Monday, January 2, 2012

Obama's Hammer: Slow, Deceitful Yet Noxious

Obama’s hammer: slow, deceitful yet noxious

2009 was an eventful year. A new president with a fresh agenda was to take the reins. Commentators issued their predictions that this would be a new age, presided over by a unique individual, who has all the answers. Three years later we found that the prognosticators were all wrong. Obama undermined every institution and tradition his short tenure would allow. His legacy is replete with disasters he caused himself. Green America became greener for his own wallet and those of his friends, for the rest of us it was an environmental nightmare. His indecisive form of governing turned the Middle East into a cauldron from which World War Three could breakout at any moment. Monetary policies that are so delinquent from reality have caused millions to shift from producing to loafing. Trade agreements that guarantee Korea, China, Taiwan, Mexico and sundry other locations full employment at the expense of our workforce have been negotiated by his crack legal team. Inhibiting new refinery capacity and impeding oil drilling is Obama’s specialty, giving his friends in the Arab world continued control over our energy future. Obamacare that expands the governments reach into our wallets, yet reduces access to health services for those who need most is his most egregious disaster. Obama is the first entitlement president in the history of America. He has convinced swaths of people that it better to be a loafer than go for. Unions curry favor with his administration to get the best possible handouts. Presently, the country is on the verge of bankruptcy and Obama knows it. His Hawaii vacation exemplifies his excesses as America moves towards economic doom. Perhaps Obama is analogous to ET. We don’t know his background, we don’t know where he comes from and we certainly don’t know how he came to be president. We do know he has no moral center and fakes most of his emotions during his staged events. Obama’s noxious behavior has provided us with 36 months of theater in the absurd. How much more damage can one man do? ALOT!  So hold onto your back pockets, hide your pensions and stick your few dollars in a lead lined jar because Obama is coming after them. Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy, president of Healthnets Review Services,

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