's resume from nowhere. Lacking experience, knowledge and an intuitive sense of reality, Obama's presidency presaged darker days ahead. Over 40 months are now on the books and bleak looks more acceptable than the darkness wrought by Obama's misguided political strategies. Under his tutelage a shocking expansion of government has occurred. Compounded by an exponential increase in government dependants, Obama's legacy reflects his inability to comprehend basic economics. Taxing productive members of society to transter the funds to the lazy, indolent and nondeserving is a formula for disaster. European countries have tried this experiment and are now climbing out of the destruction of their own defeat. Obama does not believe in the concept of American ideals which drives us to be the best we can. His interventional style of management constrains businesses from expanding, leading to the demise of the commercial economy that pays Washington's bills. America's debt crisis will not be improved under the proposed plan now being lauded in both houses of Congress. Obama, a spendthrift extraordinaire, has been given more not less avenues to mold the economic environment to his liking. Do not be surprised to see new taxes before this presidential cycle is over. Obama,s success as a left leaning socialist can be measured in the number of businesses now defunct, expansive unemployment, misuse of the judicial system for personal gain and his extraordinary ability to take the wrong side on every issue. 2012 will be a deciding moment in American history. Do we decide whether to go down the unpaved road to socialism or move back to a capitalistic economy that made us strong. The decision is ours, lets hope we make the right one this time. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

War on Women: another democrat fiasco

War on Women: another democrat fiasco

Sun Tzu wrote the Art of War in the sixth century BC. Containing 13 chapters this tome discusses every aspect of war except against women. To fulfill the worse nightmare of Sun Tzu the democrats have decided to add an addendum to this great work entitled the War on Women. Eclectic in wording and bold in format this new chapter is the dems latest assault on morality, family values and life itself. In their desperate attempt to retain the White House, the ruling party needed a new strategy to throw the republicans off balance, attack women. The dems believe in wholesale slaughter of children through abortion. They push this agenda especially hard in minority communities. To no one’s surprise democrats believe in poisoning our children with pharmaceuticals to keep little Timmy quiet in school. Warehousing children in daycare centers and “early” education facilities is a core program of this party. The concept of a stay at home mom is an anathema to a group that pushes billions for the latter facilities but little to enable women to stay home with their children. A plethora of studies confirm that children who are not farmed out to these indoctrination facilities are able to move through life with enhanced abilities on many levels. The War on Women reached a zenith this week when democratic strategist Hilary Rosen denigrated Ann Romney as a stay at home mom. Ms. Rosen’s noted that raising children is not work. Worse, staying home with her children Ann Romney is out of touch with the economy and events in the world. Rosen, not a very brilliant strategist, position on Ann Romney and stay at home moms caused a torrent of negative comments from Wall Street to the White House who disavowed this slant on women. A stay at home mom or dad wears many hats and they must deal with economic issues to keep their families afloat. Ann Romney’s husband is a successful businessman and should be lauded not denigrated to enable his wife to raise an excellent family. Sun Tsu’s rationale in war is to win quickly, efficiently and artfully. The democrats should have read the first 13 chapters because their 14th fails at every level. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Maryland Physician alert: ten facts to know about licensing

Maryland Physician Alert: Ten facts to know about licensing

Maryland Board of Physicians has relegated its flock to a level of subservience few would have expected while earning their degrees. Independence is no longer accepted when physicians decide on diagnostic and therapeutic modes. Instead 21 people 8 of whom are not doctors, the Board, will tell you what is allowed under the aegis of their governance. Deviate from their mindset and your license could be in jeopardy. Does this sound absurd? When a physician’s work product comes under scrutiny the Board will engage hired guns to affirm their fabricated standards of care. These gunslingers do not need to be in the exact specialty of the physician being reviewed. Worse, a level of junk science now interplays in Board licensing decisions that have a stench of political overtones.  The covenant between patient and physician is interspersed with political and 3rd party controls whose underpinnings bring the provider into a form of indentured servitude. Essentially the physician is held responsible for the work product and the outcome though someone else controls the path that connects the two.

