Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reckless disregard: Obama's roadmap to American obsolescence

Reckless disregard: Obama’s roadmap to American obsolescence

Historic in nature and still evolving Obama’s circuitous route to America’s downfall will come at a tremendous price for everyone who supports its infrastructure. In order to fully comprehend the totality of the havoc Obama has wrought on the American landscape, one only needs to review the besieged health care system. In a brief two year period since its inception and passage, Obama’s monstrous health legislation has taken control of the system away from medical providers and turned it over to an overreaching bureaucracy. Judges and lawyers will decide who lives and who dies. America’s transition from a super power to third world status has been expedited by a mentality that is so deficient mere words cannot describe it. Cleverly attempting to cover up his Muslim leanings, our Chief Executive has given the government an atheistic flare denouncing religious symbolism and speech wherever his Justice Department can ferret out its existence. Freedom of speech has taken a major turn with Obama’s unrelenting attempts to quell it whenever it speaks the truth of his actions. No one is surprised by the harsh tones his liberal regime has for FOX media. They are among the few that have the cojones to take on the detriments Obama has thrust on the American population. FOX, as you may be aware, is under review by the Justice Department for very nebulous reasons. Looking more like Soviet style suppression everyday, edicts by the dozens have emanated from the White House which place controls on nearly all American institutions and industries. One ominous document released on a recent Friday, in an attempt to slip it by the media, enumerates a long list of powers the government can use against the population in case of a national crisis. Does Obama plan to call a national emergency and suspend the coming election? President Obama is now moving across America attempting to regain the momentum he had during his 2008 campaign. Many supporters are reexamining their stance on a man who displays boundless ineptitudes as he mismanages America into decline. Unfortunately the person that might replace him may not be much better. Mark Davis MD, author of the popular book Demons of Democracy.

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