Friday, February 10, 2012

Maryland's entitlements to state workers

Maryland’s Entitlements for State Workers

Surrealism has taken the place of reality in the abode we call Annapolis. Insulated from the economic pressures Maryland’s private sector must face, legislators and the Governor continue to pour our tax dollars into very generous benefits and salaries of state workers. Most recently a pharmacy contract was approved mandating Maryland coffers to jimmy up 2.4 billion dollars or more over the next five years for prescription drugs. This is only one integral part of their health benefits which includes vision, dental, psychiatry, hospitalization, in office medical visits, very generous surgical allowances, cosmetics and a plethora of other health entitlements. Yet there is more. Vacation offerings include up to 25 days of time away from the drudgery of working in a hostile environment. Six personal days each calendar year to spend at Maryland casinos and other fine establishments. Eleven paid holidays and fifteen days of sick leave to help recover from those difficult weekends. Need time with the family, no problem Maryland adheres to the Family Medical Leave Act. Take some time off, perhaps six months, Maryland taxpayers are very sensitive to your needs. There is much more; subsidized child care, life insurance, accident insurance, long term care insurance and retirement benefits that would make Obama’s redistribution of wealth model proud. In the event you don’t want to leave the confines of your home, no problem, Maryland may allow you to telecommute utilizing their Teleworking program. For those who live in and around Baltimore free mass transits passes. My question is how many state employees are getting free cell phones, cars, tuition benefits and sundry other giveaways as additional compensation. Who pays for this largess, you and I in the private sector. Maryland’s tax structure is onerous and getting worse. Gasoline taxes are being heightened to a point where they are more costly than the product taxed. Tolls already high are going much higher. Autocratic tax assessments on businesses have driven many out of Maryland. Liquor taxes that stifle sales recently were elevated. Most Marylanders are not aware that auto registrations, driver licenses, all professional licenses and more will not be renewed if your state taxes are not current. State Comptroller’s Office sends out thousands of letters each day with demand for payment on an entire array of taxes that I have not mentioned in this article. Veiled threats are written into these intimidating letters to force money from you to continue Maryland’s gravy train flowing to its hardly working employees. Those who refuse payment will could lose their homes, bank accounts will be lien and or  garnished and your good name will be destroyed at the credit bureau. It is unfair to require the private sector to continue supporting these state worker entitlements. Liberal stupidity created this mess. Soon there will be more takers than supporters of this broken system. Will Obama bailout Maryland, stay tuned. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services, advisor to the media, government, industry and legal profession on health issues.

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