Monday, January 23, 2012

Millenium Diet versus Celebrity Diets

Millenium Diet versus Celebrity Diets

More than 50 percent of the American population is categorized as overweight. With few exceptions this gargantuan weight problem evolved for two obvious reasons: over eating and ingesting the wrong foods. Celebrity diets are concocted from the pillars of weak minds that are untested, unhealthy and work for the miniscule who put their faith in these icons. Many of these factitious programs have a meteoric rise then fall with a quiet thud never to be heard from again. Celebrity Doctors have done an enormous amount of harm to those who follow them like sheep. Instead of utilizing dietary regimens that work, people delay by following these icons of the media whose programs have weak or no foundations. The Millenium Diet offers a scientifically based program based on the experiences of thousands of patients who benefited by this extensively studied regimen. Millenium Diet’s core structure stresses elevated levels of protein intake, reduced carbs and restricted calories. Fundamentally different from other programs, the body shifts away from burning mainly carbs to protein that is metabolized more efficiently. Weight loss in the range of 4-8 pounds per week is common for the first five weeks then 2-4 pounds per week thereafter. Other benefits from The Millenium Diet are lower cholesterol, lower triglycerides and stabilization of blood sugar. This diet can be adapted to many lifestyles, it is inexpensive to apply and is safe for diabetics. This is one program the media does not like to recognize because it reduces their ad revenue from the bogus commercial diets they support. Excellent reviews of this regimen can be found on many diet sites throughout the internet. In the event you have a group that want to learn this program, we teach it on site. If you really want to lose a lot of weight, this program is for you.  Please call us at 410-515-7858.  Mark Davis, M.D., author of The Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide for Rapid Weight Loss.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Maryland Judiciary; Can they be trusted

Maryland’s Judiciary: can they be trusted

Marylanders must confront reality, they may not always receive justice under a judicial system that costs them hundreds of millions to support. Revisionists in black gowns have become habituated to reframing laws with interpretations that are far from their initial intent. Classically judgments would be based on facts, exculpatory documents, transcripts and other solid pieces of evidence that support your claim. In Maryland Courts outcomes are now based on considerations that go far beyond distinguishing right from the indecent. In two recent cases before the Howard and Harford Circuit Courts respectively, my own experiences denote the “new justice” that Marylanders can expect from their Courts. As a pro se in both cases the judges opined for the Maryland Board of Physicians though the facts were “200” percent against them. As president of Healthnets Review Services, factual accuracy is the basis of a research organization such as ours. This accuracy was embedded into the legal briefs before both courts. The Courts’ had to know that the lawyers for the Maryland Attorney Generals’ Office (AG) were lying in open court and in their legal briefs or they had no business being judges. Worse the Appellate Courts have allowed similar activities by state employed attorneys from the AG’s office without sanctioning them. Perhaps these judges had aged out, both were in their sixties. Or worse, they were medicated which impaired their judgments. If not, Maryland has an implicit problem in its courts where they will allow the state to triumph when all the facts are against them. The only conclusion one can draw is Maryland Courts can no longer be trusted to provide sound and unbiased judgments when a petitioner sues a state administrative authority because the fix is in. Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Services.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Millenium Diet: The Best of the Best Diets

Millenium Diet: The best of the best diets

Mellenium Diet changes the manner in which people think about the foods they ingest. This program’s core moves people into a high protein low carb regimen with restricted calories. This allows the body to burn foods with a very high efficiency rate. The selection of foods is carefully listed to maximize weight loss. Dieters generally lose 4 to 8 pounds per week for the first 3-5 weeks then moves them into a mode that attains losses in the 2 to 4 pound range. Additional benefits include rapid lowering of cholesterol and other blood fatty acids. Regimens, such as the Millenium Diet, have been shown to extend the lifespans of lab animals by 50% or more. Patients’ input were the key to the evolvement of the Millenium Diet. They had tried many programs and failed. You know the type, the ones written by the celebrity MDs who know little or next to nothing about dieting and nutrition. When we studied the foods and food groups that made people obese, we adjusted them and or remove them entirely. The result is one of the best diets in the country to lose and maintain weight loss. The Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide to Rapid Weight Loss can be purchased anywhere. If they don’t have it, they will order it for you. This is America’s best diet and the one you should turn to if you want that new look yesterday. Mark Davis, MD author of The Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide for Rapid Weight Loss.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

