Monday, May 27, 2013

Obama's dilemma: continue the charade or come clean

Obama’s dilemma: continue the charade or come clean


Three scandals, concurrently, are plaguing the Obama Administration: the Benghazi massacre, Internal Revenue Service’s abuse of power and News-gate.
As usual the President has cleverly distanced himself from these horrific abuses by sending subordinates to take the heat from the media and Congressional committees. Benghazi massacre no longer appears to be a sequence of incompetent actions caused by various segments of our government. Evidence emerging from various sources displays that a profound cover up, directed by the White House, is enforce. Deaths of four Americans, which include an Ambassador chosen by the President, still remain a mystery more than 8 months after the tragic incident. Twelve separate explanations, lacking any substantiation, have been expressed by various members of the Administration and the President himself. When the story of an anti-Muslim video didn’t capture the public’s attention, a dozen other variants were introduced in an attempt to explain away this massacre. From the perch of many Obama put the safety of Muslim extremists before those of four Americans. Someone ordered the military not to respond to an ongoing assault in Benghazi, and that person may be in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. As the Benghazi tragedy continued to swirl through Congressional corridors, abuse of Internal Revenue resources came to light, in the last few weeks. Groups that lean to the right were targeted for audits or even denials of tax exemptions in a frequency well beyond statistical averages, as noted in an Inspector General’s report. Coincidently, the abuse started in March of 2010 when Obamacare was signed into law. An uptick of IRS harassment of these same groups and individuals occurred as the 2012 election approached. Officials, at this egregious tax service, have denied for over a year these occurrences were taking place, when recent evidence surfaced displaying otherwise. In civil tones, IRS officials lied to Congress and the American people. Many believe the intimidation of the right was purposely initiated to keep Barack Obama in power. These revelations came to light 7 months after the 2012 election, when the facts were known 6 months before Obama won a second term. Obama’s henchmen and women had one goal, manipulate the outcome of a presidential election. There is no other explanation, with the facts presently available. Even more insidious than a manipulated election, is an attempt by the White House and Department of Justice to suppress the free flow of information in the media. Unbeknownst to Fox News, the Associated Press and others news organizations of note was the Department of Justice’s quiet acquisition of reporters’ emails, contacts, phone numbers and other information that could be harmful to President Obama’s reelection bid. With various excuses the DOJ quoted national security or some other hypothetical to obtain this information. Reality speaks in other tones, meaning this was another form of intimidation by an out of control Administration that feels empowered to step on the Constitution. Similar to the other scandals and tragedies Obama and his minions have sudden amnesia when approached to explain any aspect of this Administrations overreach. The time has arrived for the President to drop the charades and come clean concerning these three scandals and others from his prior term. White House machinery to cover the President’s tracks is being peeled away daily. Soon, Congressional investigators will find the path that leads to the back door of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. When this occurs, it will be too late for Obama to be contrite before a Nation that made a mistake in 2008 and again in 2012. Mark Davis, MD, President of Healthnets Review Services, www.healthnets, Author of the book, Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. Manager of the group on LinkedIn, Government in Transition.

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