Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Maryland Court of Special Appeals: Who do the judges serve

Maryland Court of Special Appeals: who do the judges serve

Colonial America had a deep distrust for the legal profession and the arbiters they served. Most worked for the British monarchy interspersed with a few homegrown sentinels of democracy. Once the king was given his walking papers through the Declaration of Independence, a new set of laws were required to engineer the evolving country. In order to make the Constitution palatable to the new Americans, the word lawyers or references to them were omitted. This great document allowed a person to appear before a court without requiring the services of an attorney to state his/her case. Two hundred twenty five years later America is being suffocated by a legal industry that brings the country closer to ruin. Courts were designed to bring balance and resolve to problems brought before them. Today’s court decisions are driven by factors other than the questions that initiated the cases. A lesson this former physician learned when he received a decision from the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. In case number 2587, September Term 2009, Judges Krauser, Wright and Salmon sent me a decision that they knew was contrary to present law, but more profound it was deceitful. The details would take several pages of boring verbiage, the bottom line is the Court went out of its way to uphold false charges that the Maryland Board of Physicians levied against me six years prior. A recent audit by the Maryland State Legislature of the Maryland Board of Physicians found that this entity acted outside Maryland Law and Mandate when prosecuting cases against physicians. The Court had to know they were substantiating fabrications against me, yet they sold their souls to a rogue administrative entity, the Maryland Board of Physicians, so it would not lose the case. The facts are now out, Judge Bell in the Court of Appeals refused to hear a Writ of Certiorari, further confirming that the Courts will lie to uphold decisions from state agencies that are completely false. To answer the premise who do the judges work for: themselves. The shame is once these irreverent overpaid judges are in place, it is very difficult to relieve them of the mischief they cause. The question is how many more physicians have been quietly screwed by  these black robed thugs. If you know of any, please contact me. Mark Davis, MD

President of Healthnets Review Services and author of Demons of Democracy,

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