Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Washington's Godless Christmas

Washington’s Godless Christmas

Amongst the concrete structures that houses Washington’s elite this holiday season there are few representations marking the religious bent of this time period. Has Washington gone atheist? Religious neutrality has been called for by the White House in speech, physical symbolism and the written word. God is out along with Judeo-Christian morality and tradition. Obama think, deconstructs the best of America, replacing it with politically correct pseudo religious doctrine that debunks most of our beliefs. It does not take much imagination to realize our reigning monarch’s façade of Sunday visits to God’s domain is nothing more than a superficial display of faith for the masses. From marriage to the application of health care an evolution in thought has come with the Obama presidency. Viewing his doctrinal leanings certain precepts apply. There is no more terrorism. Instead these are manmade events. Life is only valuable when you pay into the system. All others go to the back of the line in the event you need health care. Middle Eastern religions have now been given a new spin with incentive from the Obama administration. They have been put on the same platform as those revered by 95% of the population. Working Americans should bleed economically so the decadent, indolent and lazy can sit idle. America’s masses have been disoriented by rhetoric that divides, misleads and removes the most valuable from our lives. Religion, family and our collective moral compass is under assault by those who have vacated these gifts long ago. Christmas is a time to remember all the things that make us who we are, but other forces are at work to negate these memories. Reflect on America’s Christmas trees in Washington over the last several decades, all have commemorated the season with enthusiastic exposes. This year the tree is diminutive, misshapen and decorated with third rate ornamentation. Could we extrapolate from this presentation that Washington is trying to neutralize the true intent of this Holiday? For the majority of us that guide our lives with some semblance of faith there is a way to toss these heathens from office, vote right this time, God is on our side. Mark Davis, MD, author of Demons of Democracy.

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