Wednesday, May 30, 2012

O'Malley spreads his fiscal insanity to other states

                                     O’Malley spreads fiscal insanity to other states

Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s present governor, walked into a sea of red ink when he assumed office in 2011.  Free spending liberals, powerful public unions and the entitlement crowd consumed every tax dollar brought into the public treasury and much more. The phenomenal debt Walker inherited required extraordinary actions to bring order to Wisconsin’s out of control spending. Walker proposed an intricate economic plan that affected both the private and public sectors. Union bosses and their minions balked at the changes that would occur in their contracts and the ability to negotiate them. Collective bargaining would not be so collective anymore. Automatic raises for civil servants, that robbed state coffers, would become a fine memory. Teachers, some earning six figures, were asked to contribute more to their pensions and health insurance. Wisconsin’s civil elite had forgotten that the country and their state were in the midst of a recession. They refused to consider that state residents were already taxed far beyond what they could afford, sound familiar. Organized protests to remove Scott Walker from power for his attempts to bring economic order to the state began. Money flooded into the state to unseat this Republican. How dare he attempt to manage the state properly by cutting off the endless flow of cash to the indolent, arrogant and corrupt! Enter Governor Martin O’Malley, a vindictive democrat who has curry favored with the very same groups in Maryland, to lend a hand to the democrat running against Walker. O’Malley is no stranger to fiscal irresponsibility, burdening Maryland taxpayers with every levy and tax increase he could conceive. Intent to spread the misery around, O’Malley brought his game to Wisconsin under the aegis as the head of the Democratic Governors Association. In essence O’Malley believes in deficit spending to feed bloated governments and those who service them. Deficit spending is O’Malley’s signature accomplishment. Others such as Walker have saner approaches to bring economic alignment to their state. O’Malley’s intrusion into Wisconsin may be a waste of time both for their voters and for himself. Walker has an excellent chance to prevail even with the minor impact O’Malley may have. Scott Walker displays a level of rational thought not seen in many government officials, O’Malley displays none.  June 5 will display that union thugs and mob rule cannot intimidate the forces of reason, sanity and righteousness. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cover-up: Iran's true intentions

Cover-up: Iran’s true intentions

Iran is moving very quickly to destabilize the Middle East. Daily shouts from their media pulpit that enriched ores of uranium and other radioactive elements are being expeditiously processed fall on deaf ears in our Executive Branch. Denial continues to pour forth from Obama’s lips that Iran is a few months away from possessing a nuclear weapon. If Iran wanted nuclear power for their electrical needs they could buy “peaceful” reactors from numerous countries. Iran’s intent is very clear to anyone with clear mentation, an inkling of Iran’s history and does not live under a rock, they want nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. Iran’s schizoid president and our own leader have something in common they both appear to hate America and its institutions. Israel has received less than friendly receptions by the White House and its occupants. Obama’s lack of understanding of Middle East politics and religion does not relinquish him and our government from moving on Iran in the event a weapon is near completion. Diplomacy, sanctions, United Nations mandates and more have failed to stop Iran’s movement to the bomb. Their intent is clear, they want to destroy Israel and to hurt us in manner we cannot conceive yet. The dirty bomb theory has been postulated where a weapon is moved into one of our major cities and detonated. With porous southern borders this scenario is a possibility. So far our brilliant yet short sighted Secretary of State continues to rattle her saber, but in the wrong direction. Giving monies to the Palestinians, Muslim Brotherhood, Pakistan and sundry more enemies of America does little to protect this nation. Yet, this is the track that Obama has placed the nation. Seventy two million Iranians, except for a few, would like to see their extremists leaders expedited to Allah, so would many of us on these shores. Obama had a chance when a minor revolution erupted in the streets of Tehran several years ago, to rid the world of these tyrants. With his hands in his pockets and head bowed he did nothing to help. His style is to wait until the crisis is in full-bloom then do the least he can. Iran will use a bomb in the event they succeed in their present efforts. America, along with its allies, should move on them now before another holocaust is added to history. Obama’s weakness is pathetic. Israel may be forced to do the lifesaving deeds themselves. On this Memorial Day we are leaderless in the pursuit of peace, with God’s grace that may change in November. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lawyers: America's greatest threat

