Sunday, March 26, 2017


Suicide Politics: Supporting the Unsupportable

Juggling numbers to validate a point in a discussion is nothing new to those on the left. Obamacare was passed into existence with lies and persists by the same methodology. Claiming millions would be hurt when Obamacare’s claws are finally removed from the health system is nonsense. Many who moved over to Obamacare were members of the Medicaid set originally and as a point of reference this charitable benefit still exists. Whether 15 or 20 million will lose health care coverage via Obamacare’s demise is irrelevant. This group has government programs to help them. Left out of the equation are 200 million people whose private health insurance costs moved into the stratosphere because a very bad piece of legislation was signed into law in March of 2010. Political dynamos want to substitute another piece of trash legislation in its place. Gladly it failed on the first go around.

Slowly filtered out of the dark corridors of Congress were bits and pieces of another potential health care disaster. Intraparty politics amongst the Republicans doomed health care reform before President Trump took office. Sub legislative caucuses each wanted their own version of reform to pass. With no clear consensus political leaders failed to convince sufficient numbers to side with the pending disaster placed before them. Therefore a vote, for now, has been tabled until party unity is achieved and hence a viable health initiative can be formulated.

Omitted from the debate is the human element. Under the canopy of health care reform politicians have forgotten the medical personnel and patient population affected by their twisted legislative proposals.  The whole purpose of this legal exercise is to bring health costs down not elevate personal egos. Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, has shown he is an ineffective leader yet he will not vacate his position to someone with foresight and marketing skills. Moving legislation forwards requires certain aptitudes not displayed by Ryan. Since Gingrich is not available perhaps someone of equal talents will step forward.

President Trump was a CEO of a major corporation. His ability to get the job done was not a problem because one mind established policies and the rest followed suit. In Washington Trump must contend with 538 people who have a stake in each piece of legislation and its final outcome. Welcome to Washington D.C. where gridlock will affect the best of intentions, as President Trump has displayed. No one could have predicted the President’s own political party would be the obstructionists, yet they are. Many of these depleted minds must confront their electorate base back home and they are mad. Lindsey Graham’s recent Town Hall discussion exemplifies the hostilities awaiting many others when they attempt to explain the failure to repeal Obamacare.

A string of career suicides will follow for neglecting to keep campaign promises. My perspective is Trump will go directly to the American public and point out who blocked health care reform on his side of the aisle. The delay in repeal and replace Obamacare will be indelibly marked on the electorate’s mind. Yet I believe President Trump will not be hurt by this failure because he will make sure people know he gave it his best.  

Mark Davis, MD

Author of Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster

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Saturday, March 25, 2017


Pictured here is part of the cover from my book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. This book was mocked when it first came out by many in power presently. They do not mock it any more. Dead on Arrival generated many radio interviews yet Fox refused an interview unless "big bucks" were handed over to them. The book foreshadowed the disastrous outcome for a piece of health legislation that was never ready for Prime Time. Jump forward four years to view a legislative effort whose shadow is no different than the horrific law it is suppose to replace. Wherever you stand politically replacing one disaster with another is just wrong. Similar to Nancy Pelosi's famous statement "we will find out what is in the legislation onced it is passed into law" the same will occur with the current offering. I am glad it was rejected. As a conservative I am disappointed Congress could not do better. Mark Davis MD manager of

Mind Food

Mind Food
Bahai followers believe that a life which had too many shadows cast down on it will be further from the light of God. The more shadows the further the distance. It is the human soul not God which will determine where its final resting place will be. Mark Davis, MD manager of

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Books have lifespans

Books have lifespans. Some last for a few seconds in time others a literal eternity. A book review of note and some advertising may be all that is needed to move it off the digital shelf. Maybe the time has come for a professional book review. Mark Davis MD manager of


Tomorrow’s Technology Today at your Local Dental Office

Dentistry has moved out of the shadows to become one of the most advanced sciences under the health care canopy. From same day crowns and bridges to laser technologies, which are employed in multiple fashions, 21st century Dentistry has taken a quantum leap into the future. Lasers have taken much of the pain away from restorations. Presently teeth can be repaired by a focused light beam in a few minutes avoiding the much dreaded inoculations of anesthesia, which have kept many out of the dental chair. Lasers are also utilized to repairs gums, remove oral tumors and regenerate nerves.

Dental implants exemplify the future of therapeutic dentistry. Material composites are more durable, easier to install and last decades compared to their predecessors. Unheard of before same day implants are coming on board at your local dentist office. With the use of intraoral X-rays and digital cameras integration of the implant with bony structures is performed in a more precise manner. A celebrity smile now takes days instead of months.

State of the art oral sedation is commonly employed. IV sedation is utilized less now for complex procedures. Safer, more effective with many fewer side effects this form of drug therapy places the patient in a semiconscious state allowing interaction with the dentist. An extra benefit is fewer visits to your neighborhood dentist are required to obtain your picture perfect smile.

Cosmetic dentistry has made major strides. From bonding to veneers composite resins have been improved to match color and function of their surrounding environment. More durable and easier to apply patients appreciate the natural look these resins allow with fewer adjustments needed to get their smile right.

Suffering from discomfort of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) displacement and the resulting massive headaches experienced have become much easier to treat. Devices have been developed that comfortably fit in the mouth resulting in less need for surgical procedures as was the standard a mere decade ago.

Every aspect of dentistry has moved into the future. Procedures on the horizon include stem cell therapies to regenerate teeth, gums and surrounding bone. As a result one day dentures, bridges and other oral devices could potentially become obsolete. The ability to find oral cancers earlier in their growth, utilizing microscopic digital photography, is a few years away. The revolution in dental science is moving forward quickly thanks to the researches of many.  One day soon you will look up from your dental chair and find an automaton leaning over you grinning as it says “how may I help you.”

Mark Davis MD

Wednesday, March 22, 2017






Intense passion and adventure define Diane Wigginton’s Victorian era novel Angelina’s Secret. This well written romantic epic revolves around protagonist Angelina Stewart who is less than conventional in behavior and attitude for 18th century aristocracy. Gifted with beauty, grace and a sharp intellect Angelina’s voluptuous frame attracts the worst and best in a society bounded by lust and genteel sophistication.  She is indifferent to expectations of women in her societal class. Angelina uses her physical attributes to defy pirates, rogue agents and a host of other characters as she moves through her travels. As the novel unfurls Angelina’s passions become directed at one man whose own adventures make this book well worth reading. Jude Deveraux finds his equal in the arms of our heroine always returning to her nest no matter what situation draws him away. Author Diane Wigginton enables the reader to enter the Victorian age with intricate descriptions of characters, their surroundings and a story replete with sexual escapades. As a romantic epic all the elements of a great novel intertwine to make this book an excellent read.

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Amazon has removed my reviews of SPEX test and USMLE part 3 books. These books were either owned by me and or I have familiarity with. The reviews removed informed potential readers of the negatives and positives embodied in each of these books. Many were out date or their contents were far removed from that of the current test. Perhaps this is the reason for the high failure rate. As a result of purging my reviews many phony reviews are present giving them 5 star ratings. In the event you are preparing for the Special Purpose Exam (SPEX) there is very little guidance given by these books or other sources. As a SPEX tutor I was attempting to help potential test takers which direction they should take for their studies. I have had contact with an array of people who have taken this exam over the years which has allowed me to accumulate a significant fund of knowledge concerning the SPEX.

Please contact this SPEX tutor who can put you in the right direction to achieve a passing grade the first time around. Contact Mark Davis MD, or 410-515-7858. My fees are low and my experience very high.