America's Diet: The Millenium Diet

America’s Diet: The Millenium Diet

America’s health has never been worse. Obesity is the number one medical problem in the country. According to a study released in the Journal of the American Medical Association this month, one in three Americans are Obese. Statistics are alarming: 35.7 percent of adults tip the scales on the obese side and 16.9 percent of children between the ages of 2-19 find themselves in the same dilemma. As long as people continue to stuff their faces with carbohydrates obesity will reign supreme in America. With the advent of the technological revolution few people take time to exercise. Children in my own community rarely are seen playing near their homes, which reflects national trends on inactivity amongst youth. Media continues to churn celebrity and commercial diets as the key to weight loss. Several of these regimens are released every week, yet America gets fatter and fatter. Why? These bogus programs evolve in the minds of those who have minimal to no knowledge of nutrition or the science of weight management. Many celebrity doctors have harmed millions with their fictitious diet regimens that keep the money rolling in, yet do nothing for your obesity. The Millenium Diet is a regimen that is physiologically compatible with the human body allowing it to burn calories more quickly. Protein is the key to a more efficient metabolism and the Millenium Diet uses this segment of the food chain to accomplish its goals. Weight loss in the range of 4-8 pounds a week for the first 3-5 weeks is normally seen, then 2-4 pounds per week is commonly seen thereafter. Economical, very healthy and applicable to most lifestyles, this is the program that America has been denied too long.  The book is inexpensive but the results are worth millions. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services, author of The Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide for Rapid Weight Loss.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Romney: the default candidate

Romney: the default candidate

History is on a collision course with 21st century reality. Spin, misrepresentation and prevarication take a front seat to the truth in the new millennia. Romney did not win Iowa by a landslide or take New Hampshire by storm. Media verbiage has been constructed to place Romney as the frontrunner when the race has barely started. Recent announcements that the Bay State’s former governor will be the peoples’ choice at the Republican convention is ludicrous at this time. Many doubts have surfaced concerning Romney’s credibility and stance on current issues. His timidity shines through the false polish his lackeys have instilled into him. Bain Capital, Romney’s financial vehicle to riches, was bane to thousands who lost their jobs under his tutelage. Listening to recent comments on Fox, Romney’s entire background has been revised. His new angelic persona is directly contradicted by historical fact. Deified as the man to look for as the Republicans best chance to regain the White House, does not say much for this party. Conservatives see him as moderate who stratifies his statements dependent upon the crowd he finds himself. The establishment sees one Romney and the working stiffs see the chameleon he really is. Americans are being misled into thinking Mitt Romney is the cure-all for the many evils presently plaguing this country. They may find he is part of the problem, not the solution Fox and other media sources are leading us to believe. Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Obamatopia: Three Steps Back and One to the Left

Obamatopia: three steps back and one to the left

Dysfunctional visions of society evolve within the confines of deluded minds. Inbred hate, disproportionate expectations and an inability to conceptualized moral circumstance has drawn the Obama administration into a maelstrom from which it cannot escape. Pulled into the storm are tens of millions whose only vice was they believed a message that turned into a nightmare. Obama’s drive to reconstruct society following a roadmap that imbues the indolent, inert and undeserving with positions of authority undermines the strengths of this once great nation. Merit has little meaning for those who achieved without a scintilla of merit. Throngs are magnetically drawn to anyone who promises them a free ride at others expense. This is the demagogic stream of thought that effusively moves through Obama’s coterie of diminished minds. Limiting achievement so the minimalists in society can look the same on the playing field, suppresses humans innate desires to improve their life situation. Obama effortlessly introduces divisiveness into each confrontation he has with the masses. His selective audiences are too dimwitted to see the fallacies in his challenges to them. History moves forward at a pace time will allow, Obama wants his new society constructed in a few short years. Central government with its tentacles encumbering anyone who does not follow the designated plan becomes that tyrannous force stifling all human creativity. As a result Obamatopia flashes into existence for a brief interval then falls into the trenches where it returns to dust. Countless demagogues, over the millennia, have lead entire populations into oblivion with their concepts of civilization. Obama does not stand higher than them, but does stand apart. Destructive forces that rage in his mind have a schizophrenic bent, stating one thing yet acting on them in a very different manner. America’s rich history has absorbed many who were determined to change a system that has worked for more than two centuries. Obama had his chance to bring efficiencies into the game, but went down the wrong path. Recently, to undermine the opposing party, he suggested changes in government infrastructure that they have been proposing for three years. Mr. President you are too late to the party. Your plans have gone awry and have thrown tens of millions off balance. America will still stand when you are finally on your way home. Mark Davis MD author Demons of Democracy, the book that pegged this president from the very beginning.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

