Sunday, April 15, 2012

Obama: he never learned to dance

Presidential cycles come and go, no one would have expected that the one starting on January 20, 2009 would be the end of constitutional America. When cameras panned the horizon on that chilly day all the flags were blowing to the left. This ominous sign was reinforced by the future president's resume from nowhere. Lacking experience, knowledge and an intuitive sense of reality, Obama's presidency presaged darker days ahead. Over 40 months are now on the books and bleak looks more acceptable than the darkness wrought by Obama's misguided political strategies. Under his tutelage a shocking expansion of government has occurred. Compounded by an exponential increase in government dependants, Obama's legacy reflects his inability to comprehend basic economics. Taxing productive members of society to transter the funds to the lazy, indolent and nondeserving is a formula for disaster. European countries have tried this experiment and are now climbing out of the destruction of their own defeat. Obama does not believe in the concept of American ideals which drives us to be the best we can. His interventional style of management constrains businesses from expanding, leading to the demise of the commercial economy that pays Washington's bills. America's debt crisis will not be improved under the proposed plan now being lauded in both houses of Congress. Obama, a spendthrift extraordinaire, has been given more not less avenues to mold the economic environment to his liking. Do not be surprised to see new taxes before this presidential cycle is over. Obama,s success as a left leaning socialist can be measured in the number of businesses now defunct, expansive unemployment, misuse of the judicial system for personal gain and his extraordinary ability to take the wrong side on every issue. 2012 will be a deciding moment in American history. Do we decide whether to go down the unpaved road to socialism or move back to a capitalistic economy that made us strong. The decision is ours, lets hope we make the right one this time. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy.

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