Lawyers: America’s greatest threat

Lawyers have undermined every institution and tradition that has made America great. The harm they have inflicted on this country is so egregious that mere words fail to express the full impact. Battalions of social science majors graduate yearly with degrees to nowhere. Many seek the safe harbor of a law school believing the road to success is a mere three years away, without considering the reality around them. Except for a few high end earners in each community, the rest struggle to justify the time they spent earning their degrees. A significant percentage seek the comfort and regular pay of government service, here is where they do the most damage. With no special talents in science, economics, health care, military management, religion, environment or sundry other fields they create and enforce draconian regulatory structure that benefits a few at the expense of many. Obamacare, as it has come to be known, was written end to end by lawyers to confound the health system not improve it. Environmental legislation that failed to pass in Congress, no problem for the legal profession, they simply embed the same regulations in treaties bypassing democratic procedures (reference Dick Morris’ book Screwed). From Wall Street to Main Street lawyers not only pump out the laws which continue to reduce freedoms, they are the enforcers. Prosecutors, by the thousands, have been less than honest with their judicial counterparts when presenting cases. Thousands have gone to jail, paid huge finds and in some cases spent an eternity by bars on false evidence. Duke Lacrosse debacle exemplifies the dishonesty embedded into the American prosecutorial system. Guess who manages the SEC, Lawyers. When Bernard Madoff made off with billions he had been under investigation from this fine unit of the government for years. The lawyers and only the lawyers stopped the revelations from surfacing about his activities, they even dropped the investigation. Lawyers are making billions defending illegals, with the taxpayer footing the bill. Every treaty they write gives the other party the benefit at guess whose expense. Perversion is part of their repertoire as they push homosexual marriage on the majority who believe it is a deviant form of existence. From dumb down education to weakening the military the hand of an ignorant lawyer is somewhere in the mix. Federal Government’s top four officials President, Vice President, Secretary of State and Attorney General each have the golden JD, the degree that has taken the best country on the face of the Earth and made us a joke around the World. Some new laws to look forward: 1) Owe taxes you cannot obtain a passport, 2) removing the requirement of a prescription for most drugs, 3) government mandate to control your thermostat, 4) taxes levied by the number of miles you drive, 5) forced payment of taxes on all winning at casinos, 6) forced government inspections of your homes for “environmental” purposes yearly, 7) abbreviating physician education, 8) a universal code for internet usage so Obama can know all activities you perform in cyberspace, 9) national identification cards for everyone ( remember the Germans asking for “Papers” in Indiana Jones, its coming soon), 10) Government will test each individual and assign you the profession of their choice not yours (see Brave New World by Aldous Huxley). Alarming as these potential laws may sound they are not some pipe dream by this author, they are being floated in different sections of our government to make life more “efficient” for all. Lawyers, lawyers and more lawyers are challenging the very basis of our democracy and they must be reined in. In the Book Demons of Democracy the astounding case is delineated how America has been maneuvered into a type of socialized democracy, a model of which has failed all over the World. My question to the reader is: When will Americans say “enough is enough” and stop the impending catastrophe by these Demons of Democracy. Mark Davis MD author of the latter book that warned America, tyranny is at our doorstep directly caused by the “legal profession.”

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Welcome to Maryland: taxes, taxes, regulations and more taxes