American Heroes: Gone but not forgotten

American heroes: Gone but not forgotten  

America has lost an integral element of society, its heroes. Icons who were strong, relentless, dependable and good. Heroes of yesteryear dominated the airwaves in the 1950s. Children and their parents would gather around an ancient device called a television. Looking more like a piece of furniture with a small screen built in to its central core, this device radiated programming from three or at maximum four channels. Certain times during the week drew the largest audiences. George Reeves in his pajama fitting outfit portrayed the man of steel, Superman. Week after week he battled crime while protecting those in distress. America’s ideals all embedded into one man. This was one of many visages we watched flicker across the screen during those years. The Lone Ranger fought injustice in the old west. With his trusting friend and companion Tonto, no criminal was safe from their swift intervention. These were men; strong, virile, extremely intelligent and always there when you needed them. Evolutionary forces in the media changed the face of our culture by diminishing heroism and buttressing the weaknesses found in society. America has gone down the road most traveled by present societies. Elevating lying to an art form, displaying fornication as a sporting event, condoning single parent households as natural and proper, suppressing the word of God whenever and wherever possible and enriching oneself at the expense of others. Heroes would shudder knowing the society they protected for so long has fallen from grace. They had a code of ethics which were cemented into their minds, not to be found in present day media icons. America has grown weak internally. Men are now portrayed as effeminate in every level of society. Earrings, nose rings, tongue rings and tattoos originally signs of individualism, move the present day male towards a unisex version antithetical to God’s original creation. For a society to be strong men must differentiate themselves from their female counterparts. The push is on from all quarters to merge the sexes into some new type of being with elements of each gender found in the same person. This homogenized human is then free to act with the characteristics of either sex. This new weaker version of the male takes the place of those who we revered in the 1950s. Superman is new and improved; sensitive, stylish, subservient and checks with his lawyer before crashing through a walls. America’s moral decline has much to do with the present intrinsic weaknesses in the family unit. Men should revisit the old videos to see how they are supposed to act because the present representation of the male makes me sick. Mark Davis MD president of Healthnets Review Services.

Friday, January 13, 2012

John Edwards fall from grace

John Edwards fall from grace

Long before John Edwards’ indiscretions became public I reported his indecencies in the Book Demons of Democracy. As a former malpractice lawyer Edwards stuck it to the medical profession as much as he could. Tens of millions of dollars in fees went his way for tearing apart the medical community in North Carolina. Thanks to Edwards it became financially untenable to practice in certain areas of the state, therefore many counties went lacking for specialists. Hospitals and local health centers had to refer patients to other areas of the state to provide these services. Stalking physicians was not sufficient to satisfy his thirst for money, he established bogus legal instruments that funneled money to his own pocket instead of those it was intended. In the last few days reports surfaced that he has a cardiac condition that will prevent his fraud trial from proceeding. This threatening illness, so far undefined, was revealed by two of Edwards’ cardiologists in their letter to the judge. Ironic that the profession he screwed the most is providing excuses for this bum, preventing him from receiving the justice he deserves. Of course the lawyers and judges are on the same page as him, to suspend all hearings until Edwards recuperates. Do not be surprised if Edwards’ case is repeatedly delayed, perhaps indefinitely. Edwards heavily supported Obama’s health initiative.  Remarkably he seeks care medical care in places that Obamacare would have disallowed. Mrs. Edwards’ succumbed to cancer. Prior to her death she extolled the virtues of socialized medicine, as she ran to Massachusetts General for life saving treatments. Like her husband,  hypocrisy ran deeply through her veins. Death does not mean you are suddenly deified as angelic. Two lawyers who benefited off the backs of others work, one dead and the other on the way there, divine justice or something worse.  Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maryland Board of Physicians: A Scathing Legislative Audit

