Wednesday, March 7, 2012

America's final resting place

America’s final resting place

Funerals are somber and very sad occasions. When the death of a nation is involved the collective emotion could be fierce. America is on the brink of its own demise and the pallbearers are those of us who allowed it to happen. Watching the transition of this nation from capitalism to socialism is an admission that a 200 year experiment in democracy has failed to achieve its intended results. The Founders could have never conceived a modern day America under tyrannical leadership. Checks and balances between the three branches of government have failed to impede the political overhaul that is moving forward. As in the play Damn Yankees, whatever Obama wants Obama gets. A herd of sheep move through both legislative houses bowing to their shepherd. Republican leaders have been quiescent recently on issues that could further challenge a democracy on the edge. Destructive forces unseen by America’s citizenry may undo our very defense capabilities that deter the miscreants who would take pleasure in our early demise. With the deconstruction of our military, under the pretense that it will be more efficient, few cries have arisen from those who could stop this mania. In the last 24 hours it was reported that the United States may share some of our nuclear codes with those in the Kremlin. If true, what could possibly being moving through the president’s mind to motivate him to bring us closer to Armageddon. As Iran generates more nuclear material power generation will be the last reason in their minds for which it would be used. Our Chief Executive displays the weaknesses of a pre-war Neville Chamberlain in his mentation and actions. Grave diggers are preparing a huge plot for what will be the remnants of a great society. Historians will discuss ad nauseam why America forgot to elect a leader in 2008. Mark Davis MD, author of the book every lawyer and legislator hates, Demons of Democracy.  

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