Saturday, September 1, 2012

Romneycare versus Obamacare: the real story

RomneyCare versus Obamacare: the real story


There is very good reason why the Romney has veered away from discussion of health policy when he was governor. Striking similarities embedded in these competing programs display they are close cousins and not distant relatives as we have been led to believe. During my preparation for the book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival facts were uncovered concerning Romneycare that have been deliberately overlooked by conservative media and will not be vetted by them before the election. Bureaucracy embedded in the Bay State’s vision of healthcare grows more extensive each year. Contrary to Romney Camp’s assertions that Romneycare  is not like Obamacare there are an extensive series of penalties and sanctions in the event you do not purchase health insurance for yourself or company as the case may be. In the first three years of Romneycare’s existence medical bankruptcies were not stemmed, they continued to rise. Health insurance premiums trended upwards not the reverse as intended. More perverse, individuals who maintained an income 300% above the federal poverty line were given assistance in purchasing insurance, meaning those with incomes of $90,000 received aid from the state. The under insured, those with minimal insurance coverage, expanded in the first three years of this program. Full coverage to those without plans has not been achieved, the very reason Romneycare was initiated. With cost overruns of hundreds of millions each year, a stressed out medical system that has yet to catch up with the requirements of this social experiment and a legislative initiative that forces people to purchase a product they don’t want Romney’s vision has not been the success stated by its enablers. Similar to Obamacare Massachusetts’ program has been a literal field day for lawyers. A deluge of legal challenges by individuals who refused to purchase health insurance required the elevation of a battalion of lawyers to administrative judges to try these cases, most were lost by the plaintiffs. Romney cannot run on Romneycare that is why he is running away from it. Obama will use his usual deprecating techniques to rough ride over his opponent. Romney must be ready to answer this challenge because it will surface during the debates. Voters on the edge could be thrown either way depending how Romney manages this subject. Mr. Romney expanded entitlements during his 4 year run as governor, yet he states he will rein in federal giveaways. Will Mr. Romney be another Trojan horse who sticks it to us or has he changed his menu of ideas, stay tuned. Mark Davis author of the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

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