Saturday, January 14, 2012

American Heroes: Gone but not forgotten

American heroes: Gone but not forgotten  

America has lost an integral element of society, its heroes. Icons who were strong, relentless, dependable and good. Heroes of yesteryear dominated the airwaves in the 1950s. Children and their parents would gather around an ancient device called a television. Looking more like a piece of furniture with a small screen built in to its central core, this device radiated programming from three or at maximum four channels. Certain times during the week drew the largest audiences. George Reeves in his pajama fitting outfit portrayed the man of steel, Superman. Week after week he battled crime while protecting those in distress. America’s ideals all embedded into one man. This was one of many visages we watched flicker across the screen during those years. The Lone Ranger fought injustice in the old west. With his trusting friend and companion Tonto, no criminal was safe from their swift intervention. These were men; strong, virile, extremely intelligent and always there when you needed them. Evolutionary forces in the media changed the face of our culture by diminishing heroism and buttressing the weaknesses found in society. America has gone down the road most traveled by present societies. Elevating lying to an art form, displaying fornication as a sporting event, condoning single parent households as natural and proper, suppressing the word of God whenever and wherever possible and enriching oneself at the expense of others. Heroes would shudder knowing the society they protected for so long has fallen from grace. They had a code of ethics which were cemented into their minds, not to be found in present day media icons. America has grown weak internally. Men are now portrayed as effeminate in every level of society. Earrings, nose rings, tongue rings and tattoos originally signs of individualism, move the present day male towards a unisex version antithetical to God’s original creation. For a society to be strong men must differentiate themselves from their female counterparts. The push is on from all quarters to merge the sexes into some new type of being with elements of each gender found in the same person. This homogenized human is then free to act with the characteristics of either sex. This new weaker version of the male takes the place of those who we revered in the 1950s. Superman is new and improved; sensitive, stylish, subservient and checks with his lawyer before crashing through a walls. America’s moral decline has much to do with the present intrinsic weaknesses in the family unit. Men should revisit the old videos to see how they are supposed to act because the present representation of the male makes me sick. Mark Davis MD president of Healthnets Review Services.

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