Sunday, January 15, 2012

Obamatopia: Three Steps Back and One to the Left

Obamatopia: three steps back and one to the left

Dysfunctional visions of society evolve within the confines of deluded minds. Inbred hate, disproportionate expectations and an inability to conceptualized moral circumstance has drawn the Obama administration into a maelstrom from which it cannot escape. Pulled into the storm are tens of millions whose only vice was they believed a message that turned into a nightmare. Obama’s drive to reconstruct society following a roadmap that imbues the indolent, inert and undeserving with positions of authority undermines the strengths of this once great nation. Merit has little meaning for those who achieved without a scintilla of merit. Throngs are magnetically drawn to anyone who promises them a free ride at others expense. This is the demagogic stream of thought that effusively moves through Obama’s coterie of diminished minds. Limiting achievement so the minimalists in society can look the same on the playing field, suppresses humans innate desires to improve their life situation. Obama effortlessly introduces divisiveness into each confrontation he has with the masses. His selective audiences are too dimwitted to see the fallacies in his challenges to them. History moves forward at a pace time will allow, Obama wants his new society constructed in a few short years. Central government with its tentacles encumbering anyone who does not follow the designated plan becomes that tyrannous force stifling all human creativity. As a result Obamatopia flashes into existence for a brief interval then falls into the trenches where it returns to dust. Countless demagogues, over the millennia, have lead entire populations into oblivion with their concepts of civilization. Obama does not stand higher than them, but does stand apart. Destructive forces that rage in his mind have a schizophrenic bent, stating one thing yet acting on them in a very different manner. America’s rich history has absorbed many who were determined to change a system that has worked for more than two centuries. Obama had his chance to bring efficiencies into the game, but went down the wrong path. Recently, to undermine the opposing party, he suggested changes in government infrastructure that they have been proposing for three years. Mr. President you are too late to the party. Your plans have gone awry and have thrown tens of millions off balance. America will still stand when you are finally on your way home. Mark Davis MD author Demons of Democracy, the book that pegged this president from the very beginning.

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