Monday, December 5, 2011

Stealing Democracy Obama Style

Stealing democracy Obama style

Obama’s greatest talent is deception. His birth records, recently released from their artificial cocoon, continue to create doubts to his origins. School records to validate Obama’s genius, as the media would like us to believe, have been sequestered along with the methodology he used to obtain admission to Harvard Law School. Two books credited to his name have the mark of an erudite ghostwriter, not from the hand of someone who requires a teleprompter to construct simple sentences. Obama was weaned on left wing rhetorical nonsense, why should we expect any better from him. For last three years Obama has successfully deconstructed institutions and traditions that have taken two centuries of sacrifice to establish. He has removed the words democratic and democracy from our fund of knowledge, replacing it with his brand of socialism. Obama’s sophistry is so profound that he even believes his own veiled lies. America exists at the right time to have such a chief executive.  This nation was deliberately dumb down in the last generation removing any analytic ability voters have to discern the danger zone candidates such as Obama would place this nation in. True reality hits hard when someone awakens from a coma. America, in the majority, is beginning to realize that they are not in Kansas anymore. From Main Street to Wall Street legal structure has changed, placing more control of our lives, in the hands of the central government at the expense of the individual. Obamacare is the president’s crowning achievement. This legislation was never intended to improve health care. It was a gift to lawyers, unions, Obama supporters and the indolent who will benefit by it in a myriad of ways. Wealth redistribution not health care will be the final outcome for a legislation that should never have seen the light of day. Obama’s intends to descend into Hell, the problem is he wants to take the rest of us with him. Do not let him, vote right in 2012. Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy, the book Obama would prefer you did not read.

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