Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hollywood's ultimate capitalists support the ultimate socialist

Hollywood’s ultimate capitalists support the ultimate socialist

Irony has a way haunting the elite who believe the mundane and ordinary are meant for others not themselves. Hollywood, long known as a bastion of the left, gathered under the roof of George Clooney’s California home recently. Present were members of the Who’s Who of Tinsel Town’s left wing elite. President Obama came to collect cash in order to continue his reign over America. Forty thousand dollars for the right to breath in the same room as the president was steep, yet this was no problem for those earning tens of millions each year. The obvious paradox as is embedded in the title of this article: Why are these ultimate capitalists supporting the ultimate socialist? Obama was weaned on socialism and has an inherent hate for anything less. Forty one months of policies forced on the America that have the stench of socialistic intent written all over them, were well known to this group. Hollywood thrives on capitalism, yet the guests of Clooney were willing to add millions to the coffers of Obama to keep him in power. This antithetical situation may have its answer in the belief that those who live in the stratosphere of wealth and fame consider themselves beyond reach of Obama’s detrimental grasp. Borders have no meaning to those who can hop on a private jet and fly to homes scattered around the World. Obamacare to them is a joke. Electric cars, they will buy five to show what good Americans they are, as they drive off in their gas guzzling limos. Global warming is an obsession of theirs as they return to houses that are four to ten times the size of an average home. Socialism to them is only a concept for others to follow. History is fraught with examples of celebrities who curry favored with those who held the reins of power. Why not? There is no downside for this group and little concern for the people that the powerful plunder. Clooney depends on an adoring public to feed his expansive ego and bank account. Maybe those who read these words will be hesitant to see any more of his movies as well as those other attendees who thumbed their noses at the rest of us. We have not forgotten Clooney’s extraordinary stance for those who are suffering in Sudan but it is an autocratic government there killing to stay in power. This contradiction should not be overlooked when considering Clooney’s outrageous support for a person hungry to stay in power at any cost to this country. Socialism thrives only when weak minds allow it flourish. Obama, Clooney and those who bathe in capitalism are telling the rest of us to use a different soap. In the event Obama is reelected the stain of his actions will be imbued on the American landscape for decades. Perhaps we should not be so harsh on George, one day Obama may nationalize Hollywood reducing George and the other centimillionaires to mere millionaires. From that point on he will remember the good old days when capitalism was still in force, a concept he helped kill. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy.

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