Monday, May 13, 2013

Rubio's immigration legislation is Obamacare on steroids

Rubio’s immigration legislation is Obamacare on steroids


Americans should get ready for the newest affliction from Washington D.C. This time it is in the form of immigration legislation. As porous as our borders are presently, this monstrous legislation will enable a deluge of immigrants to flow into this country. Marco Rubio, a Republican Senator from the Great State of Florida, is spearheading the push to move this legislation forward. Commercials have already appeared noting this legislation as a cure-all to all the prior failed immigration laws and policies that preceded it. Three decades ago one of our best presidents, Ronald Reagan, made a concerted effort to stem the flow of illegals from south of the border, it failed. Since then a hodge-podge of remedies have been attempted to bring sanity to the immigration process. They also failed. Senator Rubio has been all over the media touting the virtues of his program that disadvantages American citizens over their illegal counterparts. A version of this pending legislation is revised weekly to keep current with its critics’ analysis. Volumetrically, this bill contains 867 pages with references to more waivers, exemptions and exceptions per page than its big brother, Obamacare. For complexity it contains a dazzling array of tenets that could baffle the most rational mind. With such a variety of paths to by-pass the restrictions in the core bill, one can only extrapolate that it was deviously prepared this way for a reason. According to reports, Rubio claims border control will improve, more sensible approaches to the illegals already on our soil will come into being and future arrivals will be given an easier path to citizenship. From closer inspection of this newest offering from Congress, the antithesis will occur. Illegals will be able to bring their families here with much less effort than before, potentially doubling and or tripling their present numbers. Management of the borders are taken out of the hands of those who perform these heroic actions, and given over to government lackeys to do as they choose. We are told by Rubio that; entitlements will not be available to illegals, that fines will be paid by those who have trespassed on our soil and this illicit populous will be able to stay in this nation with multiple conditions of their heads. Once you absorb this surrealistic presentation, a normal mind would come to the same conclusion as his or her  brethren, that Rubio is full of chicken feathers. This monster should not pass either house of Congress or anywhere near yours. Trillions is the price tag for a legislation that is doomed to fail like its predecessors. Conservative media voices are already lining up to support this egregious bill without understanding its true nature. In the event there is any sensibility left in Congress, this legislation, in its present form, should be defeated and buried in the landfill from which it originated. Rubio is being disingenuous with the American Public concerning the contents of his legislative initiative. As a result, his political career will suffer tremedously. His elementary approach to this complex issue displays he is not ready for primetime. Mark Davis, MD, President of Healthnets Review Services, Author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. Manager of the group on LikedIn, Government in Transition: join, comment and debate some of the finest minds.

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