Maryland Board of Physicians: A scathing legislative audit

Maryland’s Legislature recently released an audit of the Maryland Board of Physicians that casts a very negative light on this administrative entity. Embedded in its 161 pages are findings that many of us already knew, but now have been confirmed by the state’s legislative branch. Some of the more egregious findings are; the Board circumvented and or ignored Maryland law and Mandate when prosecuting cases against physicians, physician due process rights were abbreviated and or denied to them, hearings before the Board were denied, access to exculpatory documents were denied, time limits to bring cases were ignored or arbitrarily established, the Board failed to promulgate rules of medical record review leaving these rules to be established by private entities, engaging physicians with questionable competence to perform reviews, completely reversing the findings of administrative reviews from the Office of Administrative Hearings without stating why, deliberately misinterpreting written law to bring inadequate and or false cases against physicians, failure to provide proper communications between itself and the physician population and hundreds of more citations. The Maryland Board of Physicians is reactive not proactive. Many activities by politically active physicians are ignored, to churn those who are not well connected or part of a large institution. A dozen articles, by this author, are available in the Baltimore Examiner archive under my name that detail the horrific activities of this rogue entity and those who support its outrageous circumvention of Maryland law. After they were published I received numerous emails from physicians in Maryland and beyond its borders noting activities that were unbecoming from these politically appointed boards. In Maryland physicians presenting themselves to the Courts will find a very unfriendly atmosphere before the bench. Facts, documents, transcripts and other pieces of evidence have no meaning to many judges who will find for the state in most cases. The Court of Special Appeals will not only rule against a physician when the lower Court questions the Board’s activities, they will not allow you to be present in their Court House when considering a case. Perhaps Maryland Physicians should file a CLASS ACTION SUIT against the Maryland Board of Physicians because it appears the Legislature will not act against them, even in the face of the report they generated. Those who will have standing are all the physicians who careers were interrupted by the Board. Utilizing the cry their activities are for the public good is nothing less than a Machiavellian. The findings by the Maryland Legislature indicate it is the Board that needs to be decertified and those members, representatives and administrators of the Board who harmed physicians and their patients be stripped of their state immunity and sued. Catastrophic results by the Board’s action could leave Maryland with a dearth of American trained physicians, who will find calmer environs to practice the fine arts of a field that takes more than a decade to prepare. A copy of the Sunset Review of the Maryland Board of Physicians can be obtained from the Maryland Legislative Office. It is not online as of yet. In the event you want a copy and they will not release this report contact me at  This is one report that cannot be white washed. Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Service.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Lost in Maryland

Lost in Maryland

Maryland has many problems, some more profound than others. Recently, I participated in a meeting where a business person presented a very alarming example why she had to move her firm out of Maryland. She stated that her corporation attempted to get Maryland State contracts on a competitive basis and was told that she must have a certain representation of minority involvement or it would be a no go for her firm. Further discussions with other business people confirmed that embedded into Maryland State law preferences exist in contracting with the state government and its various jurisdictions. Discriminatory policy no doubt, unethical yes, yet acceptable to a government that is fully aware their intrinsic stance in this area teeters on unconstitutionality. Derived from similar meetings with those who own and or manage businesses it was obvious that Maryland state government and various jurisdictions hammer them with excessive taxes and mandates creating an onerous environment to find any profit centers. Employers have very few rights in the eyes of state government compared to workers who perform functions for them. Maryland laws burden businesses with creative legal structure which either forces preferences on them or makes it financially untenable to be within the confines of this state. Maryland has achieved the status of having a business unfriendly environment to the extreme. Five hundred CEOs when asked to rate states concerning business friendly environs Maryland was in the bottom third of their choices, with Texas at the top and California last. The irony is to fund wealth redistribution programs, the state must extort as much as they can from the private sector. The intrinsic contradiction here is Maryland is driving away the very source of income that runs its entitlement engine. No doubt most state citizens know that their top leaders are lawyers. These legal minds, in the majority, are not adept at managing complex systems. Yet election cycle after election cycle they are returned to office, as long as the gravy continues to flow to the indolent, lazy and undeserving. There will come a point, in the not too distant future, when revenues will not be able to keep up with demand for funds because Maryland consciously drove their revenue generating machines into more friendly states. Preferences, contractual relationships that discriminate, environmental mandates that only angels can achieve, an overreaching tax structure and laws that benefit politicians at the expense of its citizens are just a few of the reasons Maryland will destroy its own infrastructure. Those who come to Maryland with great hopes of achieving success will be disappointed because if you don’t pay the piper you will get lost in Maryland. Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Services

