Saturday, March 10, 2012

Conservative Pundits are wrong about Romney

Conservative pundits are wrong about Romney

America is under assault from within and from afar. Our country has been surreptitiously maneuvered into becoming a second rate power. American headlines should read 2008 was the last year this country retained its super power status, it has been downhill ever since. President Obama has done everything short of giving away our nuclear secrets, which recent media notes is a future possibility. Election 2012 is fast approaching with a cadre of republican candidates yearning to be our next Chief Executive Officer. Mitt Romney is in the delegate lead at present, yet he remains an uncertain commodity amongst potential voters. Right wing media is awash with propaganda attempting to push Romney over the top. Fair and balanced looks more like unfair and biased from my perspective. Fox no longer discusses the candidates on an equal footing. They are now openly directing us to vote for their choice. Worse, they are commenting who should get out of Romney’s way so their ordained preference could be carried over the finish line. Romney has more than baggage that drags behind him. His dirty laundry has a stench all its own. Our conservative pundits have failed to take a hard look at Romneycare. In the event they had done their homework the media would have found that the Bay State’s tragedy is remarkably similar Obamacare. Romney’s interpretation of his own work is disingenuous at the minimum and would have been enough, under normal circumstances, to keep him off the election circuit. His entitlement proclivities bear a remarkable resemblance to those of the President. Global warning, he stands on the fence with this subject. As a former liberal democrat Romney could force all of us to ride the bus. Will he cut the bloated federal payroll? Review his management style of the Bay State. Expansion of bureaucracy was his specialty. Why does an honest man hide his money offshore? His answer, the blind trust controls his funds. Since this article will be read by thousands I do not want to offend anyone with the answer I have in mind about the latter. Romney’s polished robotic answers to nearly every question asked of him lacks the depth I would expect from someone seeking the Presidency. His approach, give the public anything they want to hear, no matter how fallacious the statement is. Romney is being pushed by the big thuds in the media. Ann Coulter exclaimed in a dialogue, “What is wrong with Romney,” who she apparently supports. Ms. Coulter: he is one more inept lawyer who will say or do anything to move up the food chain. Maybe you should go back and reread Demons of Democracy, which presents unequivocal evidence that lawyers are deficient in abilities to manage complex institutions, as exemplified by those who presently infect the Executive Branch. Conservative media has failed in their mission to look deeper at Mitt Romney than his press releases. Political hacks and washed up authors stream across your screen, on any night, asserting the virtues of Romney the candidate. They forget there are a few of us who still do our homework. Romney is the wrong candidate at the wrong time. Obama is already licking his fangs waiting for a debate with the presumed Republican nominee. What color do Republicans bleed? Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy, the book that told you not to put a lawyer in the White House or any state houses.

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