Saturday, September 8, 2012

Obama's last days in office

Obama’s last days in office


Decades from now when Obama has left the scene presidential historians will finally have an opportunity to summarize his “4 years” in office. Their review shall chronicle a man who was under water from the moment he took the reins of power from his predecessor. Given the mandate to manage a nation he decided early on to deconstruct every institution and tradition that made America strong. His hate for the country was so profound he curry favored with America’s enemies to strengthen them while weakening the platform that gave him power. Israel to him was the enemy not the nations that harbored terrorists. When awakened one morning that Iran had launched a missile on a trajectory into the heart of Israel he yawned and went back to sleep. On that very day, late in his presidency, Americans watched as their inept president would not stand with the only democracy in the Middle East. Israel destroyed every military installation within the confines of Iranian space with minor loss of life on both sides. Though Obama tried to take some credit for this remarkable feat historians would note he had no part in the planning or execution of these retaliatory raids. Obama lied for the last time while in office. His republican counterpart cleverly exploited this opening and won by a landslide in November of 2012. When these contenders changed seats in January of 2013, a final accounting of Stimulus and Tarp monies were begun. A scandal that would tarnish the Nation for decades was uncovered. Tens of billions were squandered on projects generated by friends of Obama, very little went to places to improve Americans lives. Obama and his Administration were criminally liable for kickbacks, bribes and misspent monies diverted from their main purposes to help a country recover and given to an element who would subvert the nation. Unfortunately, the new president wanted no part of any prosecution and pardoned his staunch enemy. Historians create records to help future generations avoid catastrophes that befell those that came before. Obama had closed his mind to history because he repeated mistakes that were easily avoidable. The 2012 presidential election was noteworthy for the fact that Obama strengths turned out to be his biggest weaknesses. His ability to blurt out a great speech did not rectify the emptiness of its contents. Many of his supporters evaporated when they heard words they knew were untrue, the ballot box told the rest of the story. Obama lost the election not because the other candidate was so much better, only because he was so much worse. History is an excellent teacher, perhaps it is time the rest of us learn from it and vote right this November. Mark Davis, author of the forthcoming book, Obamacare Dead on Arrival.

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