Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Into the darkness: America loses faith

Into the Darkness: America loses faith


God, once a common theme in American culture, has been relegated to a secondary role in a deteriorating nation. Religion is under assault from many who believe our country should be a land of atheists not deists. Government, at every level, is giving in to groups who want religious icons removed from public view. From Christmas decorations on public lands to the Ten Commandments in courthouses legal challenges have been successful in their removal. Atheists are posting statements on billboards across the country questioning the beliefs of the majority who continue to have faith in an almighty deity.  President Obama has spearheaded the assault on religion denying people their First Amendment rights to practice religion in the manner in which they chose. Birth control is being forced on the Catholic Church though the Administration states otherwise. An order of nuns must now provide birth control to their employees or face the wrath of the all-powerful IRS. Military chaplains have received word they would be punished if they did not follow the atheistic agenda of the Obama Administration. Worse, soldiers are being forced to congregate and be sensitive to the needs of their homosexual counterparts. Indoctrination courses to sensitize soldiers on gay and lesbian issues have been introduced into course work a soldier must take to remain in the military even when it is against their religious beliefs. America’s legal landscape is fraught with lawsuits impeding prayer sessions in schools, at sporting events and wherever the word of God can be heard in public. Is God under house arrest in America? It seems so. Five years appears like an eternity, yet the war on religion was initiated the day President Obama took office. Quiet application of Administration mandate, circumventing certain religious beliefs, has filtered through government circles.  President Obama can deny his anti-religion agenda exists, yet the devil is in the details. America is moving through dark times presently with no light seen at the end of the proverbial tunnel. One thing for certain God has not turned away from America, the nation has turned away from him. Mark Davis, MD author of the book Demons of Democracy and the recently released book, Obamacare: Dead On Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. President of Davis Book Reviews. For interview requests please contact Dr. Davis at

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