Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Other Side of Immigration

The other side of Immigration


Societal changes occurring before our eyes have been orchestrated by an errant Executive branch that is piloting the metamorphosis of this nation. With little regard for outcomes of their actions lawlessness has been the prime ingredient fueling this scandal plagued Administration. Directly related to the President’s activities in office is a humanitarian crisis occurring at the southern border. A cataclysmic set of circumstances have been set in motion which can affect the entire country because of Obama’s dalliances with immigration. More than 300,000 people have transgressed the southern border since October 2013. Many children are in this mix from various Central American countries. From a historical perspective there have been no major upheavals in these nations recently. So why is there a mass exodus to America? Word has moved through the populations involved that once you set foot in this country there is a very good chance your feet will be cemented here. That is the Obama Administration will allow you to stay, permanently. To solidify their chances, of a positive reception, children en masse are being sent in waves with the hope their families could follow and be received with open arms too. Children are given different treatment under current law than their adult counterparts. Tonight Obama spoke from his dais in Texas concerning immigration, one of the major hubs of border incursions by illegals. His disingenuous speech was checkered with blame for those who came before him and a recalcitrant Republican Congress holding up his bloated request for money. Obama’s detached style of management was on display tonight when asked why he has not gone to the border as requested by Governor Rick Perry. He sidestepped the question as preparation was made for him to head towards his next fundraiser. Six years into his tenure as President, Obama’s manipulation of immigration policy, through Executive Orders, has intensified border issues. Contrary to the President’s speech tonight deportations are down, new immigrants are being released quickly into our cities and he has shown no interest in strengthening border protections. Obama blames the Republican Congress for the immigration travesty now unfolding. Yet the Democrats controlled both the House and Senate from 2008 to 2010 and did not pass comprehensive reforms. Lie after lie and misrepresentation after misrepresentation President Obama has no answers to complex problems. He offers more of the same rhetorical nonsense, which is his trademark.  The President faces a lawsuit for misuse of Executive Orders and possible impeachment after the election for sundry reasons. Maybe just maybe he could show a little leadership and lead the nation out of the present border catastrophe before his legal problems catch up with him. Unfortunately he is still searching for ways to blame others for his ineptitudes and inefficiencies.



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