Welcome to Maryland: Taxes, taxes, regulations and more taxes

Maryland, contrary to Governor O’Malley’s recent public exhortations, is unfriendly to business. In the event you read Maryland’s other major news outlet, they believe the Governor and his legislative minions can do no wrong. Glowing reports emanate daily from that travesty noting how the state is managed with competence and verve. Many of us see disturbing trends the Sun does not want to cover. Maryland’s purported population is slightly under 6 million which nearly matches the number of laws, regulations, rules, edicts and protocols that are enforced by various State and county agencies. More infective are the rules and regulatory structure that have not been put to word, yet are a greater threat to the private sector than their written counterparts. These mindless controls are the weapons of choice that armies of state/county inspectors enforce on an array of businesses to justify their jobs. Overreaching Maryland government not only controls every aspect of your business they force you to pay for it. With the exception of a few states, Maryland is at the very top of the list burdening the workforce with every conceivable levy their minds could conjure. In the event you own a business the levies are exponentially worse. Maryland’s Special Legislative session was convened for one reason, to steal more from its residents (see article entitled: Maryland’s real doomsday budget). Businesses are hit with outrageous licensing fees, tolls that shake the dust out of your wallet, personal property levies, stratospheric workman’s compensation assessments, ridiculous unemployment charges, environmental impact fees and state income taxes that have no ceiling. Businesses that step out of line, the Maryland Attorney General’s Office will be up your backside waiting to drag you through Courts that are very friendly to State administrative agencies. In Maryland the game is fixed. The Courts, administrative entities and the Attorney General’s Office work in unison, not for the benefit of state residents, but for their own self-serving interests. Maryland refuses to consolidate departments and look for efficiencies to balance its budget. O’Malley has a superfluous number of examples to look to that exemplify well run governments. Indiana and Puerto Rico both characterize efficient/well run economies, but they are managed by Republicans. This evil word cannot be used in Annapolis.  It was difficult to find one state managed by democrats that was not in very deep debt. By chance you move to Maryland to start a business, remember three basic points. First: whatever you budget to build out and stock your business put aside an extra 20 to 40 percent for the unexpected zoning requirements, licensing procedures, taxes and lawyer fees necessary to move your company forward. Two: familiarize yourself with county and state regulations pertaining to your unique business, otherwise inspectors will suffocate it to the point of asphyxiation. Three and most important: before you perform the latter two, think twice before opening your doors in Maryland, the grief is not worth the efforts. Mark Davis MD, president of Healthnets Review Services.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Incident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Incident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

2008 presidential election will be remembered for a series of failures that led up to the greatest blunder in American history, the election of Barack Obama. Few people took note the day of his inauguration that all flags in the distance were blowing left. Perhaps a higher power was attempting to forewarn us of the impending changes that would be inflicted on a democracy that survived more than two hundred years. American ideals and institutions have been on trial since its inception, yet within the last forty one months Old Glory has been tattered by a foe this country may not be able to overcome. President Obama’s governance is marked by an extraordinary reliance on social radicals whose untested programs have been inflicted on a less than docile public. Slowly mainstream America is awakening to the detriment a handful of politicians have wrought on a nation that expected more from its leadership, but received much less. Ruling from ignorance is easy for those who are not initiated in the basic subject matters before them. Conflicts of interest have emerged that place the presidency in a precarious position that has been challenged by few because they know where it will lead. Obvious to anyone following the day to day political disasters of the President is his intention to buy votes through any means possible. Unions have been bought with grants, loans and convoluted applications of the law that puts them above management. Special loan subsidies to friends of Obama have been granted to sustain companies that never had a chance. There are too many to list here. The President refuses to account for all the money he has raided from the Federal Treasury to keep himself in power and worse, to feather his own nest. His Attorney General selectively applies the law allowing outright criminality to go unpunished, yet others who act in good faith see the government’s whip. Similar to the Pied Piper Obama has approached our children to lead them astray with false promises of loan abatements and outright release from student debt in exchange for votes. The President is displaying some desperation because he has attacked his challenger before he has been nominated. With assaults on his wife, religion, business background and even rummaging through 45 year old garbage Obama’s indecency will know no depths as the election approaches. 2008 will be footnoted in historical references that a presidential election occurred yet no one could find the president. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hollywood's ultimate capitalists support the ultimate socialist

