Sunday, April 29, 2012

Romney's honey-do list

Romney’s honey-do list

After Romney wins the election this November he must repair a nation left in ruins by his predecessor. Reinvigorating a society whose structure has been destroyed from the core outwards will be an Olympian task, but doable. Economics, energy, education, military and sundry more institutions have suffocated under Obama’s inordinately ignorant management style. Romney has not been the favorite of many conservatives, most of whom are suspicious of his background and prior “accomplishments.” Therefore he will need to imbue American society with confidence that a leader must have to govern. The enumeration below requires immediate action to enable America to become the superpower it once was.

1) Active military personnel should be expanded by 40% or more with a concomitant increase in armaments, ships, jets and other necessary accoutrements to maintain the peace on multiple fronts. Any new weapon system or transport ability should be evaluated stringently for cost/benefit and effectiveness.

2) Every department that comes under the canopy of the Executive Branch should be reviewed with the intent to reduce costs up to 20%. The most vulnerable should be defined and protected.

3) Obamacare must be defunded and ultimately rescinded in the event the Supreme Court goes the wrong way on this monstrous legislation.

4) Anyone or group receiving Federal entitlements, grants, loans, subsidies and sundry other largesse from the United States Treasury or related sources should be: a) investigated for need of these funds and b) means tested.

5) Foreign Aid should be limited to humanitarian purposes only.

6) NASA should be brought into the 21st century with public/private sector partnerships making the United States number one again in space for civilian and military applications.

7) Federal Government should stay out of the internal affairs of the fifty states and follow constitutional mandate as is written in that great document.

8) United Nations should “immediately” be kicked out of this country for reasons our entire population already knows.

9) Decriminalize all drugs immediately. The War on Drugs is a complete failure. Stop arresting several hundred thousand people a year for minor drug offenses.

10) For our friends south of the border give them 30 days to stop illegal trafficking in humans and drugs into this country or the American military will perform that function for them. For those border hoppers already here work them into the system, there is no rational mechanism to send them back.

11) Make it clear to all potential terrorists and their leaders that an attack on American facilities or our citizens anywhere in the World will be considered any act of war and we will react accordingly.

12) No more deficit spending.

These twelve goals are appropriate first steps towards facilitating strong fiscal policy, strengthening the military, securing our borders, improving our international stance, prioritizing our resources and encouraging those with capital to invest here. This will be the first in a series of honey-do lists because America lost its edge over the last decade, especially in the prior 40 months. Romney should move expeditiously in all these areas to bring the nation out of the doldrums and make us number one once more. God bless America and anyone who helps us. Mark Davis, President of Healthnets Review Services,

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