Sunday, April 1, 2012

Obama's war on the elderly

Obama’s war on the elderly

Obama has declared war on the elderly. Hidden within its several thousand pages of legalistic jargon, Obamacare contains all the elements necessary to deny medical diagnostics and therapeutics to America’s most vulnerable. Those who are entering their golden years will find little gold when they visit a physician. Obama is well aware that his tragic piece of health legislation will deprive the gray generation medical services and expedite their trip to the grave. In order to achieve this objective the Obama Administration has issued numerous medical studies whose intent is to limit testing procedures. In the last two years Obama’s hand chosen physicians have questioned the need for prostate specific antigen testing, mammograms for those under fifty, hip replacements, pre-surgical lab testing for cataracts and much more. Money now targeted for Medicare is being reassigned to the entitlement crowd because Obamacare considers them more biologically valuable than the graying population. AARP backed Obamacare because the Obama made a backdoor deal with its hierarchy providing them with hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies over the life of this monstrous bill.  Seventy five with hip pain, the patient will be given a cane and Tylenol instead of a hip-replacement. Perhaps you are 73 with high cholesterol, Obamacare states statistically your life expectancy is 5 more years, why waste the therapy. Heart attack at 68, no pacemaker for you unless there are personal funds available. The government will be generous and send an end of life counselor to your home who will tell you when the appropriate time is to jump into a hole. Obamacare will pressure physicians, unseen to the public, to reduce care to those who need it most. False standards of care, medical licensing revocation threats, economic credentialing at the hospital level and other circuitous means will be exacted on physicians to deprive the 65 generation necessary medical services. Obamacare sees the elderly as biologically useless, therefore why provide maximum therapies to the over-the-hill crowd. Obamacare allows a bureaucracy to dictate the speed in which you will meet your maker. The greater shame is the democrats told the elderly Obamacare will provide them medical care in waves of unlimited benefits. Yet Obamacare provides the antithesis of that which was advertised. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services.

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