Hollywood’s ultimate capitalists support the ultimate socialist

Irony has a way haunting the elite who believe the mundane and ordinary are meant for others not themselves. Hollywood, long known as a bastion of the left, gathered under the roof of George Clooney’s California home recently. Present were members of the Who’s Who of Tinsel Town’s left wing elite. President Obama came to collect cash in order to continue his reign over America. Forty thousand dollars for the right to breath in the same room as the president was steep, yet this was no problem for those earning tens of millions each year. The obvious paradox as is embedded in the title of this article: Why are these ultimate capitalists supporting the ultimate socialist? Obama was weaned on socialism and has an inherent hate for anything less. Forty one months of policies forced on the America that have the stench of socialistic intent written all over them, were well known to this group. Hollywood thrives on capitalism, yet the guests of Clooney were willing to add millions to the coffers of Obama to keep him in power. This antithetical situation may have its answer in the belief that those who live in the stratosphere of wealth and fame consider themselves beyond reach of Obama’s detrimental grasp. Borders have no meaning to those who can hop on a private jet and fly to homes scattered around the World. Obamacare to them is a joke. Electric cars, they will buy five to show what good Americans they are, as they drive off in their gas guzzling limos. Global warming is an obsession of theirs as they return to houses that are four to ten times the size of an average home. Socialism to them is only a concept for others to follow. History is fraught with examples of celebrities who curry favored with those who held the reins of power. Why not? There is no downside for this group and little concern for the people that the powerful plunder. Clooney depends on an adoring public to feed his expansive ego and bank account. Maybe those who read these words will be hesitant to see any more of his movies as well as those other attendees who thumbed their noses at the rest of us. We have not forgotten Clooney’s extraordinary stance for those who are suffering in Sudan but it is an autocratic government there killing to stay in power. This contradiction should not be overlooked when considering Clooney’s outrageous support for a person hungry to stay in power at any cost to this country. Socialism thrives only when weak minds allow it flourish. Obama, Clooney and those who bathe in capitalism are telling the rest of us to use a different soap. In the event Obama is reelected the stain of his actions will be imbued on the American landscape for decades. Perhaps we should not be so harsh on George, one day Obama may nationalize Hollywood reducing George and the other centimillionaires to mere millionaires. From that point on he will remember the good old days when capitalism was still in force, a concept he helped kill. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Maryland's real doomsday budget

                               Maryland’s real doomsday budget

Governor O’Malley and the two Mikes are attempting to fend off the implementation of a so-called doomsday budget. Five hundred million in cuts would automatically become effective without a permanent legislative spending plan. O’Malley has confronted the media stating emergency cuts would affect state workers, education, healthcare and the usual enumeration of scare tactics well known to flow from democrat operatives’ mouths. State workers and their dependents are awash in benefits from a very generous government. Most recently Governor O’Malley agreed to a multi-year 2.5 billion dollar pharmacy contract for state employees, retirees and others who already receive billions through different channels. Marylanders are smarter than you think Governor. School funds generally find their way into pockets other than the students. Fifteen to twenty thousand a year to educate one student is enough. Healthcare is overfunded. Tens of thousands have no right to receive state health benefits, yet your administration will not cut a dime from them. Your formula, similar to Obama’s, is to extort money from those who churn in the private sector. The real doomsday budget is the bloated one that Maryland keeps expanding. Efficiency is a dirty word in the Governor’s Office and the Legislature. The state has its own personal piggybank in the form of the taxpayer. Recently in an article entitled “Lawless Maryland” I enumerated many of the evils that beset Maryland and its politicians. Their hunger for power is so profound they cannot see the harm their policies have wrought on state residents. Indications are that O’Malley and the two Mikes have made backdoor deals to ram through an income tax hike, several other unpalatable levies and no concomitant budget trims. A budget over 33 billion for a population under 6 million people needs a red pen and someone with cojones to use it. To accomplish such a feat would take skill and an intuitive level of intellectual capacity lacking in Annapolis. Maryland’s doomsday budget is not the imagined crisis oriented one with a few fiscal deletions exhorted by the Governor. Instead, it is the O’Malley mindless creation packed full of freebies for the undeserving, indolent and deadbeats that infect this state.  Aldous Huxley in his “forward looking” book Brave New World described a society with a stratified workforce. Alphas and betas are the brain power, while the rest of the Greek alphabet provided the engine to carry out its functions. He would be very surprised that in 2012 society a paradox in evolution has occurred with the gammas and deltas running the show as the alphas and betas are enslaved by them. Maryland’s aging Mikes are out of touch with reality and their time has come to depart. Perhaps Governor O’Malley will be chosen to replace Biden whose mind is moving into the darkness (see Biden: a mind on the edge). As VP, O’Malley will be required to provide a perpetual smile with little other danger to the country.  Maryland’s taxpayers are running out of cash, will O’Malley and the Mikes push the state to the brink, stay tuned. Mark Davis, author of Demons of Democracy, the book that alerted you to the legal profession’s perpetual incompetence.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

