Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Maryland's Godless Government

Maryland’s Godless government

Marylanders are assured of one thing, taxes will never go down. The Free State is the antithesis of its nickname. As costs for business and personal expenses rise, Maryland officials are not satisfied with the economic burdens the population of 5.8 million must bear. Heartless democrats want to further extort money from those least able to pay their way. Millionaires laugh at the new fees levied at them, they will simply move on. Those without expansive bank accounts are forced to weather a turbulent course laid out before them. Maryland’s Executive branch has proposed a series of laws and tax increases that would make Bugsy Siegel proud. Gangsters run in packs and Maryland has hordes of them. Hungry to move up the food chain many home spun politicians have sold their souls for more wealth and power. Governor O’Malley’s eyes are on Washington as his feet tread water back home. A democrat’s greatest asset is his/her ability to screw up anything he/she touches. As the nation flounders in debt and other states are employing fiscal restraints, O’Malley and his henchmen are instituting new taxes, tolls, levies and more to keep the bloated state workforce happy and the entitlement crowd in their BMWs. Left out of the equation is the working public paying the bills. They are inconsequential to O’Malley and his counterparts in the legislator. Your reward for success is to pay for someone else’s failures. With new gambling venues coming online the entitlement contingent will need more funds to lose in the tightest casinos on the East Coast. Maryland politicians have no shame challenging its working citizenry to cough up more money for them to distribute to the indolent, lazy and unproductive amongst us. O’Malley’s  generosity is exemplified in a recent gift to state workers requiring Maryland to cough up over one half billion dollars a year for a pharmaceutical plan for them and their dependents. Billions more freebies entice a captured audience to remain at their posts within the state work force. Unparalleled generosity, whose costs are extracted from Maryland’s private side of the street. Maryland politicians no longer serve those who elected them, they serve themselves. Perhaps it’s time to curb their economic appetites. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy. platomd@gmail.com

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