Thursday, February 9, 2012

President's competence questioned

President’s Competence Questioned

Forces are gathering in the Middle East as I write these words that could ignite the next World War. This will be one war that mainland America cannot escape. To impede Iran’s nuclear program Obama has frozen some Iranian bank accounts. The joke is on America not Iran. They have money stashed in a dozen countries. Obama’s recent stance to diminish our military and denigrate it to the point where it is no longer a fighting force, tells us more about him than his foolish speeches. This week we have been told that Obama had the word God removed from an Air Force insignia. To make matters worse he has moved in on the domain of the church and their affiliates to force them to offer contraception in contradiction to their beliefs. America is under assault by a president who has no ability to comprehend the great harm he has done to every institution and tradition from which we collectively draw strength. In the event that Iran is successful in creating a bomb, it will be used. Obama had an opportunity to squelch the Iranian regime when prodemocracy forces were attempting to undermine their ruthless government. America’s voice was not heard and now only whispers are emanating from Washington D.C. Armageddon is both a location and a reference to a place where the final battle for good and evil will be fought. Many from the Middle East have referred to America as the great Satan. Perhaps forces beyond our comprehension are driving the World to an inevitable confrontation at this location, using our diminished leader to help set the stage for this ultimate event. The time is now to reestablish our dominance in that part of the world, with might not flight as the president has done. Only through strength will America keep the peace in a very troubled World. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy.

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