Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tyranny's first step: gun confiscation

Tyranny’s first step: gun confiscation


After the horrific tragedy in Newtown Connecticut, cries for more curbs on private gun ownership were splashed across the media. President Obama seized the moment appointing a gun control advisory panel headed by the Vice President. The President’s superficial aim is to reduce gun violence, yet his greater goal is to remove as many guns as he can from the general population. A contingent of left leaning politicians, their media counterparts and the White House have decided that registering a weapon is not enough. Taking weapons from the good-guys is their answer to the wave of violence confronting the nation. George Mason, the great patriot, said:  “to disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” After each horrific massacre the government has attempted to tweak the rights of legitimate gun owners ever so slightly. Ultimately, Mason’s vision of a society without guns comes to fruition as the bureaucracy dissects the very laws that allow their ownership. Most recent guestimates of private ownership of handguns, assault rifles and other armaments exceeds two hundred million. Andrew Cuomo, the liberal Governor of New York, will attempt to legitimatize gun confiscation through a permit process. Speculated legislation would make criteria for ownership so difficult that only a very small sub-segment of the state’s population would qualify. Cuomo’s remarks came on the heels of media elites such as Ed Schultz calling for confiscation of weapons from “all” law abiding citizens. People will not give up their weapons without a level of civil unrest that would be difficult to quantify at this time. Opposing weapon confiscation is a plethora of organizations with the National Rifle Association in the forefront. Their stance is firm and well known. Government entities, whether state or federal, will find a tidal wave of opposition imposed on them through the judicial process from these groups. In the event courts take the liberal perspective, the suggested civil unrest could become a reality. The irony is many members of government have concealed weapon permits along with those in the media who have attested to their own possession of various weapons. There are many reasons for extreme violent acts with guns and there are even more reasons why psychotics should not have access to them. Government’s goal should be to keep weapons out of the hands of the Adam Lanza’s of the World, not law-abiding citizens. The next move is the government’s, let us hope it is the “right” one. Mark Davis MD., President of Healthnets Review Services,

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