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Maryland Courts on Trial

Maryland Courts on trial

Maryland has a rich history of corruption amongst its political elite. A single internet search revealed 729,000 references. Assuming half were redundant, that is an exceptional amount of corruption in this small state. No level of government official has been spared the judicial hammer. Maryland had the distinction of harboring a Vice President who went towards the dark side. A Governor whose conviction for political ineptitude continues to be a point of contention among those who study political history, served a brief time behind the iron curtain. Numerous state legislators, county executives, judges and other officials ordained as guardians of this state have found themselves in a cold jail cell. Many who were well connected escaped prison and incurred minor public admonishments, but they were criminals nevertheless.  No one was surprised that many of these uncouth characters were lawyers from the lowest depths of this profession. The past has a way of repeating itself and Maryland has a notorious one. Years have come and gone since Agnew fell from grace, yet the corruptive proclivities of the politically empowered have not diminished. In the event that Game Theory has any basis, Maryland elites have wired its systems replete with obstacles that keep the average citizen at bay, while strengthening their own positions. Maryland’s system of Courts, those judicial forums that keep us all protected from the bad guys, may actually have intrinsic problems of their own. Costing hundreds of millions of dollars to maintain, as reflected in the state budget cost centers, these Courts display a blatant bias for some while promoting the activities of others. Legislating from the bench has become a regular phenomenon for the Appellate Courts. Judges in these domains churn the law dispensing injustice to those who come before it for relief. Startling to some who read these words, we have dishonest judges in our ranks. They are maintained in their positions by a behind the scenes network of judicial rank and file who deflect any criticisms that come their way. My encounter with a three judge panel in the Court of Special Appeals is noteworthy for the type of justice Maryland’s 24,000 physicians can expect from these Solomonic minimalists. This high Court’s only reason for being is to determine if a lower authority’s judgment was correct. In order to function, they must know Maryland law thoroughly.

       In case number 2587, September Term 2009 Maryland Board of Physicians v. Mark Davis the Court of Special Appeals Judges were either unfamiliar with the law or they outright lied in their determination to give the Medical Board a win. In a scathing report generated by the Maryland Legislature against the Maryland Board of Physicians, this 161 page document delineates how a unit of government trampled on physicians rights denying them due process in order to remove their medical licenses. Assuming the three Judges had the capacity to analyze critical information, there was only one conclusion they could have made in this case, that the Maryland Board of Physicians lied to them. Yet, they looked passed all the facts of the case and legislated from the bench to deny a physician his license. Subsequent to their decision the Legislative report appeared which affirmed all the data Mark Davis MD presented to the Court. Perhaps the Appellate Courts are required to find for state administrative authorities even when the facts are against them. Or maybe there is a simple agenda that all upper Court Judges must follow, the state wins the citizen loses. Dishonest judges may not be called criminals, but they victimize people just as much as the purveyors of filth do on the streets of this great state. Corruption at the highest levels of government that would make Al Capone blush is business as usual in this Court. Many physicians have come forward with parallel issues as I noted here. Let us hope some in Maryland State legislature sees these words and helps this body regain its authority from the bench that now challenges them. Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy,

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Physicians' Rights: not in Maryland

Physicians' rights: not in Maryland

Criminals have more rights than physicians in Maryland. Protective safeguards in place to separate the guilty from the innocent have been dispensed with when the Maryland Board of Physicians hungers to destroy a physician’s career. Numerous physicians who have been under the hammer from this Board have graciously shared their detriments with me, after reading a series of articles I published. With the recent disclosure, through a Maryland Legislature Audit, that this Board was errant in following protocol, mandate and the law in dispensing justice to its flock, the Board must and should be held accountable for its illicit actions. A few of the hundreds of negative citations against the Board are presented for your own interpretation. The Audit notes that the Board failed to follow appropriate guidelines when reviewing medical records and engaging physicians to perform these functions. The Board circumvented and or completely disregarded clearly written legislative mandates and laws concerning the methodology utilized in processing cases against physicians. Worse, they failed to promulgate guidelines for medical record review shifting that responsibility over to a private company. There are hundreds of deficiencies embedded in the Audit’s 161 page structure displaying that Maryland has a rogue medical board that has trampled on physicians’ due process rights. If Maryland physicians and their medical societies had any cajones they would sue the state of Maryland, the Maryland Board of Physicians, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the Secretary of Health and the Governor’s office for permitting this fraud to be perpetrated on physicians. Many physicians have come to recognize that some of the Circuit Court judges and most of the Appellate Judge ignore Maryland Law and are legislating from the bench, so the Maryland Board of Physicians will ultimately win in the Courts no matter what the true facts are. In one significant case the Court of Special Appeals suppressed evidence presented by a physician and ruled for the Board though they knew this administrative entity was acting outside Maryland law and mandate. Physicians should sue the Board and its lawyers every time they bring an unwarranted action against a licensee. In a future article we will follow an actual case now unfurling in the Circuit Court which could affect every health provider in the state of Maryland. Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Services,

