Wednesday, May 30, 2012

O'Malley spreads his fiscal insanity to other states

                                     O’Malley spreads fiscal insanity to other states

Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s present governor, walked into a sea of red ink when he assumed office in 2011.  Free spending liberals, powerful public unions and the entitlement crowd consumed every tax dollar brought into the public treasury and much more. The phenomenal debt Walker inherited required extraordinary actions to bring order to Wisconsin’s out of control spending. Walker proposed an intricate economic plan that affected both the private and public sectors. Union bosses and their minions balked at the changes that would occur in their contracts and the ability to negotiate them. Collective bargaining would not be so collective anymore. Automatic raises for civil servants, that robbed state coffers, would become a fine memory. Teachers, some earning six figures, were asked to contribute more to their pensions and health insurance. Wisconsin’s civil elite had forgotten that the country and their state were in the midst of a recession. They refused to consider that state residents were already taxed far beyond what they could afford, sound familiar. Organized protests to remove Scott Walker from power for his attempts to bring economic order to the state began. Money flooded into the state to unseat this Republican. How dare he attempt to manage the state properly by cutting off the endless flow of cash to the indolent, arrogant and corrupt! Enter Governor Martin O’Malley, a vindictive democrat who has curry favored with the very same groups in Maryland, to lend a hand to the democrat running against Walker. O’Malley is no stranger to fiscal irresponsibility, burdening Maryland taxpayers with every levy and tax increase he could conceive. Intent to spread the misery around, O’Malley brought his game to Wisconsin under the aegis as the head of the Democratic Governors Association. In essence O’Malley believes in deficit spending to feed bloated governments and those who service them. Deficit spending is O’Malley’s signature accomplishment. Others such as Walker have saner approaches to bring economic alignment to their state. O’Malley’s intrusion into Wisconsin may be a waste of time both for their voters and for himself. Walker has an excellent chance to prevail even with the minor impact O’Malley may have. Scott Walker displays a level of rational thought not seen in many government officials, O’Malley displays none.  June 5 will display that union thugs and mob rule cannot intimidate the forces of reason, sanity and righteousness. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

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