Friday, April 6, 2012

American Tyranny: Obama Style

American Tyranny: Obama style

America has found itself on the boundaries of tyranny. Liberties once thought of as immutable have been challenged by the highest authorities in this country. Rush, Levin, Hannity and others have reverberated these themes through the media for the last four years, too few are listening. America is under assault from within and the confrontations are becoming more intense. Obama’s recent verbal tirade directed at the Supreme Court exemplifies a president who is losing his grasp on reality. Three branches of government were established specifically to curtail the powers of any one unit. Obama, a former “constitutional professor,” appears to have skipped over that part in his classroom. Tyranny’s first scent comes in the form of a stench which seeks to control all information flow that surrounds it. Obama’s administration went into overtime in its early years to place chains on the internet and controls on news flow. To no one’s astonishment Fox was targeted for its insightful news pieces regarding waste and fraud on Obama’s watch. Reporters whose bent were not liberal received less than cordial greeting from a power hungry administration. As the hand of tyranny moved forward an array of economic measures were inflicted on the nation stifling growth and suffocating output. With the worst intentions in mind the Administration then infected us with health legislation which is both unconstitutional and lays a treacherous path to medical care delivery. Usurping the student loan industry was a brilliant maneuver by Obama. It allowed him to dictate admission standards for millions and control the young minds of those who sought a higher education. Virtually destroying the energy industry, America will soon face long lines at the pump, brown and blackouts unprecedented in American history and an economic disaster never envisioned by the architect of this nightmare. Perhaps the president is in cahoots with eternal forces looking to diminish this nation’s statue here and abroad. Obama’s form of tyranny envelops those with weak minds and denigrates others who of see the obvious, a very bleak future ahead. Obama’s mindset is clear, paralyze the nation, then offer himself as the cure. Unfortunately, the patient may be dead before we have a chance to renew our faith in democracy. Mark Davis MD, author of the very popular book Demons of Democracy.

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