On being a physician in Maryland

                              On being a physician in Maryland

In 2003 the Maryland Legislature imposed on its physician community a new medical board reminiscent of Soviet style committees replete with the equivalent of commissars. It draconian intent was to capture as many “bad” physicians as possible. The Medical Board’s executive director at the time publicly admitted they wanted to improve their sanction numbers amongst the fifty states. The 2003 decree increased the number of Board members to 21 from 15 with 40% of its composition drawn from outside the profession. These consumer members would have full voting privileges on medical licensing. By diluting the composition of the Board its so-called expertise diminished to a point which called into question whether this is even a specialty board. Maryland Courts, especially in the Appellate division, continually defer to the Medical Board’s expertise on medical decisions. The 2003 changes abolished any semblance of expertise among its membership in favor of this fair and balanced format. Fair to whom? As usual the Maryland Medical Society kept a low profile and did not argue against this new and “improved” political entity. Maryland’s 27,000 physicians moved through their usual daily regimens without blinking. Many are awakening to the fact that their rights as citizens and professionals have been curtailed during their time of quiescence. To accomplish the task of sanctioning more physicians the Board had to derive a scheme that would withstand judicial review. Welcome to standards of care, an unwritten enumeration of medical comparisons which basically states: How would the majority have managed the case? To enforce these unwritten standards on physicians the Board engaged hired guns, paid them well and set them loose on their colleagues. A recent decision by the Court of Special Appeals allows a sole physician, who is not in the medical specialty of the case under review, to be the decisive reason for a medical license revocation. Junk Science can now uncouple a physician from his medical license by the word of a single reviewer contrary to Maryland Law and Mandate. More profoundly, the Maryland Courts especially its Appellate divisions have been in the back pockets of the Maryland “Board” of Physicians for two decades. Physicians must face the obvious fact that Maryland Judges hold an extreme bias against medical doctors and have gone to the extent of suppressing due process rights as a result of this intrinsic prejudice.  Maryland Board of Physicians has a personal hammer at their disposable to carry out these fraudulent raids on physicians careers in the form of the Attorney General’s Office. Lawyers from this Office are exercised in lying to Maryland Judges, circumventing physicians’ due process rights, withholding evidence, refusing to provide evidentiary materials, provide false and inaccurate information to the media and more. As representatives of the Board they will spend as much taxpayer money that is necessary to bring retribution to these evil doctors. Physicians who have been through the sanctioning process have spent upwards of hundreds of thousands to clear their names and retain some semblance of a career not destroyed by the multi-year victimization that the Board inflicts on their chosen targets. Physicians train on the average more than a decade to have the expertise you expect from them. In the inner sanctum of this reconstituted board they can vote your livelihood away in seconds. On being a physician in Maryland only the political elite and denizens of the two Ivory Towers in Baltimore will escape the wrath of an entity that should never have been let loose on the physician populous. Any of the elitists out there who care to debate these issues, please contact me at Mark Davis MD author of the controversial book Demons of Democracy.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reason for Obama's Nobel revealed

This video link is tells the shocking truth why the leftist Nobel Committee gave Obama the Peace Prize. You will not like the answer you hear. Mark Davis author of the controversial book Demons of Democracy

