Friday, April 27, 2012

Biden: a mind on the edge

Biden: A mind on the edge

Vice President Biden’s mind appears to be entering the darkness we all fear. His innate ability to interact with those around him is faltering. Name recognition, gaffes, faux pas, circular logic, diminished memory capacity and more have defined Biden’s 40 months as our second in command. Media pundits have evolved a term for his many outlandish remarks, Bidenisms. As a physician who has cared for thousands of those in their Golden Years the symptoms Vice President Biden displays are a prelude to dementia. Biden may already be over the tipping point. His weekly list of mental distortions may be fodder for news shows but there is a serious point being missed, Joe Biden is not fit to serve as VP. He is next in line for the number one spot in the event President Obama becomes incapacitated. Obama and Biden are rarely seen together, this could be a calculated maneuver in case the VP needs to be forced off the 2012 ticket. Complex tasks have not been Biden’s strong point and few have been assigned to him. White House officials including the president must be aware of Joe’s mental state, yet for some unknown reason they are fostering him on the public as though he is playing with a full deck, he is not. Congress has the power to investigate problems in the Executive Branch unfortunately they have been quiescent on this subject. Perhaps they want Obama to take the first move or worse, none of the members have the cojones to act. A more expansive issue comes to light when discussing Biden’s mental aberrations, age limits for those
serving in the three branches of government. Biden, already 69, would have been forced into retirement under many domains. Pilots, police, military, surgeons and many more vocations have mandatory retirement requirements depending on their positions. Legislators and their counterparts in the other two branches are imbued with the power to make and enforce laws therefore they must be cognizant of their own actions. Many of the aging train wrecks in Congress, such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, have lost touch with reality long ago. No one will vote to have their own jobs curtailed by forced retirement. Yet a structure is needed to end the lifetime politician’s career, perhaps a constitutional amendment. For the present Vice President Biden must be dropped as Obama’s running mate, he is an embarrassment to America and himself. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

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