The Maryland Board of Physicians has no book of standards or protocols for physicians to refer in the event questions of medical care arise. When questions of borderline medical services come to their attention nurses and lawyers not physicians are the mainstay of their review capacity. Physicians are brought in later to rubberstamp their decisions. Recent cases brought to Administrative Hearings had more pomp and publicity than substance. With the Circuit and Appellate Courts in their back pockets, no matter what decision the Board makes, it is upheld by these judicial domains. Review the last ten decisions by the Court of Special Appeals. When the law is in the favor of the physician the Court still affirms the Medical Board decision. In event a physician decides to practice in the Free State there are 33,000 very hungry lawyers, especially those in the Attorney General’s Office, who will roast them if given the chance. High malpractice premiums, a soviet style medical board, backbiting colleagues, a tax system with no mercy, a court system that has an unwelcome mat out for physicians and every conceivable mechanism to make medical practice difficult is embodied in the environment called Maryland. Those who practice in elite hospitals and university settings will not be spared the wrath of a medical board that knows no boundaries. Before signing on the dotted line put aside several hundred thousand dollars because the medical cannibals are waiting in the wings. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy.

Phil Hendrie show: worst of the worst

Phil Hendrie show: worst of the worst

Talk radio has performed many functions over the last decade, most importantly to inform listeners of events unfurling around them. Unfortunately a few cretins have moved into host positions who under other circumstances could not make the grade as a janitor (no offense to janitors). Phil Hendrie was a name unfamiliar to me until the early hours of April 13th. As I drove through Maryland this disembodied voice was discussing John Edwards and the follies that ensued from his immoral behaviors. My knowledge of this subject was derived from a book I had written last year, Demons of Democracy. This work was far ahead of media pundits on Edward’s trials and tribulations. Mr. Hendrie’s discussion with his guest lacked the insight expected of a radio host. Much worse his perverse attitude towards his guest gave me pause to consider whether I should interject my knowledge into their discussion. Over three hundred million walk the streets of America, yet there was no waiting to talk to the host. His producer must have been asleep because he answered the phone. My conversation opened with a statement that I had knowledge of John Edwards through a book I had written and the reason for my call. Within seconds of revealing that I was an author, Phil Hendrie had minimal interest in his subject matter. After telling me Demons of Democracy could not be found on a Google search, he wanted to know how many books I sold. I mentioned the uncertainty of the numbers. He continued to harp on the financial aspects of my book as I tried to persevere on the reason for my call. At that point he cut me off. Unknown to this author at the time that Mr. Hendrie has left wing leanings with occasional perturbations giving in to centrist mentation, conservative voices appear to be persona non grata on his show. Worse, one has a sense that he has a schizoid mindset that has driven away any audience that had the stupidity to tune in. What is ever below the bottom of the barrel has equivalency with this radio host who has been relegated to the dark of night. My misfortune was to call a show whose host has an ego more expansive than the mind that contains it. Those few who listen and support this deficiency in the night should seek higher ground because there isn’t any worse. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy and I still do not know how many books were sold.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

America in mourning

America in mourning

Generations will reflect on the presidential election of 2012 as an anomaly in American History. Two candidates are now vying for the coveted title of President Elect. In one corner appearing anorexic, aged and defeated is the present White House occupant, Barack Obama. Diagonally across from him looking fit, trim and self-assured is Mitt Romney. Two Harvard trained lawyers whose inabilities outweigh anything they have to offer to America. Both have a proven liberal penchant to destroy what works in favor of systems that are self-defeating. Thousands of people with skills far superior to these two contenders have not stepped up to the plate because of the confrontational nature of the process. America’s legal profession has undermined every conceivable institution and tradition in this country. Its destructive nature is so profound the very foundations of the nation have been submerged in a mire of litigious dreck. President Obama has displayed beyond any doubt his directionless agenda which subordinates American values and ideals to a gigantic faceless bureaucracy. Romney’s disingenuous campaign rhetoric does not cleanse a past which has yet to be fully vetted. Ten thousand conversations concerning Romney’s brief interlude as the Bay State’s governor fails to discuss his liberal bent and the programs instituted because of it. Together Romney and Obama exemplify legal minds that believe in controls, mandates and the sense that government knows best. Unfortunately their mindsets do not move America forward and heal a nation at odds with itself. Romney has become the default candidate for a party still fractionated from infighting within its ranks. The distrust index for him is higher than the voter ranks that have put him in first place. Obama moves through his days seeking the most devious and controversial means to be reelected to an office he is unable to manage. America is not being offered the best of the best for consideration. An environment of distrust and gloom presently hovers over the coming election. This nation may mourn the results of the coming election no matter who accedes to the highest office because neither candidate offers us much hope and change. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Maryland's Godless Government