Reason for Obama's Nobel revealed

Lawless Maryland

                                       Lawless Maryland

Maryland has an apt nickname, the Free State. Hundreds of thousands look to the Maryland treasury to fulfill their life’s ambitions, living free off others work. Each week thousands arrive at their local entitlement off to obtain their underserved checks. They are joined by the hundreds who cross state lines to receive similar compensation. With loose criteria guiding them, social workers and administrative assistants gleefully disperse billions extorted from the pockets of those who move the engine of society forward. Laws in Maryland are selectively enforced giving preference to some over other residents. Contracts, entitlements, jobs and more seem to flow in one direction only. In either case it is the Maryland Treasury that is raided. Maryland’s business community is aware of the dynamics of contracting with State Government, because they know the poison pill that must be swallowed to have an official sign on the bottom line. As the politicians pack the pensions and benefit packages of their civil workers the private sector continues to be hammered for more cash. Governor O’Malley and the two Mike’s believe insufficient revenue is coming into the Maryland Treasury to support the spending behemoth they helped create. Their next initiative is to call a “Special Session” of the legislature to raise income taxes to help feed the monster, no mention of cutting any part of the budget. New York’s left wing democratic Governor Cuomo recently entered reality when he stated, moving state taxes higher will drive out those who pay the bills. Apparently someone knocked him on the head, a democrat wanting to hold the line on spending, unheard of. Maryland’s poverty of leadership (see article of the same name) refuses to consider reducing any expenses. O’Malley has his feet in Maryland but his eyes on Washington. To achieve his acceptance into the democratic club of high spenders he must display a willingness to squeeze Maryland taxpayers to the maximum which appears to be his plan. In the event that he became the leader his flock elected perhaps he could take another course of action. First: with minimal difficulty O’Malley could order his subordinates to run a check on all those who receive entitlements and have luxury cars registered to their names. Similarly, it would be easy to do the same with high end housing. With the push of a few buttons O’Malley could find out who is receiving medical assistance: 1) who have just arrived in the country, 2) who live in other states, 3) who have more than enough means to pay for their own healthcare and more. But as noted the Governor and the two Mikes have every intention of raising your taxes without any budget concessions. Every time Maryland writes a check to someone that does not deserve the funds the state is committing fraud against its citizens. In Maryland the lawless rule the land. How many more people will leave the state once this newest assault on the taxpayers is put into effect remains a major question? Worse, how many more freebies will be afforded state civil servants and the entitlement crowd before Maryland faces economic oblivion. The reckoning is coming. Mark Davis author of the controversial book Demons of Democracy, that told you not to put lawyers in positions of power.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Reason for Obama's Nobel revealed

                                   Reason for Obama’s Nobel revealed

America awoke one day in 2009 to the news that Barack Obama had been chosen by the Nobel Committee for its Peace Prize. Three hundred million quizzical faces blemished the American landscape that day with bemusement and utter amazement. Media outlets throughout the spectrum pondered what was the basis for this high honor? Nobel’s leftist Committee issued a confusing press release noting that the President had made the world safer for everyone living on this magnificent planet. The release lacked the rationale how Obama had accomplished this miraculous feat, nevertheless he eventually accepted his prize with humility and much gratitude. Nobel’s Committee had a more sinister reason for this honor they believed Obama had found the formula to destroy a two century old democracy. After forty months in office we now know that Obama does have a formula and it works. The foresight of Nobel’s guardians was nothing less than amazing. Every institution and industry Obama has touched is disintegrating. Thanks to the president America is confronting an energy crisis never before seen in modern history. His environmental goons have moved against private property owners, industry and state governments to ensure that they stifle any project proposed by them. Civil rights are for a few not the many as the law intended, so states the present Attorney General Eric Holder. Middle East partnerships have been made with everyone in the region except the only democracy there, Israel. Private discussions with foreign leaders have occurred with the intent to reduce America’s ability to defend itself. They give up nothing we downsize everything. Morality has been turned 180 degrees with religion and traditional values taking a backseat to atheism and perversion. Obama’s indecency extends to exploiting race and class warfare to retain power. America’s infrastructure, military and most of all the treasury have been victimized by Obama’s deliberate formula to deconstruct the longest running democracy in history. Nobel’s Committee knew Obama was headed in the direction America now finds itself. Congratulations President Obama the United States is a mere shadow of a country that you swore to defend and your Nobel is justified after all. Thankfully there is an election every four, the question is will this one be fixed? Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

If I wanted America to fail

This excellent video states why Obama should be shown the door in November.  It is graphic and not for democrats minds. This video verifies what I wrote in Demons of Democracy that lawyers are not competent to run the government. Mark Davis MD

"If I wanted America to fail"

