Monday, December 17, 2012

Hell comes to Newtown Connecticut

Hell comes to Newton Connecticut


In a peaceful community 60 miles from New York City hell opened up its doors on Friday December 14, 2012. Approximately 9:40 am Adam Lanza forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut and discharged several weapons killing 26 people, twenty of whom were children. Earlier that day Lanza killed his mother in her home with multiple shots to the head. Those who visited the school crime scene in its aftermath could not put words to the carnage they viewed. As more information emerged the irrationality that sparked this tragedy began to take form. Interviews with Adam’s relatives described a picture of a troubled youth who may have been on psychiatric drugs. A much larger question bandied about in the media was Adam Lanza’s reason for the massacre at this specific school. Adam’s psychosis may have been fed by the endless violence embedded in his video games or Hollywood’s murder a minute films. Similar to so many other mass killings by young males the reasons for their actions are never fully elucidated.


Media outlets took turns politicizing this tragedy calling for more gun control legislation. A few national cable concerns consistently plastered Adam Lanza’s picture across our screens making him a martyr to those on the fringe of society, instead of portraying him as the psychotic he was. Professional apologists with doctoral degrees jumped into the fray discussing certain quirky personality disorders that could have led this psychotic to perform these heinous acts of violence. The few facts known about Adam’s background to date are his mother, Nancy Lanza, was divorced in 2008 leaving her with an excellent financial settlement to finish raising her son. Early news releases noted Nancy Lanza had previously worked at the massacre site, now the reverse is being stated. She had a fixation with guns, which allowed Adam to obtain his weapons easily. An older brother discussed Adam’s psychological profile in a generalized sense mentioning the word autism in passing. Whether he had a developmental disorder or a mental affliction acquired in early life remains the subject of debate. Words attached to Adam Lanza run the gamut from introverted and withdrawn to troubled and psychologically imbalanced. Adam is a reflection of many emotionally troubled people who live on the sidelines of life until the last thread of reality finally leaves their minds.  Unfortunately, he was not satisfied to die alone. Today the nation is grieving for the little ones who will never reach their full potential. Only God knows what tomorrow will bring. Mark Davis, MD

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