Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Obama's Pearl Harbor: Alien Invasion

Obama’s Pearl Harbor:  Alien Invasion


America has a virtual President who casts an inconsequential shadow on a nation starving for leadership. Invasion USA is now taking place on our southern border with the blessings of Barack Obama. Word has spread throughout Central America, Mexico and elsewhere that American immigration laws are no longer enforced. To support this thesis; deportations are down, border patrols have been diminished, prosecutions of illegals are on a downward slope and Obama has forgotten his oath to protect the borders. The egregious events surrounding Pearl Harbor may look pale when compared to the catastrophe playing out in the south. Illegals are introducing an array of diseases that could be disastrous when seeded within urban populations. Poverty and crime are an integral part of the baggage illegals bring with them as the government plants these people throughout the nation. Citizens are finally comprehending the breadth and depth of the illegal incursion. Protests in California, Illinois, Virginia and elsewhere have deterred  large numbers of illegals from arriving in these jurisdictions. Yet immigration forces are plowing ahead with resettlement schemes which eventually may bring tens of thousands to a city near you.


President Obama ultimately wants a path to citizenship for the millions who have decided to make America their home. With gross disregard for established laws Obama continues to deride the Constitution utilizing Executive Orders to complete his endgame: reconfiguring our society. Ramifications of his edicts ripple across the country as the flood of the unwanted make their presence known. Since October of 2013 over three hundred thousand have transgressed our borders, a sub-segment of which are children. Obama has been successful in diverting the nation’s attention away from the border crisis by continuing to stir a dozen other scandals involving his participation. Requests for him to come to the southern border have been numerous. Most recently Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas, made such a request. The President felt it was more important to attend a fundraiser than view the mess he created. Obama’s disconnect with reality has been the subject of much discussion in the media. Defenders of the Administration give Obama high marks for attempting to remake America. Opponents see him as an inept man who vantages himself through the miseries of others. The Hispanic invasion of the United States has succeeded. Unlike FDR who led us to victory in WWII President Obama drives the nation further into the hands of the invaders. For this he must be held accountable by the people and Congress. Now is the time people must cry out in one voice enough is enough and impeach the shadow living in the White House under false pretenses.


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