Friday, February 24, 2012

America's three year vacation

America’s three year vacation

America has been on a three year vacation from reality. In 2008 we forgot to elect a leader. Directionless our government meanders through its daily grind searching for a reason for being. As World tensions increase the shadow of a once great nation grows smaller. Pretense is no substitute for leadership, so the nation states of the World look to other domains for guidance. China, Russia and a few others stir the cauldron of despair against the west by enabling rogue societies to spread hostilities beyond their borders. President Obama has done little other than raid the United States Treasury to keep his constituency intact and the wine flowing at the White House. The face of America is not the one that Obama portrays when he is campaigning. Destitute of sense and sensibility he maneuvers through the populace providing group therapy to crowds who want cures not temporizing pharmaceuticals. Lacking any foresight, he does little to counter the growing threat of the new “super powers.” Unable to acquire a handle on a bad economy, Obama’s cadre of Secretaries are juggling the numbers to provide a perception we have better days ahead. America’s present challenge is the Middle East. Iran is on the move as we cower from the sidelines. Worse Obama and the Congress are in complete denial that Iran’s acquisition of nuclear material will lead to the development of a bomb, which they will use once in place. The president is still celebrating his election with parties, vacations, outings and other events with very little time left for maintenance of a nation. Still under investigation, how did the voters forget to elect a leader in 2008. Perhaps the republicans can produce a nominee with the mental agility, fortitude and the cojones to make the tough decisions that presently confronts America. Otherwise, the death of the American empire is imminent and we will all be pallbearers at our own funeral. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy, which warned how lawyers have screwed the nation and continue to do so in the White House.

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