Monday, May 7, 2012

Reason for Obama's Nobel revealed

                                   Reason for Obama’s Nobel revealed

America awoke one day in 2009 to the news that Barack Obama had been chosen by the Nobel Committee for its Peace Prize. Three hundred million quizzical faces blemished the American landscape that day with bemusement and utter amazement. Media outlets throughout the spectrum pondered what was the basis for this high honor? Nobel’s leftist Committee issued a confusing press release noting that the President had made the world safer for everyone living on this magnificent planet. The release lacked the rationale how Obama had accomplished this miraculous feat, nevertheless he eventually accepted his prize with humility and much gratitude. Nobel’s Committee had a more sinister reason for this honor they believed Obama had found the formula to destroy a two century old democracy. After forty months in office we now know that Obama does have a formula and it works. The foresight of Nobel’s guardians was nothing less than amazing. Every institution and industry Obama has touched is disintegrating. Thanks to the president America is confronting an energy crisis never before seen in modern history. His environmental goons have moved against private property owners, industry and state governments to ensure that they stifle any project proposed by them. Civil rights are for a few not the many as the law intended, so states the present Attorney General Eric Holder. Middle East partnerships have been made with everyone in the region except the only democracy there, Israel. Private discussions with foreign leaders have occurred with the intent to reduce America’s ability to defend itself. They give up nothing we downsize everything. Morality has been turned 180 degrees with religion and traditional values taking a backseat to atheism and perversion. Obama’s indecency extends to exploiting race and class warfare to retain power. America’s infrastructure, military and most of all the treasury have been victimized by Obama’s deliberate formula to deconstruct the longest running democracy in history. Nobel’s Committee knew Obama was headed in the direction America now finds itself. Congratulations President Obama the United States is a mere shadow of a country that you swore to defend and your Nobel is justified after all. Thankfully there is an election every four, the question is will this one be fixed? Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

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