Maryland’s Godless government

Marylanders are assured of one thing, taxes will never go down. The Free State is the antithesis of its nickname. As costs for business and personal expenses rise, Maryland officials are not satisfied with the economic burdens the population of 5.8 million must bear. Heartless democrats want to further extort money from those least able to pay their way. Millionaires laugh at the new fees levied at them, they will simply move on. Those without expansive bank accounts are forced to weather a turbulent course laid out before them. Maryland’s Executive branch has proposed a series of laws and tax increases that would make Bugsy Siegel proud. Gangsters run in packs and Maryland has hordes of them. Hungry to move up the food chain many home spun politicians have sold their souls for more wealth and power. Governor O’Malley’s eyes are on Washington as his feet tread water back home. A democrat’s greatest asset is his/her ability to screw up anything he/she touches. As the nation flounders in debt and other states are employing fiscal restraints, O’Malley and his henchmen are instituting new taxes, tolls, levies and more to keep the bloated state workforce happy and the entitlement crowd in their BMWs. Left out of the equation is the working public paying the bills. They are inconsequential to O’Malley and his counterparts in the legislator. Your reward for success is to pay for someone else’s failures. With new gambling venues coming online the entitlement contingent will need more funds to lose in the tightest casinos on the East Coast. Maryland politicians have no shame challenging its working citizenry to cough up more money for them to distribute to the indolent, lazy and unproductive amongst us. O’Malley’s  generosity is exemplified in a recent gift to state workers requiring Maryland to cough up over one half billion dollars a year for a pharmaceutical plan for them and their dependents. Billions more freebies entice a captured audience to remain at their posts within the state work force. Unparalleled generosity, whose costs are extracted from Maryland’s private side of the street. Maryland politicians no longer serve those who elected them, they serve themselves. Perhaps it’s time to curb their economic appetites. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy.

Monday, April 9, 2012

American Tyranny Obama Style

American Tyranny:Obama Style
This video link discusses Obama's bizarre behavior towards the Supreme Court and his plans to take America away from democracy to something zas yet to be defined. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

American Tyranny: Obama Style
This video link discusses Obama's recent schizoid threats towards the Supreme Court. It also discusses the President's outright moves to take America away from a democracy based country to something yet to be defined. Mark Davis MD author of the popular book Demons of Democracy.

American Tyranny Obama Style

Friday, April 6, 2012

American Tyranny: Obama Style

American Tyranny: Obama style

America has found itself on the boundaries of tyranny. Liberties once thought of as immutable have been challenged by the highest authorities in this country. Rush, Levin, Hannity and others have reverberated these themes through the media for the last four years, too few are listening. America is under assault from within and the confrontations are becoming more intense. Obama’s recent verbal tirade directed at the Supreme Court exemplifies a president who is losing his grasp on reality. Three branches of government were established specifically to curtail the powers of any one unit. Obama, a former “constitutional professor,” appears to have skipped over that part in his classroom. Tyranny’s first scent comes in the form of a stench which seeks to control all information flow that surrounds it. Obama’s administration went into overtime in its early years to place chains on the internet and controls on news flow. To no one’s astonishment Fox was targeted for its insightful news pieces regarding waste and fraud on Obama’s watch. Reporters whose bent were not liberal received less than cordial greeting from a power hungry administration. As the hand of tyranny moved forward an array of economic measures were inflicted on the nation stifling growth and suffocating output. With the worst intentions in mind the Administration then infected us with health legislation which is both unconstitutional and lays a treacherous path to medical care delivery. Usurping the student loan industry was a brilliant maneuver by Obama. It allowed him to dictate admission standards for millions and control the young minds of those who sought a higher education. Virtually destroying the energy industry, America will soon face long lines at the pump, brown and blackouts unprecedented in American history and an economic disaster never envisioned by the architect of this nightmare. Perhaps the president is in cahoots with eternal forces looking to diminish this nation’s statue here and abroad. Obama’s form of tyranny envelops those with weak minds and denigrates others who of see the obvious, a very bleak future ahead. Obama’s mindset is clear, paralyze the nation, then offer himself as the cure. Unfortunately, the patient may be dead before we have a chance to renew our faith in democracy. Mark Davis MD, author of the very popular book Demons of Democracy.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maryland Courts: its time for an overhaul