Fox News: Is the news worth the anxiety

Fox News: Is the news worth the anxiety

Fox News, with intensity and pizzazz, endeavors to present the day’s events at a level few other media outlets can achieve. Dedicated as a conservative voice, fair and balanced seems to be a contradiction which remains unexplained. Day after day the message is doom and gloom, sometimes antithetically to the actual event presented. Fox’s news pieces are peppered with a venomous tinge that speaks with an intonation rhetorically negative to the president. A man who has undermined every institution and industry in America does not deserve a cleansing agent for his actions. Yet one must consider the toll a barrage of bad news takes on the American psyche. One out of five people presently take antianxiety drugs. Others take more intense pharmaceuticals to massage their desperation. Fox’s crew clearly desires an end to the Obama presidency, but at what cost?  Considering other news sources that spew out left wing spin it may seem harsh to castigate one information entity, but Fox claims it is the bellwether of news organizations, therefore it should be held to a higher standard. By talking down the economy, military efforts, industry and more the effects on the human conscious are pervasive. Worse are Fox and other conservative voices enhancing the problems they attribute to Obama’s failed regime. Employers are already apprehensive about adding more workers, which is directly related to the uncertainty in the economy, but they are beginning to move in the right direction. Fox’s position, challenge whatever job growth that was reported in the prior month, which introduces even more uncertainty. Stock Market rises, Fox’s position: it will fall tomorrow. More cars are being sold within our borders, Fox’s position: people held out until the last minute to purchase a vehicle. This cascade of incredulous positioning hurts America and is partially to blame for the economic doldrums we now confront. Fox could counter with I am trying to shoot down the messenger of news they did not create. Nonsense, they explicitly shade the news so the other guy can be elected. They must understand that a paradoxical effect may occur because many see through the filtering of the words emanating from their hosts. As a conservative myself I would strongly suggest reporting the news without the twist, because people are not as dumb as they believe or are they? Mark Davis MD, author of the monograph Demons of Democracy.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Maryland's obese problem: why the government does not care

Maryland’s obesity problem: Why the government doesn’t care

Overeating is a severe problem in Maryland and the rest of the country.  In this state it is not uncommon to see people who are two, three or even four times their optimum body weight. The dance of the obese can be seen in every community including unfortunately the Maryland State House. Obesity is the leading cause of hundreds of diseases, syndromes and infirmities. Hospitals, doctors of all stripes, clinics and auxiliary health units are raking in billions yearly directly from the tragedies caused by those who gorge themselves on food. Obesity is no stranger to this author and he understands the adversities it has inflicted on Maryland’s population and beyond. Many who wear the badge of health facilitator in the Free State have scammed the trusting with false diets, surgeries to nowhere, improper use of diet medications and much more. Some have gone to the extent of providing bariatric surgeries, under the aegis of named universities, when they did not meet the criteria. In Maryland standards of care only apply to those who are unaffiliated with the two golden cathedrals of medicine in Baltimore City. With all the money flooding into state coffers and the astounding profits friends of this government earn, why curtail the deluge. Worse, nearly one third of Maryland’s entire budget is spent on health care. Where does all this money go? Beyond the tens of thousands who have been drawing monies for health services that are not entitled to them, obesity takes a major “bite” out of the state’s 33 billion dollar yearly haul from the public. Amazingly the Governor, the legislature and others who control Maryland’s largesse are oblivious to the problem and bathe in the status quo, which is standard operating procedure in Maryland. This author sent an email to the Governor’s office suggesting several solutions which could save lives and tens of millions, perhaps more. O’Malley’s response: a canned stump speech how well he is doing as Governor. Perhaps it is time for the people to rate their governor and legislature. From this vantage point the Governor and his minions would get an “F” for managing health care, an “F-“ for public relations and an unnamed letter for their self-centered egotistical style of management. Maryland citizens could be much healthier spending much less than is thrown into the medical pool now. The answer is leadership, which is lacking in Annapolis.  Mark Davis MD author of The Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide for Rapid Weight Loss.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Obama: the myth is greater than the man
Who is the real Obama? His minions have closeted all important evidence of his background. We do not know who sits in the White House. This video link uncovers truths that he would rather you forget.
Next time you vote think about what this video suggests. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy

Obama: the myth is greater than the man

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Obama: the myth is greater than the man

