Saturday, May 5, 2012

Maryland's obese problem: why the government does not care

Maryland’s obesity problem: Why the government doesn’t care

Overeating is a severe problem in Maryland and the rest of the country.  In this state it is not uncommon to see people who are two, three or even four times their optimum body weight. The dance of the obese can be seen in every community including unfortunately the Maryland State House. Obesity is the leading cause of hundreds of diseases, syndromes and infirmities. Hospitals, doctors of all stripes, clinics and auxiliary health units are raking in billions yearly directly from the tragedies caused by those who gorge themselves on food. Obesity is no stranger to this author and he understands the adversities it has inflicted on Maryland’s population and beyond. Many who wear the badge of health facilitator in the Free State have scammed the trusting with false diets, surgeries to nowhere, improper use of diet medications and much more. Some have gone to the extent of providing bariatric surgeries, under the aegis of named universities, when they did not meet the criteria. In Maryland standards of care only apply to those who are unaffiliated with the two golden cathedrals of medicine in Baltimore City. With all the money flooding into state coffers and the astounding profits friends of this government earn, why curtail the deluge. Worse, nearly one third of Maryland’s entire budget is spent on health care. Where does all this money go? Beyond the tens of thousands who have been drawing monies for health services that are not entitled to them, obesity takes a major “bite” out of the state’s 33 billion dollar yearly haul from the public. Amazingly the Governor, the legislature and others who control Maryland’s largesse are oblivious to the problem and bathe in the status quo, which is standard operating procedure in Maryland. This author sent an email to the Governor’s office suggesting several solutions which could save lives and tens of millions, perhaps more. O’Malley’s response: a canned stump speech how well he is doing as Governor. Perhaps it is time for the people to rate their governor and legislature. From this vantage point the Governor and his minions would get an “F” for managing health care, an “F-“ for public relations and an unnamed letter for their self-centered egotistical style of management. Maryland citizens could be much healthier spending much less than is thrown into the medical pool now. The answer is leadership, which is lacking in Annapolis.  Mark Davis MD author of The Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide for Rapid Weight Loss.

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