Maryland Courts: it is time for an overhaul

Justice in Maryland is very expensive. Thirty three thousand lawyers maneuver through Maryland’s legal system daily, earning billions in the process. Added to these costs are the maintenance and support of a multitude of judicial settings with a price tag nearing a billion dollars. Perhaps the time has come for judicial reform in the state of Maryland. To purify a judicial system replete with judges whose ideologies are less then centric in their origins, citizen arbiters or referees could be instituted at minimal costs to the state. This group of people would have training in basic legal concepts and applicable law to which they are assigned to arbitrate. To enable these citizen referees to function, all laws and mandates emanating from Annapolis will be required to be written in simple English, a concept whose time has come. Complex legal structure already in place will be reconstituted to conform to the simple English approach. As legal case structure becomes more complex an appellate division will be available with appropriately trained people to perform its functions. Since the greatest majority of cases will be managed in these lower citizen courts the Appellate division will be pared down appropriately. Lawyers who want to practice in Maryland will be required to follow a fee schedule similar to that inflicted on physicians. Marylanders may not be aware that legal functions in many other countries are performed by administrative type personnel not lawyers. Contracts, wills, divorces, estate planning and more are managed by government functionaries for pennies when compared to their American counterparts. Utilizing the services of a lawyer in other countries is reserved for extremely complex civil cases and criminal violations of the law. Japan has approximately 30,000 lawyers for a population of 128,000,000. America has 1.1 million lawyers who hoover over a populous of 312 million. Maryland has instituted processes entangling its citizenry in legal complexity beyond which is necessary to manage a civilized society. Judges have forgotten who they serve. Antiquated rules and procedures from administrative domains through the Appellate divisions have been established to deny due process to those who come before them. This regulatory system needs to be revamped, simplifying a system that is begging for an overhaul. Unless a commission is established to revitalize the judicial system in Maryland justice will continue to be expensive and remain very blind. Mark Davis MD, author of the very popular book Demons of the Democracy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Romney: does he have the right stuff
This video link ferrets out information on Romney that the mainstream media has deliberately overlooked. Romney has much political, business and personal baggage trailing him. This video will open ones mind to other possibilities.

Romney: does he have the right stuff

Romney: does he have the right stuff

Romney: does he have the right stuff

Secluded from the throngs that amass to see him daily, Romney is prepped and polished by retinue of consultants and advisors, for his brief excursion into reality. His robotic flavor reminds us of Data who strives to be human but never makes the grade. Romney has been able to maneuver through the primary season spending tens of millions to inflate a message that sill doesn’t resonate with the right crowds. By the time the Republican Convention is in full bloom Romney may have the delegate count for the nomination, with the lowest popular support in recent memory. Romney portrays himself as the all or none candidate who has the wisdom and experience to overcome President Obama in November. Yet there continues to be persistent doubts concerning which political clothing he wears. Former liberal democrats do not have revelations late in life calling to them to be republican. Traces of his former leanings can be found in many of his speeches and gaffes. His messages are now homogenized to reduce the frequency of errors seen earlier in the campaign. Romney’s self-proclaimed portrait of himself as a consummate businessman has been questioned extensively along the campaign trail. His record shouts louder than the defenses he employs to explain away his many failures. We have all viewed from afar the extensive damage the legal minds in the White House have exacted upon the country. Romney’s JD from Harvard could be a plus for the nation or an extension of the misery Obama has inflicted on all of us. International relations require a forceful hand to stop those who seek to undermine America abroad. Romney has not displayed the strengths necessary to overcome the evils larking off our shores. Perhaps Mitt Romney is a chameleon ready to shape shift to whatever event or tragedy that is thrown his way. Many of us smell the scent of duplicity in this man, maybe we are wrong. For Romney to be elected president he must forego the polish his advisors and consultants have imbued into his personality and speak like a leader we are all starving for. Otherwise in November we will have a choice between bad and worse. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Millenium Diet: there is nothing better

