Saturday, May 12, 2012

Maryland's real doomsday budget

                               Maryland’s real doomsday budget

Governor O’Malley and the two Mikes are attempting to fend off the implementation of a so-called doomsday budget. Five hundred million in cuts would automatically become effective without a permanent legislative spending plan. O’Malley has confronted the media stating emergency cuts would affect state workers, education, healthcare and the usual enumeration of scare tactics well known to flow from democrat operatives’ mouths. State workers and their dependents are awash in benefits from a very generous government. Most recently Governor O’Malley agreed to a multi-year 2.5 billion dollar pharmacy contract for state employees, retirees and others who already receive billions through different channels. Marylanders are smarter than you think Governor. School funds generally find their way into pockets other than the students. Fifteen to twenty thousand a year to educate one student is enough. Healthcare is overfunded. Tens of thousands have no right to receive state health benefits, yet your administration will not cut a dime from them. Your formula, similar to Obama’s, is to extort money from those who churn in the private sector. The real doomsday budget is the bloated one that Maryland keeps expanding. Efficiency is a dirty word in the Governor’s Office and the Legislature. The state has its own personal piggybank in the form of the taxpayer. Recently in an article entitled “Lawless Maryland” I enumerated many of the evils that beset Maryland and its politicians. Their hunger for power is so profound they cannot see the harm their policies have wrought on state residents. Indications are that O’Malley and the two Mikes have made backdoor deals to ram through an income tax hike, several other unpalatable levies and no concomitant budget trims. A budget over 33 billion for a population under 6 million people needs a red pen and someone with cojones to use it. To accomplish such a feat would take skill and an intuitive level of intellectual capacity lacking in Annapolis. Maryland’s doomsday budget is not the imagined crisis oriented one with a few fiscal deletions exhorted by the Governor. Instead, it is the O’Malley mindless creation packed full of freebies for the undeserving, indolent and deadbeats that infect this state.  Aldous Huxley in his “forward looking” book Brave New World described a society with a stratified workforce. Alphas and betas are the brain power, while the rest of the Greek alphabet provided the engine to carry out its functions. He would be very surprised that in 2012 society a paradox in evolution has occurred with the gammas and deltas running the show as the alphas and betas are enslaved by them. Maryland’s aging Mikes are out of touch with reality and their time has come to depart. Perhaps Governor O’Malley will be chosen to replace Biden whose mind is moving into the darkness (see Biden: a mind on the edge). As VP, O’Malley will be required to provide a perpetual smile with little other danger to the country.  Maryland’s taxpayers are running out of cash, will O’Malley and the Mikes push the state to the brink, stay tuned. Mark Davis, author of Demons of Democracy, the book that alerted you to the legal profession’s perpetual incompetence.

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