Monday, May 28, 2012

Cover-up: Iran's true intentions

Cover-up: Iran’s true intentions

Iran is moving very quickly to destabilize the Middle East. Daily shouts from their media pulpit that enriched ores of uranium and other radioactive elements are being expeditiously processed fall on deaf ears in our Executive Branch. Denial continues to pour forth from Obama’s lips that Iran is a few months away from possessing a nuclear weapon. If Iran wanted nuclear power for their electrical needs they could buy “peaceful” reactors from numerous countries. Iran’s intent is very clear to anyone with clear mentation, an inkling of Iran’s history and does not live under a rock, they want nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. Iran’s schizoid president and our own leader have something in common they both appear to hate America and its institutions. Israel has received less than friendly receptions by the White House and its occupants. Obama’s lack of understanding of Middle East politics and religion does not relinquish him and our government from moving on Iran in the event a weapon is near completion. Diplomacy, sanctions, United Nations mandates and more have failed to stop Iran’s movement to the bomb. Their intent is clear, they want to destroy Israel and to hurt us in manner we cannot conceive yet. The dirty bomb theory has been postulated where a weapon is moved into one of our major cities and detonated. With porous southern borders this scenario is a possibility. So far our brilliant yet short sighted Secretary of State continues to rattle her saber, but in the wrong direction. Giving monies to the Palestinians, Muslim Brotherhood, Pakistan and sundry more enemies of America does little to protect this nation. Yet, this is the track that Obama has placed the nation. Seventy two million Iranians, except for a few, would like to see their extremists leaders expedited to Allah, so would many of us on these shores. Obama had a chance when a minor revolution erupted in the streets of Tehran several years ago, to rid the world of these tyrants. With his hands in his pockets and head bowed he did nothing to help. His style is to wait until the crisis is in full-bloom then do the least he can. Iran will use a bomb in the event they succeed in their present efforts. America, along with its allies, should move on them now before another holocaust is added to history. Obama’s weakness is pathetic. Israel may be forced to do the lifesaving deeds themselves. On this Memorial Day we are leaderless in the pursuit of peace, with God’s grace that may change in November. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

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