Saturday, September 15, 2012

Obama fiddles as American interests burn

Obama fiddles as American Interests burn
As American interests were burning Obama was churning for money on the campaign trail. Death of an American Ambassador and his three colleagues can be directly blamed on President Obama and his anti-Semitic colleagues in the State Department. Obama’s policies of appeasement along with large checks, courtesy of the American taxpayer, will not douse the fires burning in the minds of those with profound hatreds for this country. Across North Africa and in the Middle East assaults on our embassies and consulates have taken place coincident with the anniversary of 9/11. Intelligence chatter reported by the media indicated the potential for an attack on American facilities 48 hours prior to the horrific events that have occurred. Obama did not order fortification of our embassies knowing this sensitive information and the 11th anniversary of the greatest tragedy to hit the American mainland in history. Off on fund raising tours to keep himself in power, Obama paid lip service to a problem that has been festering for some time. Using a film that Muslims claim is offensive to their prophet as a pretext to attack American interests and burn our flag does not explain the intense rage now playing out through the Arab World. Underlying hatreds for this country have surfaced which are multi-factorial in nature. Money to prop up past dictators has been one reason considered as an ignition point that fuels their intense emotions. Freedom of religion observed in this nation is abhorrent to those who have never known it.  American’s kinship with Israel could be at the top of the list. Whatever reason given for these attacks, President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton failed to observe the enormity of the problem and now many are suffering for their incompetence. Numerous questions are now at the forefront of debate in the media concerning the horrific deaths of our Ambassador and his associates. Why were there so few security personnel on the premises of the Libyan compound? Who is ultimately responsible for security in government installations overseas (as if we didn’t know)? Were the few people assigned to security detail allowed to carry loaded weapons (Obama prefers unloaded weapons unless it is for his security)? With Obama’s ability to stifle information outflow we may never know the answers to these questions. Presently Obama is traversing the country looking for a few dollars for moving expenses in January of 2013. Anyone who would vote for him under the present circumstances is either receiving aid from his administration or is mesmerized by his personal style and grace. America needs a leader who will confront these egregious events with backbone and authority which we have not seen from this White House. Obama’s ineptitudes are now on display for all to see, vote right this November, we need a new

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