This link discusses the diet in the best selling book The Millenium Diet,The Practical Guide for Rapid Weight Loss. Please take two minutes and listen to a physician who has had the privilege of learning from others. This diet will put you on a path to losing 30 or more pounds safely, rapidly and economically.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Millenium Diet: America's Diet

People Magazine: A loss of integrity

People Magazine: a loss of integrity

People Magazine’s most recent cover displays an image of Trayvon Martin approximately two years into his second decade. This deliberate distortion is enhanced by provocative verbiage intended to stir racial tensions in communities already ripe for violence. When Trayvon was killed his reported body dimensions were that of a 6 foot 2 inch male weighing 170 pounds, not the diminutive person seen on the cover of this once relevant piece of trash. Fueling racial hatreds are scores of individuals who have used every means available to them in an attempt to start a race war. People magazine’s decision to run an old photo of a young Trayvon Martin adds to the chorus of those who want street justice outside the civil domain. Oprah, Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and many more are now on the same page exploiting a tragedy for their own benefits. Information is trickling out from many sources that Al Sharpton’s version of events, surrounding this tragic death, are inconsistent with a reality that has yet to be fully verified. People magazine and other trash media have sent their best reporters out to spin this news story to a format that has no legs. Who initiated the assault is the question of the day! Did the purported gunman, George Zimmerman, have probable cause to fire his weapon or is he the murderer the enumerated gang wants to believe. Sharpton has several deaths attributed to his race hustling past. These gruesome murders were connected to Sharpton’s activities during racial protests in New York City. He’s back with a herd of recruits to inflame passions over a case that has not been fully reviewed. People magazine, in its desperate attempt to stay relevant, paradoxically has become the antithesis of its own intent. Perhaps they should have published a picture of George Zimmerman when he was 12 alongside Trayvon Martin’s image to bring balance to their reporting. They chose not to. People magazine’s integrity was never stellar now the rest of the light has gone out.  Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services,

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Obama's war on the elderly

Obama’s war on the elderly

Obama has declared war on the elderly. Hidden within its several thousand pages of legalistic jargon, Obamacare contains all the elements necessary to deny medical diagnostics and therapeutics to America’s most vulnerable. Those who are entering their golden years will find little gold when they visit a physician. Obama is well aware that his tragic piece of health legislation will deprive the gray generation medical services and expedite their trip to the grave. In order to achieve this objective the Obama Administration has issued numerous medical studies whose intent is to limit testing procedures. In the last two years Obama’s hand chosen physicians have questioned the need for prostate specific antigen testing, mammograms for those under fifty, hip replacements, pre-surgical lab testing for cataracts and much more. Money now targeted for Medicare is being reassigned to the entitlement crowd because Obamacare considers them more biologically valuable than the graying population. AARP backed Obamacare because the Obama made a backdoor deal with its hierarchy providing them with hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies over the life of this monstrous bill.  Seventy five with hip pain, the patient will be given a cane and Tylenol instead of a hip-replacement. Perhaps you are 73 with high cholesterol, Obamacare states statistically your life expectancy is 5 more years, why waste the therapy. Heart attack at 68, no pacemaker for you unless there are personal funds available. The government will be generous and send an end of life counselor to your home who will tell you when the appropriate time is to jump into a hole. Obamacare will pressure physicians, unseen to the public, to reduce care to those who need it most. False standards of care, medical licensing revocation threats, economic credentialing at the hospital level and other circuitous means will be exacted on physicians to deprive the 65 generation necessary medical services. Obamacare sees the elderly as biologically useless, therefore why provide maximum therapies to the over-the-hill crowd. Obamacare allows a bureaucracy to dictate the speed in which you will meet your maker. The greater shame is the democrats told the elderly Obamacare will provide them medical care in waves of unlimited benefits. Yet Obamacare provides the antithesis of that which was advertised. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services.