Obama: the myth is greater than the man

Obama has fallen far from the dais in which he was once positioned. Media has fed a hungry public a dazzling array of falsehoods concerning the present denizen of the White House. Lauded for his brilliance, insight, versatile mind and infective personality the left wing media pumped the airways with a composite of a man that does not walk in Obama’s shoes. We still are uncertain who Obama really is. Transcripts from his high school, college and law school have been placed out of reach of those who aspire to know the truth of this stealth president. Concomitantly his student financial aid records have been closeted to deepen the mystery. Did Obama apply for financial aid as a foreign student? Did his grades place him at the bottom tier of his classmates? Perhaps his SATs and LSATs scores were doctored to enhance his admission to the prestigious schools that eventually accepted him. Obama’s law review position at Harvard: was there a different methodology used to bring him into the fold? Suspicions abound that his books were written by a hand that he does not own. Evidence for this is derived from his inability to construct rational sentences without a teleprompter at his side. His Nobel Prize for Peace came before any life achievements elevated him into the lofty group of people who own one. Within the last 24 hours Obama provided us a glimpse of a mind searching for true reality. His speech from Afghanistan culminated 40 months of a plan to imbue the American populous with picture of a man which is actually an illusion. His attempt to make a credible case that he was responsible for the death of Osama bin Laden displays his desperation for one victory in his haunting presidency. Failure after failure has been perpetrated on an America that was not ready for an Entitlement President. Perhaps Obama hates himself more than he despises this great country. Historians will put the myth of Obama in the proper perspective. For the present his greatest achievement so far is blinding his flock with a picture of a man that has his back to them. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Romney's honey-do list
This video enumerates the elements of a plan that Romney should put in force once he beats Obama in the November election. Can you guess what is on the list? Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy

Romney's Honey-do list

Romney's Honey-do list

Maryland's poverty of leadership

Maryland’s poverty of leadership

Deception is the Democrats greatest tool to stay in power. Maryland’s leadership is well rehearsed in this art form. Millions of Marylanders receive support from state coffers. Tens of thousands more maneuver through state offices as civil servants who are bathed in cash and benefits from the same source. Where does this largesse ultimately come from?  Private enterprise fuels this entitlement engine and it is running low on fuel. Maryland’s budget has expanded beyond the ability of its citizens to accommodate its voracious needs. O’Malley and the two Mikes have no shame but to ask Marylanders to pay even higher taxes to feed this hungry beast. Recently the Governor announced a few cuts in his bloated budget, but a closer look ferrets out the truth. His efficiencies were window dressing only and he knows it. Worse, O’Malley’s public relations campaign noting Maryland is an excellent place to establish and or maintain a business is nothing less than ludicrous. My recent discussions with business leaders and owners presented a clear picture why many are fleeing the Free State. Unemployment levies on private businesses have had a meteoric rise in the last few years. Personal property assessments have been vigorously increased. Worker’s compensation charges to employers float somewhere in the stratosphere. Sundry other taxes, assessments, levies, licensing fees, administrative costs, environment burdens and more create a harsh business climate, the antithesis to the Governor’s advertised message. To ensure that the state extorts its fair share of private businesses’ profits a mobile battalion of officials from the Comptroller’s Office supplemented by dozens of lawyers from the Attorney General’s domain fan out across Maryland to intimidate those who don’t pay up. In the event you cannot pay your business license, driver’s license, auto/truck registration and other licenses/certificates from the state will not be reissued. O’Malley does not have the ability to take the appropriate economic steps to bring fiscal sanity to Maryland. Entitlements need to be slashed by the billions, but the Governor wants to continue their expansion on the backs of the working poor. Few in Maryland are appropriately means tested to receive state freebies. Others are simply chronic loafers or in present terminology deadbeats. Maryland’s welfare state will soon reach a tipping point. The state is so desperate that it has the State Police risking their own lives to give out low level speeding tickets. On April 27th Maryland’s finest were out in force on Route 95 meeting and or exceeding their citation quota. Police are now tax assessors, who would have thought up such a scenario but democrats who are hungry to stay in power. Governor O’Malley takes pride in deceiving state resident’s, it covers his blatant inability to manage a state headed for economic failure. Soon there will not be enough paying in to manage this entitlement behemoth. When that happens O’Malley will look to Washington for help but Obama will be collecting his retirement entitlements in luxury back in his country of birth. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy.