Thursday, January 5, 2012

Romney: A political Trojan horse

Romney: A political Trojan horse

By a tragic margin of 8 votes Romney has been deified as the primary candidate to beat. Iowa may pick winners and losers but Romney is far from being the bellwether of the group. Rick Santorum’s efforts paid off in a huge fashion for the candidate who was initially going nowhere. Many people with a conservative bent have voiced feelings of trepidation and uncertainty for Romney. Their reasons evolve from a sense that his true center sits more in the liberal camp than what he portrays publically. Through many gaffes, the former governor of the Bay State has shown a side of himself that he rather people did not remember. As the great business man he proclaims to be, thousands of jobs were lost under his tutelage. Romneycare has repeatedly been misrepresented by him as something the population of Massachusetts demanded. Those who live under that state’s liberal banner unequivocally note they were coerced into that form of socialistic health delivery. Romney’s darker side was on display as he ran attack ads on opposing candidates. Even more profound, his squads of political vigilantes have been out scouring the garbage cans of the other pretends to the throne. The results of their efforts will soon be on display in the media. Romney’s polished persona should give anyone with a credible mind a reason to pause to look below that toned epidermis. His rehearsed demeanor shouts volumes that the depth of thought that is so vital to managing this country may be absent. America without any doubt needs a new leader. Obama’s management style is driving America towards the dead zone. In the event he continues in office, the fiscal bankruptcy of this nation is a real possibility. The question those of us on the conservative side must answer: Is Romney the right or wrong candidate to place on the republican dais at the coming convention. In my opinion there are too many ifs and buts associated with his 64 years of life to warrant such an honor. Mark Davis, M.D.  President of Healthnets Review Services,

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