Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maryland's assault on the business community

Maryland’s assault on the business community

Kudos to Governor O’Malley and the wisdom of the Maryland Legislature for creating new and ingenious methods of extorting money from the private sector. With the expansion of benefits to a bloated government workforce and the entitlement crowd starved for cash who better to attack for funds other than the business community. Marylanders already suffer from an autocratic regime in Annapolis that utilizes every conceivable device to enhance revenues. Those enhancements are about to become more intense. Democratic governors appear to have a competition to see which one can bankrupt their state first. Maryland is simply not business friendly, as numerous polls have displayed. Added to an intense regulatory structure businesses are seeking more friendly jurisdictions. In discussions with several dozen business owners over the last few weeks three have found refuge in neighboring states and others are considering a move. Their complaints were specific and reflect the themes in this article. Similar to Obama’s mania concerning rising gas prices that same mindset has been riveted into the Governor’s mind. Adding increased taxes to fuels that are already at record level prices is insane. Results from such tax maneuvers will bear rotten fruit. Basic economics states as fuel costs increase they cause proportional elevations in “all” consumer goods. The irony is the entitlement crowd will need more money from Annapolis to cover these increased expenses. A vicious cycle placed directly at the feet of the business community and those who make it work. The astounding level of wealth redistribution in Maryland would make the community organizers in the White House proud. Perhaps this is one of O’Malley’s motivations, to move up the food chain on the backs of those who have given much more than they should have. Budget cutting is an anathema to especially to those who are not mathematically inclined. Recent announcements that numerous reductions will be made in the pending budget are proverbial window dressing, accounting tricks and spin. Unfortunately when O’Malley shrugs the business community winces. Mark Davis MD, author of the popular book Demons of Democracy which states why lawyers should not be involved in running complex organizations or government entities. platomd@gmail.com

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