Saturday, January 25, 2014

Maryland's media: can it be trusted

Maryland’s media: can it be trusted


Last night I was driving home from a neighboring state when I tuned in to a very popular local radio program. The usual buzz words were being tossed around by its host and several guests in the studio.  Exchanges eventually were a target of conversation as the program proceeded. Listening closely the host revealed there were nine million people who have signed up for insurance through the Exchanges. Quizzically I looked at my other half who was just as dumb founded as myself. News outlets have reported three million have signed up through mid-January. Did six million more appear out of nowhere to sign-up in the last nine days, not likely. Two other guests did not correct the host who moved on quickly to discuss the Maryland’s Governor’s race. Misinformation is common from many of Maryland’s media outlets. Baltimore Sun readers receive a dose of distortion every time they read an edition of this once balanced news concern. Journalism in Maryland has given way to agenderism when writers manipulate facts to achieve their ends. Media has been condemning Anthony Brown, potentially our next Governor, for not managing the implementation of the Maryland Exchange appropriately. Reality speaks other tones when examining this specific issue more closely. Lieutenant Governor Brown has already discussed this issue openly and has atoned for it more than necessary. Yet those in the local media would attempt to bury the best candidate so far in the race for this office. Marylanders must be discerning when listening and or reading reports from their media. Empirical sampling from multiple media sources displays they deal in fuzzy truth dynamics. Mark Davis, MD author of the book Lawyers hate, Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

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