Romney: A political Trojan horse

Romney: A political Trojan horse

By a tragic margin of 8 votes Romney has been deified as the primary candidate to beat. Iowa may pick winners and losers but Romney is far from being the bellwether of the group. Rick Santorum’s efforts paid off in a huge fashion for the candidate who was initially going nowhere. Many people with a conservative bent have voiced feelings of trepidation and uncertainty for Romney. Their reasons evolve from a sense that his true center sits more in the liberal camp than what he portrays publically. Through many gaffes, the former governor of the Bay State has shown a side of himself that he rather people did not remember. As the great business man he proclaims to be, thousands of jobs were lost under his tutelage. Romneycare has repeatedly been misrepresented by him as something the population of Massachusetts demanded. Those who live under that state’s liberal banner unequivocally note they were coerced into that form of socialistic health delivery. Romney’s darker side was on display as he ran attack ads on opposing candidates. Even more profound, his squads of political vigilantes have been out scouring the garbage cans of the other pretends to the throne. The results of their efforts will soon be on display in the media. Romney’s polished persona should give anyone with a credible mind a reason to pause to look below that toned epidermis. His rehearsed demeanor shouts volumes that the depth of thought that is so vital to managing this country may be absent. America without any doubt needs a new leader. Obama’s management style is driving America towards the dead zone. In the event he continues in office, the fiscal bankruptcy of this nation is a real possibility. The question those of us on the conservative side must answer: Is Romney the right or wrong candidate to place on the republican dais at the coming convention. In my opinion there are too many ifs and buts associated with his 64 years of life to warrant such an honor. Mark Davis, M.D.  President of Healthnets Review Services,

Monday, January 2, 2012

Obama's Hammer: Slow, Deceitful Yet Noxious

Obama’s hammer: slow, deceitful yet noxious

2009 was an eventful year. A new president with a fresh agenda was to take the reins. Commentators issued their predictions that this would be a new age, presided over by a unique individual, who has all the answers. Three years later we found that the prognosticators were all wrong. Obama undermined every institution and tradition his short tenure would allow. His legacy is replete with disasters he caused himself. Green America became greener for his own wallet and those of his friends, for the rest of us it was an environmental nightmare. His indecisive form of governing turned the Middle East into a cauldron from which World War Three could breakout at any moment. Monetary policies that are so delinquent from reality have caused millions to shift from producing to loafing. Trade agreements that guarantee Korea, China, Taiwan, Mexico and sundry other locations full employment at the expense of our workforce have been negotiated by his crack legal team. Inhibiting new refinery capacity and impeding oil drilling is Obama’s specialty, giving his friends in the Arab world continued control over our energy future. Obamacare that expands the governments reach into our wallets, yet reduces access to health services for those who need most is his most egregious disaster. Obama is the first entitlement president in the history of America. He has convinced swaths of people that it better to be a loafer than go for. Unions curry favor with his administration to get the best possible handouts. Presently, the country is on the verge of bankruptcy and Obama knows it. His Hawaii vacation exemplifies his excesses as America moves towards economic doom. Perhaps Obama is analogous to ET. We don’t know his background, we don’t know where he comes from and we certainly don’t know how he came to be president. We do know he has no moral center and fakes most of his emotions during his staged events. Obama’s noxious behavior has provided us with 36 months of theater in the absurd. How much more damage can one man do? ALOT!  So hold onto your back pockets, hide your pensions and stick your few dollars in a lead lined jar because Obama is coming after them. Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy, president of Healthnets Review Services,