Wednesday, January 29, 2014

State of the Disunion Speech: more of the same

State of Disunion Speech: more of the same


President Obama’s speech before Congress and the American Public on January 28th contained the same rhetorical nonsense he has repeated year after year. His push to maintain the entitlement economy was especially egregious. Introduced as the President of the United States, the tepid audience response set the tone for the night. President Obama wasted no time spinning his ideas to take America further from the prosperity it deserves. Each section of his speech concentrated on enhancing employees’ opportunities and financial status over those who create jobs. Pushing for a federal minimum wage of 10.10 per hour his uninitiated mind could not conceive the impact this would have on the business community. On education he called for more opportunities for students. These are code words to enhance the wallets of teachers. School districts already spend too much on education with results that are close to appalling.  Especially noteworthy were the President’s comments on Obamacare.  His emphasis that three million people had signed up for Obamacare was a reflection of the sophistry he utilized throughout his long winded diatribe. Many people were shifted from state and federally subsidized programs to the Exchanges where more subsidies were awaiting them. His statement that many were youthful who took up the reins of Obamacare was another fabrication. Calling for ideas from the Republican side of the aisle to improve his legacy program continued his stream of misrepresentations. Republicans have offered hundreds of ways to amend Obamacare, he has yet to act on any of them. Looking straight into the camera his vocalizations of America’s job picture were especially disturbing.  Job programs were one part of his broader initiative to reduce the huge number of jobless Americans. Thousands of job programs are already on the books, unfortunately there are no jobs available to take these people in. More money to help businesses was a secondary element of his plan.  The President claimed many companies have availed themselves of federal funds to enable their businesses. Try to obtain a business loan, banks will send you away knowing the reason for your visit. Who has received these loans is anyone’s guess. Countless misrepresentation, fabrications and outright fibbing marked the President’s State of the Disunion Speech. Ironic as it sounds President Obama believes his prior initiatives have helped America move forward. The reality is he has set us back five years. Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Book Services and Davis Book Reviews. and Author of the book lawyers hate, Demons of Democracy and the most recent release, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

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